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April 2016

Book Two Bits: Name Day Plans

Opening the prince’s door, Liora spotted the boy curled up on his bed tuning his lute. The room was basked in a grey light from the balcony doors, while his curtain swayed and fire crackled in the stone hearth. The prince was supposed to be studying but in no way did it surprise her that he wasn’t.

Cáel didn’t need to prove himself like she did. He had his life planned out for him. One day he would be king and she… well… she didn’t know what she would be.

Dropping her textbook on the bed, Liora crawled across the feather mattress. Her back leaned against the footboard while the boy continued tuning his lute. His tongue was between his teeth. His messy curls were slicked back with water. He wore a fresh cotton shirt and dark linen trousers. The smell of citrus danced in the air.

“Did you get thrown again?” Liora noticed him smirk.

“Nah, I fell into the muddiest section of the grounds,” Cáel muttered, strumming the strings before shaking his head. “There’s one bloody strin’ that doesn’ sound ‘ight.”

“Maybe it’s your ears?” Liora jested, reaching to pinch his lobe before moving back. She caught his cheeks flush as she forced her glance down at the textbook.

The cover of the book wasn’t much to be impressed about. Like most of the sage’s books they were plain on the outside and colourful on the inside. The fungi were listed alphabetically and each was accompanied by a water colour picture.

“How did drawin’ go?” Cáel turned the key at the top of the lute’s neck.

“Painting class was fine, though I would have preferred riding with you,” Liora chimed, seeing the boy look at her again before looking back at his instrument.

“I’ll trade yah. Those bird-lions and I don’ get along,” Cáel sighed. “Me da says I just need practice but the practice ain’t helpin’ me any.”

“You can’t expect to be perfect at it the first few times you’re riding and besides – I can’t take you up on that offer,” Liora pressed her head against the footboard, “not for another two weeks.”

“What’s in two weeks?” Cáel strummed the lute again, before setting it onto the floor. He leaned across the bed, grabbing the textbook from the nightstand before resting it on his knees.

“My name day – I believe the Dermite call it birth day,” Liora explained, seeing the boy’s head bolt up from the book.

“How old are yah gonna be?”

“Fifteen – like you,” she smiled, “I can’t wait. In Morza I would have been given my first dragon but I’ll settle for a gryphon. According to the books fifteen is the year you start learning how to ride since your feet can reach the stirrups. You can even request to visit the nests.”

“And yah want that?” Cáel didn’t want any more responsibility. He was happy worrying about himself and his studies. Having a gryphon to take care of would add stress to his life that he really didn’t need nor want.

“Of course I do. I could fly anywhere and visit you in the capital without Foe or Caldor,” Liora explained, noticing the boy’s brow knot. “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot about Derlin,” Cáel breathed, looking down at the textbook before him.

Derlin was large, the castle monstrous. His father was always busy and he would have tutors bothering him even more than Master Caldor. Now that he was well, he would be expected to train with the guard and study with the council. He would be forced to stand in on meetings and participate in discussion.

“I’ll visit,” Liora chimed, resting a hand atop his, “we’ll both be busy but we can send letters. If you get better with the gryphons you could even fly and visit me here.”

“Yah think so?” Cáel asked, feeling the girl’s hand tighten around his. Her hand was warm, and her grey eyes were sincere.

“I know so,” she smiled, taking her hand back before looking back at her text. “Now, back to fungi and you back to… whatever it is he has you reading.”

Cáel chuckled, flipping to look at the cover. The blue leather book was another text on laws of Derm and political treaties. He flipped to the second chapter and began to read.

The words were like white noise as he heard Caldor’s drawling voice read the sentences in his head. Moments like this made him wish he was born of minstrels. Sure, he would have been poor but he wouldn’t have had to read textbooks thicker than a fattened pig.

“So…” he heard her sigh. She glanced up at him with narrow eyes and raised brows. “When exactly’s yar name day?”

“Two weeks from tomorrow,” Liora chimed, flipping to the next page of her book. There was a colourful picture of a bright yellow mushroom. “Now, study or I’ll leave.”

Giving a sigh, Cáel looked back down at his book. Liora knew how to get him to work. He didn’t want her to leave.

Glancing up from his book, he stayed silent this time to watch the girl work on her reading. Her long raven locks fell over her shoulders as her large almond eyes studied the page before her for every detail. He didn’t know how she could stay interested in reading about mushrooms but as long as she was there with him he didn’t mind keeping silent.

Donating Your Voice with VocalID

A while back I wrote about VocalID and how important it was for everyone to have their own unique voice. There are people throughout the world that cannot speak due to one reason or another who are stuck with voices that don’t suit them.

It was two years ago when I first saw the TEDTalk about VocalID talking about the need for voice donation. We don’t really think about donating a voice because it isn’t something flashed in front of us like blood, or organs but this is easy to do and takes very little time out of your day.

As a donor you set up an account with VocalID where you gain access to their online recording system. At home, with a microphone, you record yourself speaking sentences that pop up on the screen. Some are funny, others ridiculous, but they all have a purpose. Each word you bank builds upon the hundreds of words a Vocal recipient can say.

