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March 11, 2016

Snippet of Book 2: Missing Her Homeland

The book rested heavily on her lap while she flipped the pages revealing the pictures drawn by the talented hands of her people. Caldor had come by her room in the morning with a trolley full of books. The old sage had heard about the strongly worded discussion she had had with the Steward the day prior. Caldor hadn’t asked her about it and she was happy he didn’t try to fix it with one of his antidotal sayings or matter-of-fact statements.

Caldor had done what Caldor usually did in situations that were beyond his emotional comprehension. He found books that related to the subject and gave them to her to study. He assumed with the comparisons she had made to her people that she was missing Morza, and as a result he had collected every Morzi text he could find.

His method of trying to mend her melancholy appeared to be working. Having the chance to read through the collection of Morzi texts, Liora couldn’t help but feel the connection she had been missing. These books helped her remember her time in the mountains. She missed the mountain city, and the people there. She missed their common language and traditions.

If Morza had survived the massacre they would have been preparing the gardens and shrine. The hunters would be setting their traps, Naygu would have made a list on the herbs she needed restocked, and Rebin – the Warden – would have been preparing for the assigning of the new dragons.

Liora missed those parts of her life, and the simplicity of her people’s lifestyle. She missed the music, the food, and closeness.

The Dermite were different. They were one people but lived separately. Families were small units like Foe, Marcia, and Druce. Family wasn’t the whole community. Everyone had separate jobs or roles here. In Morza everyone shared the tasks to make things run smoothly no matter who they were.

Your Book Is Needed

Recently there has been a big change in my life. As some of you know I moved across Ontario to be closer to family. So far everything has been going smoothly with getting settled into our new place, getting internet for Mr. Canuck and mine web lives – like blogging, Facebook, and gaming.

The only downfall to this move is the fact I’m back to where I was a year ago. Jobless and stressed out about being jobless.

Yes, this gives me time to focus on my book and I’ve been trying to do that… but most of you that write know that there is a certain mindset you like to be in to write. Sure, those famous writers out there say to just write no matter what but we all know that you can write anything but that doesn’t mean it will be good. When you’re in your right mindset the words flow easier and you get a lot of writing done – it is just how you are and nothing is wrong with that.

The problem I’m having right now is that the stress of being jobless is causing my writing mindset to not appear. Due to this stress I’ve been having a very hard time trying to find the motivation to work on my draft, which isn’t good because… well I’m supposed to start working on the publishing part come June.

So, yeah… that’s what’s happening right now. Stress of no work = no writing… which freaking sucks.

With that said that isn’t the reason why I posted this. The reason for this quote is because I want to try and motivate myself into being able to write today. I want to write and need to write. Not because of the impending due date but because I haven’t written in a while and it feels like I’m missing a piece of my happiness when I’m not putting words to paper… well word document.

“Somebody out there needs your book,” is what needsyourbookgoes through my head whenever I stare
blankly at the screen. Somebody will like my book. Somebody will learn, love, thrive from reading my book. As an author – writer – we have the power to motivate people through our words. Our characters have the power to infiltrate our readers lives and attach themselves to their soul. There have been characters from books that still have a special place in my heart like any good friend and there have been books that I had needed to read to help me through hard times. Just like you have a favourite character, just like you needed to hear the words written by your favourite author – there is/ will be someone that will think the same about your work.

It may be one person. It may be dozens of people… but there is at least somebody out there that needs what you’re writing. Don’t you owe it to them to write them that book?


Old Word Friday: Groke & Grok

The old word for this Friday is groke. I was inspired to choose this word when I travelled to a cat cafe the other day. When I was drinking my Purrr-fect Smoothie one of the cats, a little black cat with white on its chest named Barbi, sat at my feet looking up at me with its big yellow eyes groking.

Groke is a Old Scottish word that describes someone or something staring at you while you eat in hopes that you give them some food. Dogs are very good at groking but this was my first time seeing a cat groke.

Now, this word is not to be confused with the word grok – created/ coined by the Sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein. To grok is to understand something or someone through empathy or to show empathy to establish a relationship. You can probably see how these two words can be confused… and often are when you want to use the word groke instead of grok. Thanks Auto Correct. 🙂

English is weird…

Technology Is My Frenemy

hatetechIn my day-to-day life I rely on technology for a lot of things. It lets me communicate with you through my blog, my readers through other social media sites, allows me to research anything I want with a click of a mouse, and even permits me to post my book online for free on various sites. I can also write my book through different applications on my desktop, listen to an old British man read it back to me through another app, easily find things I need in book one by simply using ctrl+f. What would have taken me hours to do with pen, paper, and textbooks now takes me minutes.

Technology is amazing but technology is also terrible.

With all the productive time I do spend with my laptop I also spend being unproductive.
When I sit down and I’m set on writing something I think about researching a topic for the scene and Poof I’ve wasted six hours watching cat videos on YouTube. I want to find inspiration for a stairwell on Google Images and poof I’ve wasted four hours looking at DIY projects I will never actually do on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong, these applications have their uses. I listen to music on Youtube to set the mood of a scene. I find fun quotes or pictures for me to post on my blog through Pinterest. It is just – maybe – I don’t have any self-control when it comes to using technology…

But – again – using technology is faster than using hatelovethe old methods. It’s convenient to use a computer than a book, to use a keyboard instead of a pen. We have been taught that convenience is always better. The fast way is the best way… and in truth this way does work for me besides the hours I waste on useless activities. I think faster than I can write by hand… but I now can type faster than I can think sometimes. I can easily organize my story, copy/ paste ideas I want to use into other files or keep deleted pieces from my work encase I want to use them again in the future. I can create folders with pictures that inspire me to write or relate to my book.

So, as much as I hate technology I also love it… technology is a frenemy.

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