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March 2016

Suffering a Quarter Life Crisis?


Here’s a list of things you may be feeling if you’re suffering a Quarter Life Crisis (QLC):

  • You feel like the world is moving and you’re standing still.
  • All your friends appear to have their stuff together and you’re wondering why you don’t.
  • You’re questioning if what you took in uni/college was what you’re supposed to do.
  • Being a bed burrito sounds more fulfilling than going to work.
  • Refreshing your Facebook every minute in hopes there’s a new post.
  • Wondering what your purpose in life is.
  • The temporary job you got in school has lasted 2+ years.
  • You’re brain is telling you to do better but your body isn’t willing.
  • Apathetic towards everything but your true passions.
  • Wish it could be the 90’s again… the 90’s were great…
  • Jealous of the fuzzy animal in your life.
  • You want to travel the world but are crippled by debt…
  • Contemplated changing your middle name to Debt…
  • You apply to jobs that:

A) You’re over qualified for and don’t get

B) You’re under qualified for and don’t get

C) Are related to the job you hate but have no other choice because you need money.

  • Are suffering from OCD (Over Comparison Disorder).


If you feel all or half of these then you’re likely suffering from a QLC. Welcome to the club! You’re joining the other 20 somethings ripping their hair out and questioning all their life choices up to this point. I feel your pain. It isn’t fun – I know.

We are a generation of comparing. We see people bragging about how great their life is on their social media but in reality they think their life sucks just as much as yours. People rarely post about the terrible things in their life – unless they are looking for that type of attention. We compare ourselves to our married friends, thinking we should be in their shoes. We compare ourselves to our working friends, believing they are happy where they are working. We compare ourselves to our free-spirited friends, dreaming that we could backpack across Asia. We are so busy comparing ourselves that we don’t stop and enjoy our own successes. We don’t take the time to see our good moments in our lives.

So, if you are suffering from a QLC here are some tips to get through this moment in your life:

  • Find a new job that includes something you’re passionate/ interested about.
  • Go on an adventure to somewhere new in your city or town.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a class you never thought you’d think of taking.
  • Make a personal change: hairstyle, clothing, tattoo…
  • Move to a new place.
  • Make a list of small attainable goals and try to complete one each week.
  • Complete a goal you made years prior that you still think of.
  • Join a club in your city that fit your interests.
  • Make something for yourself, (DIY something).
  • Talk to friends, or start a conversation with a stranger on a bus/ coffee shop/ store.
  • Take a media break – if you can. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

These of course are only suggestions – I understand if you want to keep being a bed burrito – but just know that if you’re having a Quarter Life Crisis you are not alone.

6 Ways I Get Over Writer’s Block

Just wrote a short advice post on my official website about ways to get over writer’s block. We’ve all suffered from it at least once in our lives – I suffer with it at least once every few weeks – so I thought of sharing what I do to get through this blockage in creative thinking.

Click the pictures to read the post:


Nothing to Apologize For (Writing Prompt)

“I have nothing to apologize for,” I seethed, holding my hands in a death grip against my ribs.

“Nothing to-” Royce stopped pacing at the end of the hospital bed, “do you freaking hear yourself, Jay? That bastard almost tore your freaking heart out with his bare hands… you could have died!”

“And I didn’t!” I shouted back, recoiling from the sharp pain stabbing in my chest from the outburst. Lowering my voice, I made sure our eyes met before continuing. “I didn’t die, Royce… I’m fine.”

His heavy breath escaped his nosed like steam escaping a boiling pot. His hand tugging through his slicked back hair before moving down to rub his neck. I knew he hated that I didn’t wait. I knew he blamed himself for what happened. The fact was, I knew if I hadn’t gone alone he would have been the one in this hospital bed or worse laying butt naked on a steel slab in the morgue.

Humans were always so sensitive. Their personal relationships, even those small ones forced upon them from work, made it hard to keep everything in perspective. The Jinn was hurt, meaning it was likely in hiding licking its wounds. That gave me time to recover and Royce time to get his shit in gear before more bodies started turning up.

“Can you at least acknowledge the fact you screwed up? That you shouldn’ve done that take down on your own,” Royce breathed, gripping the plastic foot-board of my bed. He glared at me, trying to read me.

Idiot. My fault.

“I was an idiot – I’m sorry – k?” I started, noticing him smirk. “Blaming yourself isn’t gonna bring that psycho in.”

“Neither is you being in recovery,” he straightened up crossing his arms.

