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July 1, 2016

Old Word Friday: Deartuate

Hello world out there world!!

Many of you know my favourite word is bludgeon. It is such a fantastic word and comes across well as a violent word when it needs to be. I love the sound of it and the history behind it… well today’s word is something similar.

Deartuate is a verb that was created during the years 1623-1653. It was commonly used during this time. To deartuate someone is to dismember them. Again a violent word but I just find this bloody fantastic. (Pun not intended).

So how do you use deartuate in a sentence:

The murderer deartuated the body so no one could identify it with ease.


To deartuate or to not deartuate – that is the question.

This is a word that can be easier to use in a sentence than last weeks OWF. I can definitely see myself using this word in my future books, since the more the book series goes on the likelihood I will need creative terms asides from bludgeon to use in certain scenes. This is a word I want to make a comeback. Not because I like it… well that is one reason… but because it is a word that sounds as violent as what it means.

Until next week – toodles everyone!



Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Happy Canada Day everyone. May your toques be warm, your poutine be properly melted, and a toonie always be in your pocket. Love you all and enjoy your day, eh!


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