I haven’t written for a couple of days due to the increasing need to take a break and do something fun. It has been incredibly difficult for me to ‘do something fun’ because what I do for fun is write. I understand why I needed to take a break. My writing has taken over my life and I need to find a better way to balance it.

Now after taking this long break – much of which filled with Netflix and gaming – I am waterwritingtrying to get back into the writing mood. Before I forced myself to take a step back I had no issues with my writing flow but now it feels like something’s clogged. Sadly there is no plumber specialized in unclogging one’s mind-castle that I know of, so I must do the next best thing.

Force the writing out of me.

That isn’t as bad as it sounds. I just need to write other things – like this post – to get my faucet flowing again. This may take me one post… this might take me several posts… but I will get my writing back gosh darn it!