“I’ll be out soon…”

At least that’s what I hoped. As much as I shared a similar body design with these humans didn’t mean it took me as long to heal. I’d be healed within the week but they would insist on me staying off the job for at least another two to recover. Humans were squishy meat suits – not as resilient as my kind.

“In the mean time what should I be looking for?” Royce asked.

Sliding myself to sit higher up in bed, I gave a groan when my body ached. My ribs were hurting the most, but that Jinn’s venom was still coursing through my veins. Everything felt stiff.

“Hospitals… vet clinics… drug stores,” I shrugged. “Wherever you think someone with a bullet hole would go to get patched up.”

It was unlikely that thing would go anywhere. Like me, the beast was healing up fine on its own. Royce didn’t need to know that. The police didn’t need to think about it. The Jinn was down for the time and that meant it gave everyone a well deserved rest.

“All right, I’ll look into it,” Royce headed for the door. He stopped for a moment just as he reached for the handle. He turned back to look at me, opening his mouth before he stopped himself.

Sorry. Worried for her. Please, get better.

“I’ll keep an eye on the cat,” he muttered, opening the door and hurrying back out into the bustling hall.

The sound of footsteps and shouts echoed through the white washed walls. The smell of bleach and floral arrangements filled my nose. I didn’t want to be here but I had to stay put. I was playing a role and not all parts were going to be glamorous.



Tranquillity                                           I Wish

Can I Be In Your Book?

Can I be in your book – is probably the most irritating question anyone can ask me.anythingyousay

I would like to tell them that they already are. That everyday life for a writer is taking pieces of everything that goes on around them twisted and placed into words that work well on paper. I want to tell them that each character may have something that was said to me, or a description that I thought of when wanting to describe a characters appearance that I stole from those I know. I don’t tell them this – and if I do they normally reply with something like:

“Oh, so that character is me?”

No! That character isn’t you. That character has said something you said that I found worked well for the situation. That character has your nose because I liked your nose. They aren’t you. They are their own person with pieces taken from others I know.

If that doesn’t shut the person up they usually continue the questioning with:

“Then can you make me a character in your book?”

No! Don’t get me wrong, you are a wonderful person that I keep in my life for many reasons – but creating a character of you isn’t one. A character I need to know intimately. I must know their worst fears, their deepest desires, their sensitive secrets. I cannot create a character of you without knowing every little thing that makes you you… and that honestly isn’t what I want to do.

I create characters because they aren’t real. I create characters because if they do something wrong there isn’t a real person who will get upset. My characters aren’t always going to be safe, happy, friendly, paragons. If I was to make a real person a character there is a very large chance I will make that character do something so horrendous that that real person will get offended, angry, or upset. I could try to explain to them that this character of them isn’t really them but they would likely say something like:

“You believe I could/would actually do ________?”dontaskme

Maybe? Maybe you would do those horrible things because I do not know your thought. Maybe you would do those horrible things because I am writing a story.

If I create a character based in reality my story is no longer my creation. My every move would be judged and scrutinized by the people I’m using.

So, NO, I will not make a character of you. No, I will not put you in my book.

This is my creative choice… so please try and respect that…

… Rant over…

Steps to Becoming a Better Writer


Recently I’ve had people ask me how to become a better writer. 10steps

I could tell them to read books, I could tell them to do research, I could even tell them to observe people and write down the qualities of humanity that stand out to them in those moments. These are all good way to improve your writing. I’ve done all these things, but I believe the most important step all writers and developing writers need to do is write.

Reading is great in the sense that it gives you an idea of what’s been done, and what people like. It helps you develop your own voice and will help you grow your vocabulary.

Research is wonderful because it will grow your knowledge of things that you’ve never known. It will keep your mind growing and will make your writing seem more based in truth than complete fiction.

Observation is fantastic to help develop characters and dialogue. You get to see people acting in their normal lives, and therefore your voice can develop a more rounded tone – one that people will gravitate to because your words touch the very core of human nature.

But writing – writing is the most important of these all.

While you are reading, researching, observing you are writing. You will write notes, write ideas that you want to take from other writers, or ideas for the world around you. You will write your stories down over and over until it sounds right to you. You will write what words dance through your mind taking all that those other steps have given you. You will write your world onto pages that will be seen by your readers.

The more you write the more precise your writing becomes, the more your writing improves, the more your ability grows. Without writing you will not desire the need to research. Without writing you won’t find yourself observing the world for ideas.Writing is the most important step of all.

Horrible Words? (Reblog)

This is a very interesting article found and shared by Marian L. Thorpe. As many of you know I love words. I post quite a bit about old and weird words so this article of modern words from A-Z that may be the ruin of the English Language as we know it. I agree that languages are always evolving but at the same time… those words replacing more eloquent language isn’t always the best.

