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August 2016

Wandering Inspiration

Hello World Out There World!

I know I haven’t been posting a lot as of late. Recently I’ve had a lot of things on my plate that I’ve been trying to balance, so once I’ve gotten everything under control I will be trying to post more regularly.

The reason I’m posting this today is because I decided to take a break and watch a few online videos. Now, my background isn’t in sci-fi but for whatever reason my brain came up with so many little ideas for short stories after watching one video. I grew up with Star Trek, Alien vs. Predator, Star Wars, and many other sci-fi movies. Heck I’m even named after a Star Trek character, (Deanna Troi). So, finding inspiration to write sci-fi shouldn’t have been that surprising to me.

Anyways, I know many of you who follow me are exploring a variety of genres and that’s why I knew some among you would enjoy this amazing short film called WANDERERS. This hasn’t been my first time watching it. About a year ago before writing my first book I watch this short film without getting such an overwhelming amount of inspiration from it. Now, a year later watching the same film I thought of the potential of using the bases of this film for a collection of short stories. Weird how time can change your perspective of inspiration. It could also be that when I first watched WANDERERS I wasn’t open to inspiration due to my lack of writing in my life at the time, but now that I’ve written almost every day since and expanded my mind to think more creatively that maybe that’s why I am seeing the potential this short film has to offer.

After all inspiration is everywhere, right?

So, without further delay here is the short film WANDERER. Let me know if you found it as inspiring in the comments down below and until next time – toodles! :3

Seasons By Sound

Hello World Out There World!

Today is going to be a little different. I’m using a writing prompt not for my own short stories or book but just for fun. As I was exploring Pinterest this morning I happened across a really interesting prompt by the talented Sarcastic Muse. If you want to know more about them click on their name to be transported to their blog. 🙂

Anyways, this weeks writing prompt is about the seasons and describing them by only sound. I love this idea because sound can be a great way to get the reader to connect with the environment of your story. So, let’s try this shall we. :3


Seasons By Sound

The bitter wind howled around me. My feet crunching beneath the white snow. The running of a car engine echoes from down the street as my neighbor’s shoveling hisses through the air.

Baby birds chirp from the tree in the backyard. The tinging of rain drops on the roof and deck vibrate through the open screen door. Children’s laughter rings up from the street followed by splashing as they play in the puddles forming near the gutters.

Cicada’s sing high up in the trees out of sight but not out of mind. The loud humming of a lawn mower from down the street breaks the silences along with someone blasting talk radio. Kids are screaming, their flip-flopped feet smacking against the pavement as they chase each other with water balloons.

The rustling of leaves in the trees that follow with the hissing of those free across the ground. The crinkling of my hands pulling my coat closer to my body as I tap my foot at the bus stop. The wind whispering warning of the coming cold against my skin making my ears numb.

Onomatopoeia Edition:

Crunch, crunch, crunch. Woooo. Shic, shic, shic. “Frick it’s cold!”

Chirp, whistle, chirp. Ting, ting,ting. Ah! Haha! SPLASH!

Bizzzzzzzz. Urrrrrrrrrrr. Mrrrrrrrrrrrr. AAHHHHH! Fop, fop, fop, fop, fop. Splat!

Shhhhhhhh. ssssss. Thunk, thunk. Crinkle. “Frick it’s getting cold!”

I love English and I also Hate it!

Hello World Out There World!

Was exploring Facebook the other day when I came across this interesting post:


I love finding things like this. It not only shows you how awesome the English language is but also how horribly nightmarish you can be. Now, for those who don’t have the time to make up these sentences – don’t worry I’ve got you covered:


Is there anyone else that thinks this is just amazing? Let me know in the comments below and until next time – toodles! :3

Old Word Friday: Kexy

Hello World Out There World!

Now, this weeks word I could see making a comeback. It could even become as popular as the word bae. Bae by the way did not originally mean what it means today. Bae originated as a Danish word for poop… it does not mean baby or babe. So, the next time you text your loved one “ur my bae!” remember you just called them your poop.

Anyways, now that I ruined that for all of you…

This weeks old word is an adjective and originated around 1608 lasting until 1884. The word kexy means something dry, brittle, or withered.

Pronouncing the word:


Some examples of this word in a sentence word be:

My brother’s cooking always turns out kexy.


These potato chips are really kexy.

Or… (Just because this is now stuck in my head)

I’m kexy and I know it. XD

Do you think this is going to make a comeback?

Probably… but not in a way it was originally intended. I think the word kexy will come back as a portmanteau (two words fused into one) for the words kinky and sexy. I would want it to make a comeback for it’s original definition, and I’ll probably end up as that weird person at a party using the word while all the other kids look at me like I’ve come from another planet. I honestly do not know if they word will make a comeback at all, it is a fun word to say and I can see it confusing a lot of people when it is used but like all the other words I talk about it will probably not make a comeback. 🙂

What do you think? How would you use the word KEXY?


Thinking Thursdays: 1st or 3rd Person?

Hello World Out There World!

Today’s Thinking Thursday is about 1st or 3rd person, which one do I prefer to write in.

When I first started getting into creative writing I found writing in 1st person the easiest way to get out my ideas. I would be able to imagine myself as the main character and write what I felt or saw. This was what was taught to us in school in regards to approaching creative writing. All I knew was 1st person and nothing else.

It was after doing some more research and reading books that weren’t for my age level that I discovered the amazing tense of 3rd person. I loved how the writer could explore a variety of views within one book and make the story deeper, or just write in one person’s point of view for the whole book. It was something new and exciting, which pushed me to practice writing in 3rd person.

