Under the stipulations I made for myself was the section where I would print screen the donation once it has been put through/ accepted by the charity. One thing I want to make sure is that you know that I’ve done what I came out to do since you all went through the effort of participating in this contest. So, here is the proof that I donated to the winner’s charity.


I blacked this out due to sensitive information. Also the reason I donated 200 dollars to this one charity is because how strongly I feel towards inspiring the future generations and for the Indigenous people of my country of Canada. Living in the North I’ve seen what programs like Indspire can do for a community and I’ve also known a few people who had the help of Indspire while they were completing their education at the university I went to. So, I honestly believed 100 dollars wasn’t good enough to help those who need that little extra financial support to get to where they need to go.

Thank you to the winner Marian L. Thorpe for her passionate entry, and congratulation on winning this contest. Thank you to everyone who participated and I look forward to possibly doing this again next year. 🙂