I’ll give you an example:

Sally is 24 and lives in Canada but can’t speak due to laryngeal cancer (simply put – cancer of the voice box). She uses a device where she types in what she wants to say and it speaks for her. Similar to Stephen Hawking, where he uses a synthesized male voice to speak. Since Sally’s a 24 year old woman she doesn’t want to sound like nor use the standard synthesized male voice. So, instead, she goes to VocalID where they match her with donors that may fit her age, sex, and location.

That’s where I (a donor) pop up on the list. She listens and selects my voice to be modulated/ synthesized to make her own unique voice. Now instead of hearing Microsoft Sam whenever she types out a sentence, you hear Sally’s voice made just for her.


Here’s a video just put out by VocalID which I think it a cute way of getting the point across. Enjoy! 🙂

Update: Child of the Light Smashwords Reaches 100 Downloads!

Firstly, all of you who have supported me throughout this process are amazing. Your support, suggestions, and comments make me look forward to posting on this blog.

With that said, I want to announce that book 1 of the Prophecy Six series has reached 100 downloads on Smashwords!reached101

I know 100 isn’t a big number but I’m so excited that my book has gotten this many downloads with so little marketing. Marketing isn’t my strong suit – being an introvert with a self-doubting complex doesn’t help – but wow! Wow! 100 downloads…

Well damn… I’m happy with that.

Anyways, Child of the Light is still FREE on Smashwords – so don’t be afraid to check it out if you haven’t already. If you have, you’re amazing and fantastic and thank you so much for taking the time to download this!

Without you – my readers and followers – Prophecy Six wouldn’t be as fun to work on. Again, thank you. 🙂

5 Places I Go To Get Inspired


First off, everyone is different and will find inspiration in different ways. This list is just how I find inspiration to write and hopefully help some of my readers do the same. Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired and there is a point that you may reach that will make you feel like you’ll never feel inspired again. That feeling is a lie. The world is full of inspiration, you just have to go out and find it.

So, here are 5 Places I Go To Get Inspired:


Hiking can help not only to inspire your creative side but also relax you. Sometimes all you need is to have a moment to relax and focus on the now to get ideas flowing again. Take a camera or sketch pad with you, make notes of the environment around you. Take the time to smell the forest, watch the water in the streams or lake, listen to the birds or other animals scurrying about. Stop for a moment and just enjoy the fact you’re outside.




|ONE| Hiking

Art, history, local or what-not museums are amazing. Not only does the word museum have the word muse (the nine Greek goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences known to guide people to great inspiration) but it is filled with interesting information you may not have known about. I love going to the museum if I need to look up certain cultures or historical events as they are filled with knowledgeable people willing to point you in the right direction.

Local museums will also help you gain a better understanding of where you live and sometimes you’ll find an interesting story that may be worth writing about. I know I’ve found a few interesting one’s during my adventures.





Can’t write or become inspired? Go to your library or look up blogs. There are books on thousands of topics to pique your interest and thousands of blogs to cover anything you can imagine. Read about what other people have done, search for answers to the questions you have, or just simply explore and see what you find.


|ONE| Hiking

I find watching a good series or even a movie can give me inspiration. You get to explore different topics and listen to the interactions of people on screen. I like this method of finding inspiration for the fact I get to analyse dialogue and physical interactions between characters in a variety of environment. This helps me explore the various archetypes to character development in a short amount of time and assist in scene layout.



All right, this one is obvious. When you are with other people you can talk to them about your troubles. In my case if I was with my writing group I would likely be discussing the difficulty I’m having introducing a certain character or how to approach a difficult topic to my readers. These people will allow you to bounce ideas off of them, and in turn you get to listen to their ideas. These people are getting just as much help as you are from working together towards a common goal. Everyone may be at different levels but if you have that at the back of your mind, working together is a great way to work on old and new ideas.



Some Good Advice

I haven’t written for a couple of days due to the increasing need to take a break and do something fun. It has been incredibly difficult for me to ‘do something fun’ because what I do for fun is write. I understand why I needed to take a break. My writing has taken over my life and I need to find a better way to balance it.

Now after taking this long break – much of which filled with Netflix and gaming – I am waterwritingtrying to get back into the writing mood. Before I forced myself to take a step back I had no issues with my writing flow but now it feels like something’s clogged. Sadly there is no plumber specialized in unclogging one’s mind-castle that I know of, so I must do the next best thing.

Force the writing out of me.

That isn’t as bad as it sounds. I just need to write other things – like this post – to get my faucet flowing again. This may take me one post… this might take me several posts… but I will get my writing back gosh darn it!

Dialogue Prompt: Village Unprotected


I watched the show The Last Kingdom last night. I couldn’t stop and ended up watching the whole first season. I love the show, characters, and the history. What I loved the most though was the dialogue. The words were crisp and everyone moment someone talked it was with meaning. Gah! I want season 2 so bad!!!

