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June 2016

The Forest: Tents But No Nudists (Part 4)

-Tents But No Nudists-

So, got across the river fine. Got a freaking rock in my converse and my pants are soaked but couldn’t be worse right?

That there was sarcasm. If you don’t know sarcasm you’re nothing to me. Then again… I’m writing to myself and therefore I know what sarcasm is and therefore I mean something to me… I don’t know I think I have a concussion or something… don’t ask me questions… or me don’t ask me questions!

I haven’t even been out here for a day and I’m already going crazy…

Anyways, walked along this path. I’m guessing that something made this a while back as it appears pretty clear asides from one tree, oh and a big freakin’ hole in the ground. I’m thinking this was one of those sights where they tested nukes back in the day. I wouldn’t know if this place is freaking radiated – I have no geiger counter. Maybe I could gig one up out of pop cans and microchips… I’m sure if I’m desperate enough I could MacGyver anything… although I’m more like a Bear Grylls when it comes to down to it.


So… yeah… a big hole in the ground too steep for me to climb down unless my goal is to kill myself, which here’s a shocker, it isn’t. I’ll make sure to stay away from that thing unless I need to go down there. Here’s to hoping I don’t need to go there…

Continuing along the path I saw something bright orange in the distance. At first I thought prisoners with the bright neon orange through the trees, then I thought hunters. Turns out is wasn’t either of those. It was a freaking tent. Well not just one… at least four from my counting and behind them were some wooden structures of some sort. I made camp for the night, thinking maybe the owners of the neon tents would return.


Nope. Nothing. No one… not even those nudists.

I should stop trying to find them and instead make camp somewhere… maybe near fresh water and a constant food source. If I do that maybe they will find me. Nothing could go wrong with that.


Guess What I Found !

Hello world out there world!

Today I was going through some things I brought to my new place after my dad decided he wanted to move out of the house we lived in for over 20 years. He had left a lot of random things in the living room one day when he was a work with a message saying, “Take What You Want, I’ll Donate The Rest.

Being the attachment freak I am, I took everything I could fit into my tiny Kia and being the good daughter – and knowledgeable thrifter – I took the rest of the stuff to my usual haunts to give back to the stores I bought from over the years. When I got home I unloaded the car and stuck everything into the guestroom where it stayed for a good two months before I looked at it again.

That was a week ago today.

So, a week ago today, I finally got around to going through the stuff I had rescued from my father’s possession. I found stuffed animals from my childhood, and old Kermit the frog puppet my mom got back in the 70’s, and a lot of scrapbook/ craft items that were combined with pictures. My mother had the habit of starting art projects and when she decided to take a break she would say she would get back to it… but never did. Most projects ended up in the cupboard of crafts in our basement, which included the half finished scrapbooks piled on the floor in my guestroom.

Now, I’m never going to get around to finishing them. The reason why I took them were for the pictures glued to pages with theme stickers and glitter. Until I get myself a photo album they will stay in their glittery prisons.

It was after I was done reminiscing with pictures of my childhood and of my parents in their youth that I came across a plastic bag at the bottom of the basket where some of the scrapbooks were hiding. This bag confused me at first as it was in French.

It shouldn’t have surprised me. My parents were born in Quebec… I still had family in Quebec… but the bag seemed out of place. When I come across a mystery bag in a pile of old stuff I think it’s two things:

  1. Important documents that my parents put in a ‘safe place’ as to not lose them.
  2. Random junk that was thrown in a bag to get it out of the way of other things.

Either way I felt like I needed to go through the bag – which I would have normally thrown out – because it was in French and two it looked really old:


After a moment of hesitation, hoping I wasn’t going to be met with a dead mouse or some fossilized lunch from my youth I opened the bag shocked to find what was inside. I wasn’t wrong. Inside the bag were papers but they weren’t important documents like tax forms or pay-stubs from the 80’s. Instead it was a pile of newspaper and a colouring book with my dad’s name written on it:


Now, my family isn’t much for collecting things. We take pictures and have a magnet or two from a vacation we’ve taken but nothing as special as what was inside this bag. I also know that my dad – or I’m assuming was my dad since it was his colouring book  – was too young to have considered collecting/ keeping these newspapers at that time as he was six and eight. The quality of these newspapers I found blew my mind. Asides from a dark patch on the Moon Landing cover both pieces look to be in great condition. It even appears that Expo67 and the Moon Landing papers aren’t missing any articles either:



The Expo 67 piece has yellowed a little bit, which can be expected from it being 49 years old, but the colour is still crisp. This front cover still has amazing detail with the blues and reds. Even the inside articles are crisp as if it just came off the press:



Anyways, I just wanted to share this little discovery with all of you in hopes some of you may enjoy it. My goal for the pieces are to figure out the best way to preserve them for them to last for another 49 years or longer.

