This week’s old word is BAJULATE.

Bajulate is a verb believed to have been created during 1613-1662. The exact creator of this word is unknown and origin of original work is unknown. What is known is that this word is Latin based and it means ‘to bear a heavy burden’.

Examples of how to use this in a sentence:

Everyone knew the old sage was bajulate when it came to protecting his young apprentice.


My suggestion would be to try and avoid using this word unless you wish to confuse people. Yes, it is interesting but there a various tenses to use depending on the formation of the sentence and as this is a Latin based word, you get into complicated plurals that aren’t as easily translated into what our common based Latin derived English has developed into. If you still wish for whatever nightmarish reason to use this word in your works I would suggest checking out the links connected to THIS page and learning all you can about it.

Until next time – toodles!