Anyways if you are interested in learning more about this horrible word list check out the link below. 🙂

Marian L Thorpe

A link to a timely article for all writers from the Guardian.  I admit to ‘alright’ being one of my pet peeves, but I’ve bowed to common usage in my reviewing and stopped commenting on it. I still wouldn’t write it, though….

View original post

Game Review: Stardew Valley – Flash Back to Good Gaming


Click Picture to be Brought to The Steam Page.

Okay, firstly… I know I haven’t posted since Friday. I know I forgot the Wonderful Word Wednesday… and that I haven’t kept you posted on updates regarding the book. I have a good excuse, I was harvesting parsnips and looking for winter yams. 🙂

Okay, not the best excuse but stay with me.

For whatever the reason people are obsessed with farming simulators. Let it be Harvest Moon for Nintendo back in 1996, The Farming Simulator Series for PC, or even Farmville from Facebook games… we have a strange desire to get out of the busy world of busy dig a few holes and watch things grow. It could also be the quick gratification you get from seeding, watering, growing, harvesting and money that you get from these games that pokes at the very primal parts of our brain… but that’s a discussion for another time.

I haven’t felt this dedicated to a game since Harvest Moon came out for PS2… I love the Easter eggs, the weird events that happen on the farm, the characters in the village you can talk to… and the atmosphere is amazing. Stardew Valley is probably my top game for 2016. Yes, it’s 8-bit… but that’s not what you think about while playing it.

Stardew Valley reminds you of a simpler time in gaming where it wasn’t the graphics that make the game but the game-play and the story. You didn’t care if the game was 2D, all your cared about is if your farm lasts long enough for Grandpa to see in Year Three. You don’t care about blood or gore… you just want to find a frecking earth crystal so you can make a mayonnaise machine. You don’t care if Jojo is selling 50% everything in their store across the way, Pierre’s has been there for years and sure he’s more expensive but at this point its about principle and not cost.

This game reminds me of a time I would play my GameBoy Color for hours. This game is a great time waster, wonderful farm simulator, and flashback to what good games are meant to be. If you have 17 bucks and a PC that can handle gaming I’d suggest picking it up.

I will probably be posting more about game tips and game play later but for now I’d suggest checking it out for yourself. Who knows, you may disappear to Stardew Valley for a much needed break from this world? 🙂

Old Word Friday: Cockalorum


Cockalorum sounds like a spell from a Harry Potter book, but it is actually a word that means ‘a small man with narcissism or a self-important man’. This word was used quite often in England during the 18th century. This word fell out of popularity quickly, although you can still hear people using the term when talking about politicians or celebrities in the bars – according to a few friends of mine. XD

So, how would you using cockalorum in a sentence?

That man is a cockalorum if ever I met one.


If he keeps talking like that they may think him a cockalorum.


UPDATE: Yeah… it’s been a while

I know… I’m a terrible updater… but at least I’m doing this now.

Some of you know I’ve moved.

The place is bigger. Neighbours are quieter. Area is nicer! All bonuses.

It is also closer to family, which I like since I haven’t seen some of them for six-seven years. I also have a lot of free time now that I’m unemployed to work on my blog and work on my second book – so yay!

Since I’m unemployed and I want to start the publishing process in June (4 ish months away) I’ve been looking at other ways to get the money I need to pay for this process.

As mentioned HERE – I was considering crowd-funding but have since chosen to go the patron route of Patreon. At the moment I’m still working out the kinks for that – like the payment process since I’m not an American citizen – but I’ll let you know when it is up and running.

Patron levels start at $1 and will be once a month – since if I did per story I wouldn’t have any patrons because I know I can write like crazy… so this is best for all of us.

Book Two Draft One is Complete!!

This is both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I love the draft writing process and dread the editing process… but it is something that needs to be done. At the moment I am going through part by part making sure everything flows and I don’t spot any obvious plot holes… this is also where I like to cut out a lot of words like: before, believed, assumed, needed, need, like, looked, was, been, had, and as.

I will put this book through a third review before June where I’ll send it to my editor for final touch-ups. The third review will be where I add more description, strengthen the dialogue, ensure my characters are betrayed the way I want them to be, and do my last spell/grammar check.

There is still a lot I need to do but it is a process I am now familiar with.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

With that all said, I believe I have caught you all up with what’s going on. Hopefully I will post another update again… probably will when it comes to announcing the opening of my Patreon.

All right… toodles for now!



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