If you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below and until next time toodles!

Old Word Friday: Cacozealous

This weeks OWF is cacozealous. This adjective was created and mostly used between 1656-1696. The word means to imitate badly or something that is poorly affected.

Examples of this word in a sentence are:

The student’s cacozealous attempt of impersonating their teacher was in terrible taste.


They were cacozealous by the bad weather.


I understand how this word could have faded away over the years. It is awkward to use in sentences and has a hard time working in conjunction with other words. I would suggest using this word in a minimal way, or to spice up a sentence instead of using imitated badly or poorly affected. This is one word though, I would like not want to see make a come back.


The Real Steps You’ll Go Through When Writing A Story

There are plenty of posts about the steps to writing a story but very few of them tell you what you’ll actually go through/ feel when writing something. These of course are subjective. Not everyone is going to feel all of these or any of these when approaching their story writing, but I just wanted to share these steps just in case one of you are going through the same thing I have.

So, without further delay here are The Real Steps You’ll Go Through When Writing A Story:


You got this amazing idea! No worries we’ve all got one in our heads. You grad the closest 96781-Anna-excited-gif-Imgur-Frozen-j9Hv.gifthing – let it be your phone or a note book – and begin to write furiously. You have characters lined up and a plot. You imagine being on a popular television show being interviewed by the host that found this idea of yours just as amazing.

Don’t worry, you’re not delusional, you’re a writer. 🙂

When you are done writing down this idea you close the notebook or app on your phone to continue with your day. You will think about the idea, try working out the kinks to your story, and figure out other key factors that you may have not thought about when this idea had taken hold.


Now you’re home from the store, work, what-have-you and you sit down in front of your computer or type writers to explore this AMAZING idea further. You pull out your notes and start typing them out on a larger screen. You no longer have that excitement the idea once brought you… actually now that you’re reading this idea it isn’t that AMAZING at all.

You’ll push through, making changes here and there. The ideas flow and you discover this idea is actually growing into something. You are able to write a draft or at least something you believe resembles a first draft. You know the start, are muddy on the middle, but you really like the end. You’ve also started liking one of the characters – it could be something you made them say or do that pulls at your heartstrings but you now vow that nothing will happen to them.


You are fixing up your draft and hate the middle bit for some reason. It isn’t flowing with the rest of the story… it feels like you were forced to put those scenes together – or worse – you didn’t know what to put in the middle so you just through that part together. That’s fine… the story isn’t published yet… you have time to fix all these growing problems to create the “Perfect Story”. You know perfect is a strong word but you use it anyway because to you, you want this to be perfect.

So, you sit there staring at the screen for a moment reviewing the draft. You change two words, remove one word… but asides that you can’t think how to change it. You get up from your work area and go make something to eat. The second you get to the fridge and are in the middle of working on the sandwich when the curtains rise and you have this idea on how to fix the middle of your book.

Now, you’re in a predicament. You can stop making your sandwich to write down the idea but you don’t know how long this thought train is going to go for. You could write the idea down on the whiteboard you have in the fridge but there wouldn’t be enough space to make this idea clear. You settle on the third idea. Finish making the sandwich and then write the idea down on the computer. That way you are sure to at least one thing that day and you can spend all the time you want writing this idea down without worry of forgetting the half-made sandwich on the counter.

tumblr_ngjzdtpqw41sn03clo2_400You run this idea over and over in your head so you don’t forget. The sandwich is done and you grab a drink from the fridge. Everything is tidy and you go to sit down at the computer. Fingers raised above the keys ready to type the first word and you hesitate. Not for suspense but because the idea has sat so long in your brain that it is stuck in there like quicksand and you can’t figure a way to pull it out. Questions start running through your head like: how are you supposed to start this idea? How do you connect the original with this? Are there other changes in this story you need to make because of this idea?

Soon your mind is so filled with these questions that the idea is now just a faint whisper barely audible to be noticed in this fray your mind is now in. You stare at the screen, watching the flashing black text line beat to the same rate as your heart before your head falls forward to rest on the key board in defeat. The only thought going through your head now is: “Urg this is hard!”