Anyways, this dialogue prompt is a piece of the first episode that just continues running through my head. It is where Uhtred’s father is giving Uhtred some words about being an Elderman before the Danes (Vikings) start causing issues…

I recommend watching the show in Netflix if you have the time. 🙂

Child of the Light FREE on Smashwords

So, I did this a while back but I believe I should post again about CotL being free. I have plenty of reasons why I’ve made my first book free, but the main reason is I wanted to make my book free so anyone and everyone who wanted to read it could.

Child of the Light is 259 pages long. YA Fantasy Fiction – with what I’ve been told are entertaining characters living within a deep but not over-saturated detailed world.

Of course this is what I heard but according to my reviews people seem to enjoy it:


So, again, I welcome you to download the free e-book at Smashwords and explore the world of Gaitan like so many others have done. Also don’t forget to comment and rate my book – I love hearing what people think of my work good, bad, or anywhere in-between. 🙂


Bits of Book 2:”Repent an’ I’ll forgive yah”

There was the crackling of explosions in the distance. The familiar echoing of cries muffled by the clashing of metal. His back was wet as his head pounded. He looked up at the burnt sky. A funnel of smoke snaked across his view.

This wasn’t Menk.

Sitting up, he felt the put of his stomach sink. The blood was in the air as blue tattered capes flapped in the wind. The noble war beasts lay like burial mounds as he pulled himself to his feet. He spun, trying to make sense of what he was seeing. He couldn’t possibly be back here. It had been years since he stood knee deep in his personal hell.

“Foe…” he heard his name across the field as he bolted in the direction.

This wasn’t real. This couldn’t have been real.

He stopped, seeing the young man pinned under the black beast. Blood dripped from his lips staining his ginger beard. A gash was across his forehead and his crown was buried behind him in the muck.

“Cain,” Foe gasped, leaping into action to pry away the creature laying atop of the King. “Stay still, me boy. I’ll get yah free.”

“Boy?” Cain gave a moist laugh, spitting blood across the front of his armour. “I’m older than yah. Must’ve hit yar head harder than yah thought, eh?”

Foe forced a laugh, pulling the man out of the muck before collapsing beside him. This scene haunted his dreams but never with such detail. He could feel the mud seeping into his boots and squishing between his fingers as he leaned his weight back.  Blood filled the air, along with the sulfur they used in the pop pots. His eyes burnt from the smoke, and ears still faintly buzzed from the explosion.

“I shouldn’ve listened to yah,” Cain croaked. His emerald eyes peered up to the sky. They glistened with tears as they ran down his temples and into his matted locks. “We’d be alive if not for yah.”

“Aye, I know…” Foe breathed heavily through his nose, pressing his eyes shut. He didn’t need some bloody nightmare to remind him of his guilt.

He had pushed for a frontal assault. He had believed he had thought everything through. He had considered their enemy but it was his allies that he had forgotten to count.

They lit the pop pots early. The explosion went off before they had cleared the field. He had convinced them of the plan. He had given the signal to light the pots. It was his fault.

“Rio, Mac, Der, Javi… Me,” Cain listed, “we’re all dead cause of yar stupid mistake. Yah know how good the world would be if I was still alive. If I was still King we’d ‘ave pushed the lines… not sit like me brother’s doin’.”

“I know… yah don’ think I know…” Foe growled, “not a day goes by that I don’ think of what happened. I would do anythin’ to right me wrongs. I’d do anythin’ to bring yah peace.”

“Repent,” Cain muttered, struggling to reach for his dagger. His fingers wrapped around the hilt as he pulled it from the sheath. The silver blade glistened like fire in the dim dank trenches. “Repent an’ I’ll forgive yah.”

Listen to Your Intuition

When people ask how I can come up with my ideas or how can I write what I write, I tell them ‘I don’t know’. Most of the time I don’t remember what I’ve written when I’m done a chapter. When I start to write it feels like pulling teeth, trying to pull each word out as I slam my fingers firmly down on the keyboard. It’s after a couple of minutes my fingers pick up speed and my brain shuts off where I find that I can’t stop myself.

Mr. Canuck has experienced times where I’m sitting typing away, he asks me a question, and I’m talking to him like I’m not even typing while I’m typing away. “My hands are possessed”, he says in a joking manner… but I don’t think he’s wrong.

I get to the point in my writing that I don’t let getouttathewayme brain write any more. My brain will come back for the editing process when it’s more useful but in the time of writing drafts something else takes over and I think that’s my intuition.

Before I get into writing any of my stories I have a plan laid out. I know what I want for my characters and how the book ends but getting to those points are a complete mystery to me. I’ve been known to go back and re-read my chapters dozen of times by the time the first draft is over because I didn’t know what I wrote. In a sense that helps me get into the mind of my readers. If it doesn’t make sense to me, it won’t for them. If I’m not feeling any emotional connection, neither will my readers.

In the end, intuition is what guides us on this busy path called life. Is it any surprise that it would help you guide your characters lives as well?

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