At 11:30 am this morning – I like sleeping in – Mr. Canuck came into the room with his phone in hand and a smile on his face. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk after breakfast around our area. I was surprised by this as we normally just spend our weekends on separate computers – his upstairs and mine downstairs – communicating over Facebook chat or text message like we always have done.

(This may not be you’re idea of a perfect relationship but Canuck and I like our personal space, so how we do things in our house is perfect for us).

Anyways, I get up and get ready. Wash face, get into outdoor clothes, and sunscreen myself since the UV index is getting worse – thanks global warming – and I head downstairs where I find Canuck sitting on the couch on his phone. Beside him he has my phone and he hands it to me.

My little geek girl heart went a flutter when I saw the sign up page for Pokémon Go on my phone screen. I looked up at him and he had this big grin on his face where he then said, “There is a Poké Stop near our place if you want to start there.”

In other words, my introverted and not so outdoor enthusiastic partner is offering to go exploring with me on a Poké-Date.

Of course I said yes!

We started our adventure at 1 pm and discovered a couple of nice neighborhoods in our area. We caught a lot of flying and insect Pokémon as well as went to plenty of Poké Stops. We paused in the middle of our adventure at a Tim Horton’s where we refueled and cooled down. We evolved a Pidgey or two before heading out again to a hiking path which we never took before.

Our little Poké-adventure lasted 2 hours, bring us home tired, hungry, and sweaty at 3:15 pm. I crashed on the couch, Canuck went onto his computer, and now we are making dinner.

So, guys take note. If your girlfriend or partner is into Pokémon take them exploring. This is a great activity to do together and it also makes you look like less of a weirdo when you’re with someone else. Not saying you won’t look weird when you jump up and down after catching a favourite Pokémon… but you’ll likely get more comments like “Awe what a cute geek couple!”

It is also easy to point other Pokémon Go players out since you see them walking towards places you’ve already explored while their faces are buried in their phones. Traveling around with someone helps pass the time it takes to find what you need, and things may load faster on one device than another so you won’t be missing out on potential finds – or in our case one phone has a better battery life than the other.

These are just suggestions of course… no need to follow them. I’m just saying that this was the perfect Poké-Date for a nice Sunday afternoon. 🙂