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Okay, firstly… I know I haven’t posted since Friday. I know I forgot the Wonderful Word Wednesday… and that I haven’t kept you posted on updates regarding the book. I have a good excuse, I was harvesting parsnips and looking for winter yams. 🙂

Okay, not the best excuse but stay with me.

For whatever the reason people are obsessed with farming simulators. Let it be Harvest Moon for Nintendo back in 1996, The Farming Simulator Series for PC, or even Farmville from Facebook games… we have a strange desire to get out of the busy world of busy dig a few holes and watch things grow. It could also be the quick gratification you get from seeding, watering, growing, harvesting and money that you get from these games that pokes at the very primal parts of our brain… but that’s a discussion for another time.

I haven’t felt this dedicated to a game since Harvest Moon came out for PS2… I love the Easter eggs, the weird events that happen on the farm, the characters in the village you can talk to… and the atmosphere is amazing. Stardew Valley is probably my top game for 2016. Yes, it’s 8-bit… but that’s not what you think about while playing it.

Stardew Valley reminds you of a simpler time in gaming where it wasn’t the graphics that make the game but the game-play and the story. You didn’t care if the game was 2D, all your cared about is if your farm lasts long enough for Grandpa to see in Year Three. You don’t care about blood or gore… you just want to find a frecking earth crystal so you can make a mayonnaise machine. You don’t care if Jojo is selling 50% everything in their store across the way, Pierre’s has been there for years and sure he’s more expensive but at this point its about principle and not cost.

This game reminds me of a time I would play my GameBoy Color for hours. This game is a great time waster, wonderful farm simulator, and flashback to what good games are meant to be. If you have 17 bucks and a PC that can handle gaming I’d suggest picking it up.

I will probably be posting more about game tips and game play later but for now I’d suggest checking it out for yourself. Who knows, you may disappear to Stardew Valley for a much needed break from this world? 🙂