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March 4, 2016

Book to Movie

I hope I’m not the only person who does this… moviebookwho thinks of what a story would be like in
a movie adaptation. Heck, maybe a lot of other people think of this now that there are so many movie to book adaptations out there. After all, there is a whole generation of writers now that grew up in the Harry Potter Generation where the movies and books were coming out at the same time. There were debates on how close the movies were to the books and once HP got popular because of the movies bringing in more readers more authors jumped on the film boat.

Eragon – for example – flopped in the box office but it was a book to movie. Others did better like the Twilight Series, Percy Jackson, LotR… and so on.

I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never thought of it. I have – and honestly if I was offered to turn my books into a film I wouldn’t. Films cut out a lot of the story and a lot of the pieces of the story that make people love the characters. Unless you get someone who truly understands your book, the world you’ve created may not end up like JK’s or Tolkin’s.

If I was ever going to turn my books into something watch worthy it would be a television show; each season a book and each episode a chapter. I would also do computer animation similar to Final Fantasy Spirits Within (totally underrated) or Advent Children just to bring the world to life and the other elements of Gaitan to life. That way I could make the characters look like they do in the books, while having actors voice them. (I’ve also always been fond of the CGI and advancement of digital graphic/ animation –  Steven Spielberg’s AVATAR is my obsession).

Yeah… these are the weird things I think about when I’m not able to write… which has been over the last week or so while I’ve been moving. I’m happy I’m close to being settled into my new place so I can get back to my normal schedule of obsessing over scenes and dialogue instead of ‘what if’ scenarios like this. XD


Wonderful Word Wednesday: Zenzizenzizenzic

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was travelling across Ontario to my new home and it took a little longer to hook up a proper internet connection to post on here. Posts should resume to a normal schedule from this post onward.

Now, for today’s WWW I give you the word zenzizenzizenzic. No I did not make up this word. No, I do not expect you to ever need to know/use this word in your lifetime. I honestly have this part of my Weird Word List which I rarely use in day-to-day writing. I just found this word fasinating in the sense it is a proper word used in mathematics.

Zenzizenzizenzic is a word for the obsolete form of mathematical notation representing the eighth power of a number (thank you Google for that definition).

I – in no way – will be using this in a sentence since it is likely to only be used to describe mathematical equations or other number sentences. You can just revival in the fact you know a word like zenzizenzizenzic and can brag to others that you now know this ridiculous word. 🙂

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