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April 2016

Writer Tales: Always Do Your Research (Quote)

Firstly, I love writing quotes. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I get a lot of inspiration from quotes when I’m suffering from writers block or just need a little push. Many of these quotes I’ve shared with you in hopes of helping you feel the same inspiration or motivation to work on your own projects. The thing is, with most of what I put on my blog or website I make sure to research to ensure I am sharing correct information. This is a habit I’ve formed from my teaching days and I’ve only gotten better/ worse (depending on your point of view) since I’ve been researching for my book series.

Today when I was browsing Pinterest one of my suggested pins was a quote with the word HYPERGRAPHIA. I was familiar with this word, since it was in one of my lists somewhere on my computer. So, it was a surprise for me to find that the definition for the word was cut short. Now, this was the pin I had on my front page:


Beautiful, right? The word that describes the overwhelming urge to write. We’ve all felt this way about writing at least once (or maybe more than once), but there is a problem with this: there is so much more to this word than those pretty four words.

Hypergraphia is an actual symptom for a brain disorder. People suffering from hypergraphia have the urge to write sometime incoherently due to them having epilepsy that causes changes in the temporal lobe. Sometimes those with this symptom will write in amazing detail, beautiful poetry, or utter nonsense. Their styles can change without warning and they won’t stop until the symptom passes or seizure ends.  It isn’t that they want to write but that something in their brain is telling them they have/need to write – even if part of them doesn’t wish to.

I understand that having that as the definition doesn’t get you reposts and people are less likely to like it… the word also doesn’t have that sense of motivation or inspiration as it had moments before but the truth sometimes is better than spreading false or – in this case – limited information. That’s why I edited this quote to add a little more truth to it:


I’m not looking for reposts or repins… I just want to make sure the truth is out there.

I know I’m strange, that hasn’t escaped me. I still find this word fascinating even with this edited definition. I think that has more to due with my passion for psychology and English. The point to this post isn’t that someone decided to post a half-correct definition of a word, but to help you understand that it is up to you to question what you find online to see if it is actually true.

Do your research – it will save you a lot of embarrassment in the end.


Ugly First Draft

Not all that you  write is going to be beautiful. Sometimes when you get the words down on
the page you do not see the mistakes you’ve made or the words you’ve missed. It is when you read the paragraph or page back you realize what a mess you’ve made.

A mess yes but something that is able to be fixed.myquote

You can’t fix something that isn’t written down and that’s why in a strange way I love ugly writing. Most of my first draft is made up of nonsensical sentences or half-finished ideas. When I read it back I know the words don’t flow and the images don’t work. To those listening to me read aloud probably believe I have no actual writing skills.

I accept that. I understand.

Everyone has their own process… but when you hear the nonsense I’m sputtering out I hear potential. Those images that don’t work are being painted before my eyes and those words that don’t flow begin to grow.

First drafts are meant to be ugly. They are to show you the potential of the story you’re creating. It’s when you put the work in, make the changes you need to fit the pieces all together, that you realize your words were never ugly – they were the duckling growing into a swan.

Virtual Reality Is Here!

So, if you are into gaming than it is likely that you’ve been following the development of the various VR companies trying to get their moment in the spotlight. Starting with the Oculus Rift many peoples eyes were open to the amazing potential of VR and how this could make the gaming experience more immersive than ever before.

I – of course – were one of these people following this change in technology for a while and honestly I can’t wait to own a VR headset.

Which headset exactly? The HTC Vive with SteamVR. Not only does it not call home to Facebook every moment of every day, but it allows you to use a familiar gaming platform.

With that said, I want to share with you a video that completely blew my mind and is making me giddy with anticipation on actually acquiring one of these beauties for myself.




Bits of Book 2: “Repent Fer Wat Yah Did!”

When the light faded he moved his arms away to see what had happened. The familiar noise of crashing waves rang in his ears with the calling of gulls that fought the strong winds off the water. The smell of salt and kelp filled the air. The mist from the waves stuck to his wool robe decorating his robe with glass droplets across his sleeves and collar.

Tucking away his glasses inside his robe, Caldor looked around in a daze. This was not possible. Where he stood couldn’t have been real.

The large wooden ships lined the docks. The sky was a mix of dark green and grey that circled together in the clouds over head. Gulls called, fighting the gusts off the water while others bobbed like buoys. Barrels were piled high along the ward, as huts made of drift wood and tarps lined the roadway.

“Fish Bank…” Caldor spat. Everything was as he remembered it. Everything was identical to how it was the last time he had been standing on the docks.

“Boy!” the growling howl sent a current through his back freezing his feet to the wave soaked boards.

Peering back over his shoulder, he felt like that child again standing on the docks that night which changed his life. The man’s wrinkled round face with his yellow stained beard, the vomit on his plaid vest, and tattered hole in the right leg of his brown cotton pants. His thread like hair stiff with salt water hid the red rims of his squinty eyes.

“Father,” Caldor snarled, “why are you here?”

Caldor faced the man, regaining himself as he dusted the droplets that moistened his palms. This obviously wasn’t real. The man that stood before him had been dead for over forty years.

“I’m here fer yah ta repent,” his father’s voice was mostly slurred as he clutched to the brown glass bottle by his side. He lifted the bottle, gesturing towards the ocean where the waves rocked the large ships. “Repent fer wat yah did!”

Dialogue Prompt: It’s gonna come true


It has been a while since I’ve posted a dialogue prompt but I thought what the heck. 🙂

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