Hello World Out There World!

For this Friday I’m going to share with you a word I’ve used in my second book. The word is an adjective and was created around 1886. It’s popularity didn’t last long as apparently it wasn’t used much after 1886.

The way you would pronounce this word is as follows: hay – latin – us

Halatinous means something salty. I believe that halatinous is one of those words one would use if they are making a character with a larger than normal vocabulary similar to Sherlock Holmes. In my case this would be the old sage Caldor, since he is known to have a larger vocabulary than most and loves sounding smart.

So, how would you use halatinous in a sentence? Here are some examples:

The halatinous water burned her eyes.


The rain tasted halatinous on his tongue.

Would I want this word to come back?

I’m sure in certain fields this word is still used, (science or geology), but I don’t think this word would do well in modern day common conversation. You would spend more time explaining what halatinous is to someone and since we like to make things easy for everyone we may decide saying salty is the better option. I could see this word being used in literature, like I mentioned above, someone with a high IQ or with a well developed vocabulary would likely be found using this word.

Asides from it being a fun word to say I do not believe it will make a comeback any time soon.