These two are the worst and always come together as a pair. Doubt will creep in first at the darkest moments of your writing. You will sit there staring blankly at the screen or once you have completed everything to your liking and are reviewing the drafts. This is where you will start to think that maybe your idea is terrible. Maybe you are a terrible writer. Maybe this story you’ve written isn’t worth all this hard work. Maybe writing isn’t a job you should look at doing.

When all of these thoughts pull you down and turn you into grey sludge apathy comes in, where you feel like nothing matters. This story doesn’t matter. Your writing is too predictable. Your writing doesn’t matter. No one is going to read this stuff. No one will care about what you’ve written.

You’re a hack! You’re a loser! You’re a failure!mtahhav

These thoughts are normal. Every writer will have them at least once and if not then they aren’t normal… This doubt and apathy only become a problem if you start to believe it. So, instead of filling your head with all these negative thoughts try thinking these instead.

Maybe you are a terrible writer – but your writing improves with everything you write. Maybe this story you’ve written isn’t worth all this hard-work – but it will feel so good when it’s done and at least one person reads it. Maybe writing isn’t a job for you – but it can be a hobby that you enjoy and it helps you escape. This story doesn’t matter – to you but maybe someone out there needs your story. You’re writing is too predictable – because you wrote it! You’re writing doesn’t matter – it lowers your stress and helps you develop ways to mentally coup with outer stress… so yeah… it does matter. No one is going to read this stuff – if you’re too afraid to put it out there. No one will care about what you’ve written – only if you don’t take the chance to see.

If you are strong enough to counter all of your own arguments and work through your doubt demons than you are a writer. It is doubt that kills ideas… so don’t let it kill yours.


Once you are out of that funk and everything appears to be bright/ shiny again you will realize that the finished product was worth it. That excitement you felt when this idea first came to mind will be back and you’ll want to share it with the world. You will realize all the hard work was worth it. All those nights staring up at the ceiling was worth it.

7drhiqrYou post your story online or whatever form of publication you choose, and you get your first reader. You may not be on a talk-show or a national bestseller (yet) but not giving up on this project was an award all on its own. You sit back in your chair, read a couple of comments, and then poof! Another AMAZING IDEA pops into your head.

Back to work you go!


What Will Make Your Story Unique?

Hello world out there world!

What will make your story unique can be a hard question to answer. You have to look at your work and examine it in a way, not as a writer but as a reader. What will make your story stand out? What do you want your story to leave behind?

These are questions I ask myself whenever I’m about to dive into a project. As a writer of YA fantasy, I already know I’m going into a competitive market with more talented people with better stories than myself. With this thought in mind I focus on what makes my story stand out… or at least what I can do to make my story stand out.

What I’ve written below are some ways I’ve tried to make my story unique and have given examples to help you follow along. 🙂


Themes are a great way to create interest in your books. Most of mine are focused towards current events in the world. My first book – although based in a fantasy world all on its own – focused on loss, being able to adapt, and trying to keep from losing one’s culture when immersed in a new one. These aren’t common themes for YA fantasy that focus mostly on conflict resolution, friendships, and love.

Book two I focused more towards gender identity and self identity. These are two things I remembered struggling with as a young adult and even into becoming a new adult. I talk about labels and trying to put everyone into neat little boxes when in reality no one fits perfectly…

Its the themes I choose that makes my book stand out and why people have told me they love what I’m writing. The questions my characters ask and the problems they overcome aren’t the usual facing characters in a fantasy series.


Now, next to creating your characters the next important thing in the world. What makes your world special? In my case, with fantasy I had to try and get away from the traditional but for some reason ended back at where I was trying to get away from. In most fantasy books you’ll find dragons and other mythical beast. You’ll find magic and elves.

My world doesn’t have the elves… but it is starting to get magic. I wanted to create a world similar to how earth was in the dark ages – swords, knights, kings and so on. I achieved that but I needed something more. I knew I wanted mythical creatures like gryphons, dragons, and trolls, but I didn’t want them just there. I wanted them a part of the world, a functioning part of the worlds ecosystem. That’s why I focused on how these creatures and the creatures I created would work with the world, not against it. I settled with making the dragons more dinosaur like. Some have wings but the majority don’t. They work like work horses for the more difficult of terrain, or as war beasts for those desiring to use them as such.

I did the same thing with the gryphons. They were animals at one time tamed and controlled to be used for a task. Just like we tamed horses, elephants, and reindeer.

The led to how I was going to make the physical world unique. We have the two nations warring over one another – like most fantasy books – but I needed more ways of making Gaitan stand out. Come the actual layout of the map.

