When I don’t have anything planned I can write like a fiend but the second I have a scene planned or an idea where the story is going to go I end up unable to figure the best way to get it on paper. I overthink the writing process. I overthink what I want to happen and try to find any plot holes this idea may cause.

Free writing is easy… planned writing is a nightmare.

Yes, when it comes to writing my merightnowbook I have somewhat of an outline. I break down my
chapters into points knowing what I want to achieve in each scene. I work on a way to get through the beginning, what I need to set up for the reader to become engaged in the story. I know the path each character is going to take to the middle of the book, and I have a good idea on how I want to end the book (though most of the time that changes due to unforeseen circumstances). I plan but it’s with these plans that my mind decides that they aren’t good enough or I didn’t think enough… or I didn’t research enough. I try to get a sentence down only to erase it moments later because it doesn’t sound right. I spend more time fighting with myself on what to write than actually writing.

I know what I want to say – no questioning that – I just don’t know how to get the bloody words down on paper. -.-