As time went on I shied away from 1st person and started writing in 3rd person. Child of the Light (Book 1) is written in 3rd person and so is Children of Sirphan (Book 2). I found 3rd person the best style to use for this series since it follows a large group of people. It has been only recently, as I work on another side project – Too Much Jinn – that I’ve begun exploring 1st person again.

To me I don’t prefer writing in just one style. It depends on the characters and the book I’m working on as to what point of view works for the atmosphere I’m trying to portray.

When it comes to reading books I would much rather read in 3rd person than first. I like to be disconnected from the characters that I’m reading about and that is easier to do with 3rd person than 1st person. I also find a lot of young books are 1st person focused, which I don’t enjoy reading either. 1st person has a lot of I did this, I wanted to do that. With 3rd person the author is forced to explore the world more to capture the reader than just write from one view point.

Anyways… that’s just what I prefer…

What about you? Is there a point of view that you prefer to write in or does it just depend on the story you’re writing?

Leave your answers in the comment section down below and until next time – toodles!! :3

Educate Outside The School

Hello World Out There World!

I believe strongly in this quote.

Most of the lessons I value to this day weren’t taught in a classroom. If all a child has is classroom knowledge and they don’t have the chance to explore, expand, or make mistakes they won’t grow. It is through exploring outside their comfort zones and learning from mistakes that shape them into the adults they will eventually become.

Some of my most important lessons were from making mistakes. Some experiences scared the heck out of me, while others were just a gentle reminder of what I should try to do the next time. My education outside of the classroom helped me become independent and confident in myself, so much so I ended up going 18 hours away from everything I knew for school because I knew I could handle it. If I never took those chances as a kid, or wasn’t allowed to make those mistakes, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to spread my wings.

Learning from others and the environment around you will prepare you for the world. Education in the classroom isn’t useless – that isn’t what I’m saying. Too much of one thing isn’t good and finding a balance between classroom education and world education is a great way to make sure kids become well rounded adults.

This of course is just my opinion. I’d love to hear what you think of this quote? Do you agree or disagree with this point? Let me know in the comments down below and until next time – toodles!! (^.^)

Old Word Friday: Jobler

Hello World Out There World!

This weeks old word Friday is jobler. Jobler is a noun believed to have been created around 1662 and didn’t grow in popularity after that. This weeks word means ‘someone who works small jobs’.

Pronunciation of this word is:


Examples of using this word in a sentence are:

If you can’t find full-time work than become a jobler.


I met a nice gentleman the other day who’s a wonderful jobler.

I like the word jobler. It is easy and fun to say, which is usually the reasons behind why I want certain words to come back into common use – like nibling. If used in common conversation jobler may confuse some people but the word has job in it… so it is possible that those you say the word to will pick up on what it could mean. I would love to have this word make a comeback, but only time will tell. :3

Child of the Light FREE on Smashwords!!

Hello World Out There World!

Just wanting to let you know that book 1 of the Prophecy Six Series – Child of the Light – is currently free to download off of Smashwords. Smashwords has formats compatble for iPads, Kobo devices, computers, and phone! The first book is rates 4.5 stars across all book platforms, (iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, Goodreads and Amazon).

So, if you want CHECK IT OUT HERE!

The world of Gaitan is used to conflict.

War has been common place between the northern and southern countries for centuries, but it isn’t their hatred which led to the city of Morza’s demise.

The Chaos Singers would say the Gods came down and cleansed the land in a brilliant light to prepare for the ending of the Era.

The common folk would say it was an explosion from the evening’s festivities gone wrong.
The truth is no one knows what happened that night.

Except one.

Upon investigating the remains of the city, in hopes of finding
information that could lead to a cure to the Northern prince’s mysterious sickness, Caldor Lefwid – an old sage – sights what appears to be fresh footprints heading towards the forest.

This discovery brings hope to an otherwise hopeless situation, and Caldor decides to take a chance.

With help from his trusted friend – Foe – Caldor begins the journey to find the last survivor of Morza and the cure the North is praying for.

Child of the Light is a fiction, fantasy, self-discovery story focused towards young adults (ages 14+). It’s the first book of the Prophecy 6 series, and covers a variety of issues facing young adults and the world today such as displacement due to conflict, and othering.

If you want a quick and easy read, this is the book for you.

Thinking Thursdays: What time of day do you prefer to write?

Hello World Out There World!

Since we have reached over 560 followers in the last couple of weeks I thought it would be good to share with you a little bit about myself. This way those who have been following me since the beginning and those new  followers will learn a little more about the disembodied voice writing all these posts. 🙂

So, without further delay this weeks Thinking Thursday Question is:

What time of day do you prefer to write?

I’m a night writer. I can try to write during the day but my mind gets distracted too easily. For whatever reason night time my mind calms down enough for me to focus on my writing and editing. It is also when my mind is most creative… probably because it would be the time I would be laying in my bed trying to sleep.

It is also the quiet time of night. With Mr. Canuck in bed I don’t have to worry about being interrupted in the middle of a writing flow or having to pull away from my work to make dinner or clean the dishes. Once 11 pm hits so does my writing drive and I have been known to stay up until 6 am… which works for the moment. This is only become a problem once I get a job and then my writing habits will likely change again. 🙂

What times do you find yourself writing? Do you have any questions you want me to answer for the next Thinking Thursday? Let me know in the comments below and until next time – Toodles!! :3

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