Hello world out there world!

Today I was going through some things I brought to my new place after my dad decided he wanted to move out of the house we lived in for over 20 years. He had left a lot of random things in the living room one day when he was a work with a message saying, “Take What You Want, I’ll Donate The Rest.

Being the attachment freak I am, I took everything I could fit into my tiny Kia and being the good daughter – and knowledgeable thrifter – I took the rest of the stuff to my usual haunts to give back to the stores I bought from over the years. When I got home I unloaded the car and stuck everything into the guestroom where it stayed for a good two months before I looked at it again.

That was a week ago today.

So, a week ago today, I finally got around to going through the stuff I had rescued from my father’s possession. I found stuffed animals from my childhood, and old Kermit the frog puppet my mom got back in the 70’s, and a lot of scrapbook/ craft items that were combined with pictures. My mother had the habit of starting art projects and when she decided to take a break she would say she would get back to it… but never did. Most projects ended up in the cupboard of crafts in our basement, which included the half finished scrapbooks piled on the floor in my guestroom.

Now, I’m never going to get around to finishing them. The reason why I took them were for the pictures glued to pages with theme stickers and glitter. Until I get myself a photo album they will stay in their glittery prisons.

It was after I was done reminiscing with pictures of my childhood and of my parents in their youth that I came across a plastic bag at the bottom of the basket where some of the scrapbooks were hiding. This bag confused me at first as it was in French.

It shouldn’t have surprised me. My parents were born in Quebec… I still had family in Quebec… but the bag seemed out of place. When I come across a mystery bag in a pile of old stuff I think it’s two things:

  1. Important documents that my parents put in a ‘safe place’ as to not lose them.
  2. Random junk that was thrown in a bag to get it out of the way of other things.

Either way I felt like I needed to go through the bag – which I would have normally thrown out – because it was in French and two it looked really old:


After a moment of hesitation, hoping I wasn’t going to be met with a dead mouse or some fossilized lunch from my youth I opened the bag shocked to find what was inside. I wasn’t wrong. Inside the bag were papers but they weren’t important documents like tax forms or pay-stubs from the 80’s. Instead it was a pile of newspaper and a colouring book with my dad’s name written on it:


Now, my family isn’t much for collecting things. We take pictures and have a magnet or two from a vacation we’ve taken but nothing as special as what was inside this bag. I also know that my dad – or I’m assuming was my dad since it was his colouring book  – was too young to have considered collecting/ keeping these newspapers at that time as he was six and eight. The quality of these newspapers I found blew my mind. Asides from a dark patch on the Moon Landing cover both pieces look to be in great condition. It even appears that Expo67 and the Moon Landing papers aren’t missing any articles either:



The Expo 67 piece has yellowed a little bit, which can be expected from it being 49 years old, but the colour is still crisp. This front cover still has amazing detail with the blues and reds. Even the inside articles are crisp as if it just came off the press:



Anyways, I just wanted to share this little discovery with all of you in hopes some of you may enjoy it. My goal for the pieces are to figure out the best way to preserve them for them to last for another 49 years or longer.

If you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below and until next time toodles!