The South is desert, half of which consists of lava lands that the Southerns call Fire Lands. This leaves very little area for the Southerns to live, forcing them to push the boundaries of their lands more into the West, North, and East. This in turn creates conflict.

The North is very rugged with rocky hills, dense forests, and cliff faces. Perfect for gryphons to thrive but not so easy for people. Instead of going to war to gain the resources the North needed they allied with the West and East where they were provided was they requested. This rugged land fades into ancient Oak over 1000 years old and into a Valley where lush farms thrive. This is the Western Valley that leads up into the Western Mountains which have peaks so high no one has ever been able to fly over, (expect Har… but no one truly believed that story).

These small elements to my world is what makes it unique. It isn’t fantasy because it’s magic. It isn’t fantasy because it has elves or fairies. It’s fantasy because it is a world you can escape into with it’s premise in Tolkin style world development… without the thirteen pages about a sword that doesn’t matter…


When it comes to fantasy there is a lot of writers that jump to magic and super fighting abilities. This isn’t the reason I read books. I love human interactions and characters that overcome their problems with their own natural skills.

Yes, my main character has God given abilities but she only uses them when she has to or they manifest even when she doesn’t want them to. With my main character with passive abilities like seeing past, present, and future events or healing people with the touch of her hand – those aren’t useful in a conflict. I have her needing to rely on what she’s learnt from her mentors or reflect on her on capabilities. More times than not Liora realizes she’s gotten herself into a situation that is completely above her skill set but she is forced to figure things out using her mind verses her fists.

That of course doesn’t mean Liora can’t fight. She isn’t officially trained like other characters in the book but if she needs to she can scrap. I wanted to make her imperfect, curious, and troublesome to a sense because most teenagers are. Most teenagers get into situations that are out of their control that they need to fix on their own. Most teenagers think they know everything when they clearly don’t. Most teenagers are still finding themselves or realizing what they are truly capable of.

Liora is all these things and more, which is one reason why I think she’s a very unique character.


Where do your loyalties lie?

Today consisted of posting on my blog and making a quiz for my website. I would love if all of you could check it out and let me know what you get/ what you think. Click the picture to go to the quiz page:



Just Wanted to Share

Hello World out there world!

As my second book is going through it’s first round of editing I find myself trying to figure out what to do with myself. You don’t realize how much writing takes up the time in your life when you decide it is time for a break.

Yes, I’ve been working on pieces for book 3 but I do not want to get to much into it until I have book 2 set in print. That way I have something to fall back on and review while working on book 3. Basically establishing canon and insuring I follow it correctly. I do have notes but sometimes I stray away from them and need to review earlier works to figure out what my notes don’t have.

I guess this would be a good time to focus on other projects… like figuring out how to market my books and maybe even update my official website which I haven’t done since April… I’m bad for procrastinating… but what writer isn’t…

Maybe I’ll do that today. Do a couple of updates on the website, work on the pictures for the visual novel game, and maybe get around to working on my other book project. Yes, I have more than one series in mind. This one is first person POV and based in present day. Many of you have read pieces from it that I’ve posted on here, and your positive responses have helped me decide I should turn it into a book.

If any of you have some fun marketing ideas/ suggestions I’m always welcome to hearing about them. I’ve read enough things online about marketing that I know I’m open to anything at this point. XD

Anyways, I think I’m going to sign off now and go see what else I can work on so early in the day.

Toodles for now!

Old Word Friday:BAJULATE

This week’s old word is BAJULATE.

Bajulate is a verb believed to have been created during 1613-1662. The exact creator of this word is unknown and origin of original work is unknown. What is known is that this word is Latin based and it means ‘to bear a heavy burden’.

Examples of how to use this in a sentence:

Everyone knew the old sage was bajulate when it came to protecting his young apprentice.


My suggestion would be to try and avoid using this word unless you wish to confuse people. Yes, it is interesting but there a various tenses to use depending on the formation of the sentence and as this is a Latin based word, you get into complicated plurals that aren’t as easily translated into what our common based Latin derived English has developed into. If you still wish for whatever nightmarish reason to use this word in your works I would suggest checking out the links connected to THIS page and learning all you can about it.

Until next time – toodles!


Love is love is love,” he sighed, “and nothing’s wrong with that.”

“Nothing?” he watched his sister sway her feet when she had asked the question.


He watched he turn to smile at him, seeing the weight that had been heavy on her shoulders lift.

“Then I’d like you to meet her,” that had been the first time in a long time my sister smiled without it being forced. It wasn’t fake as the corner of her eyes crinkled and her cheeks flushed at soft shade of pink. “You’ll like her.”

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