Hello World Out There World!

The thing about writing fiction is it allows to your approach topics that you are afraid to discuss in real life. Fiction gives you a screen where you can play around with a variety of elements that if said in conversation could possibly cause issues for you or those around you. Actually, I’ll go one step more and say writing in general allows you to explore.

Between the research you do to make sure a story is correct, or the interactions between characters – there are very few things that you can leave unsaid. Writing is a way of getting what is on your mind off. It allows you to escape and explore at the same time.

At least that’s what I find.

I love writing because it is a safe environment to test a variety of material that others may consider too gruesome, or disturbing for readers. I love writing because it allows me to say what I want to say, which gets what is inside me out. If I want to share it with the world then I can share it, but at the same time if you don’t want to share it with the world you don’t have to. Writing allows you to prepare for the world and have a moment to rethink your actions before going through it with.

Drafts are a great example of this.

When you write your first draft you speak from what if going on inside. The second draft allows you to flush out those ideas and make minor corrections. The third or so on drafts give you a chance to tighten your story and make the needed changes to please your audience.

Yes, there are some authors that write a first draft and just correct the spelling errors before publishing. The majority of writers – I think at least – make many attempts to be happy with their work before sharing it with the world. Most people worry about what others will think of how they see the world or what they have created. We want to make people happy and in the end that results in us cutting a lot of what we want to say out of our final works.

The question is – when you go back to read your old work later on will you feel regret for something you cut out of your final draft?

So far I haven’t come across a piece of my work that I’ve regret writing. On this platform I share with you unedited opinion pieces with some look into the creative writing I’ve done. I say what I wish to say on here without regret because I’m not afraid anymore. At the end of the day I want readers that understand or share similar interests as I have. I don’t want to right something that later haunts me because I didn’t say something or I held something back. That’s just my thoughts on the matter.