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June 10, 2016

Old Word Friday: Acrasial


That’s right!

After a long break OWF (Old Word Friday) has returned. I needed to build back up my old work list and do some research so I could share them with the world. I’m so happy to be getting back to the roots of this blog since OWF is one of the original posts I did on a weekly bases since this place started.

So, without further ado I give you this week’s old word: ACRASIAL

Acrasial is an adjective believed to have been created in 1851. It was believed to be first used by the American novelist Sylvester Judd who lived from 1813-1853 in Westhampton, Massachusetts.

The word means ill-regulated or ill-tempered.

For example:

Robert Baratheon was an acrasial king.


The acrasial teacher was known to throw desks at his students.

The use of acrasial can be found in a lot of older books but is a term rarely used in modern works. I love this word because I love interesting adjectives that are forgotten by time.

Question of the day:

Have you heard or read the word acrasial before? If so where?


Today I Went Exploring

The sun was shining and the air was nippy, which in my mind made it a perfect day for exploring. I had pretty much explored the area around my house and new each street with my eyes closed, so I decided to take the bus downtown to see what I could find in the larger part of the city.

It was around 8 AM when I arrived in the city centre. People bustled about to the numerous coffee stops lining Dundas Street to get their morning drinks before heading to work. The streets were packed with cars and bus, while crowds of children going to the international school hurried down the sidewalks hoping they would make it on time for class.

I wasn’t in a rush. I took my time, breathing in the cool morning air while feeling the new sun shine down between the towering glass business buildings that were scattered about the downtown air. I admired the stone architecture on the older buildings and listened to the loud beeping of a construction truck backing up down the road.

Stopping off at a Starbucks, I treat myself to a venti Chai latte and sat close to the wall on a high stool near one of the windows. I browsed my phone, commented on the Book of Faces, and people watched for a good hour. Once finished with my latte I headed out again, this time across the street to meet with my employment councillor to see if she heard of any new jobs I could apply for. To my luck she had one and I wrote down the information before leaving to explore the city further.

My plan was to see what activities I could do in the city to waste the afternoon. The museum wasn’t open when I arrived at its front doors, so instead I went across the street to a park. There was a old wooden bench that looked over the Thames River. A family with young children were feeding Canadian geese and ducks. A part of me wanted to tell them that feeding birds bread wasn’t good for them… but it was too late by the time that thought jumped into my head. The children had thrown their last piece of bread and the geese had completed their territorial death battle for the remains. It quieted down soon after allowing me a moment of peace.

When I headed back to the main road I walked IMG_20160609_104123passed a quaint little house, which to my surprised turned out to be a museum. The First Hussar’s Museum to be exact. This small building with five rooms was filled to the brim with history regarding the Hussar’s victories during WWI, WWII, and current conflicts. I got to learn a lot about Canada’s history and was amazed to hear about the impact our brave soldiers have made throughout the years. I was then told by the young, knowledgeable volunteer that ‘Holy Roller’, the Hussar’s first Sherman Tank, could be found in Victoria Park just a fifteen minute walk down the road.

I was set on my mission to find this tank and see it for myself because… let’s be honest here… tanks are awesome feats of mechanical engineering. So, with pamphlet in hand and a new mission on my mind I headed back to where I got off the bus to go to Victoria Park.

Unfortunately when I arrived it was clear to me that I wouldn’t have the chance to see the tank that afternoon after all, since London Life was having their BBQ in the park and I’m crowd shy. There also must have been over 1000 people in that park and they all were blocking me from getting to the tank. So, the Holy Roller adventure will have to wait another day.

My next adventure is to explore the London Archaeology Museum and see what lovely local history they can inform of about.

Until next time – toodles! :3

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