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March 31, 2016

Suffering a Quarter Life Crisis?


Here’s a list of things you may be feeling if you’re suffering a Quarter Life Crisis (QLC):

  • You feel like the world is moving and you’re standing still.
  • All your friends appear to have their stuff together and you’re wondering why you don’t.
  • You’re questioning if what you took in uni/college was what you’re supposed to do.
  • Being a bed burrito sounds more fulfilling than going to work.
  • Refreshing your Facebook every minute in hopes there’s a new post.
  • Wondering what your purpose in life is.
  • The¬†temporary job you got in school has lasted 2+ years.
  • You’re brain is telling you to do better but your body isn’t willing.
  • Apathetic towards everything but your true passions.
  • Wish it could be the 90’s again… the 90’s were great…
  • Jealous of the fuzzy animal in your life.
  • You want to travel the world but are crippled by debt…
  • Contemplated changing your middle name to Debt…
  • You apply to jobs that:

A) You’re over qualified for and don’t get

B) You’re under qualified for and don’t get

C) Are related to the job you hate but have no other choice because you need money.

  • Are suffering from OCD (Over Comparison Disorder).


If you feel all or half of these then you’re likely suffering from a QLC. Welcome to the club! You’re joining the other 20 somethings ripping their hair out and questioning all their life choices up to this point.¬†I feel your pain. It isn’t fun – I know.

We are a generation of comparing. We see people bragging about how great their life is on their social media but in reality they think their life sucks just as much as yours. People rarely post about the terrible things in their life – unless they are looking for that type of attention. We compare ourselves to our married friends, thinking we should be in their shoes. We compare ourselves to our working friends, believing they are happy where they are working. We compare ourselves to our free-spirited friends, dreaming that we could backpack across Asia. We are so busy comparing ourselves that we don’t stop and enjoy our own successes. We don’t take the time to see our good moments in our lives.

So, if you are suffering from a QLC here are some tips to get through this moment in your life:

  • Find a new job that includes something you’re passionate/ interested about.
  • Go on an adventure to somewhere new in your city or town.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a class you never thought you’d think of taking.
  • Make a personal change: hairstyle, clothing, tattoo…
  • Move to a new place.
  • Make a list of small attainable goals and try to complete one each week.
  • Complete a goal you made years prior that you still think of.
  • Join a club in your city that fit your interests.
  • Make something for yourself, (DIY something).
  • Talk to friends, or start a conversation with a stranger on a bus/ coffee shop/ store.
  • Take a media break – if you can. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

These of course are only suggestions – I understand if you want to keep being a bed burrito – but just know that if you’re having a Quarter Life Crisis you are not alone.

6 Ways I Get Over Writer’s Block

Just wrote a short advice post on my official website about ways to get over writer’s block. We’ve all suffered from it at least once in our lives – I suffer with it at least once every few weeks – so I thought of sharing what I do to get through this blockage in creative thinking.

Click the pictures to read the post:


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