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August 4, 2016

Writing Prompts: Bruised Glitter

The echo of thunder crashed through the walls of his small one room apartment. No amount of increased volume was going to keep nature from disrupting his Discovery Channel that evening.

Turning off the TV, Royce made his way over to the kitchen, plugging in his 8 buck electric kettle to make some coffee. He knew he should have tried to sleep, but the events of the day still danced through his head like drunk girls on a bar table. He had kept his cool around those… those vampires? The word sounded crazy even now that he was thinking it. Sure he had seen a lot of strange stuff since running into Jay but some things still made him question if everything he was experience was some kind of side effect from his lack of sleep or high caffeine intake.

The kettle popped as he took the dirty mug from beside the sink to fill it with hot water. With two spoonfuls of instant coffee the clear water turned to tar as he lifted the steaming cup to his lips feeling the familiar shock of the heat against his upper lip.

“Fffk!” He spat, pulling the mug away. He touched his upper lip with his finger happy to find no blister had formed. It still stung but hopefully by the time the coffee was cool enough for consumption his lip would be fine.

There came another roll of thunder as the lights flickered. Maybe it was time to go find some of those candles his ex had left behind than being caught off guard when the power went out. Then again he had his phone and didn’t feel like having his place smelling of apple pie and ocean breeze.

After another rumble of thunder and flicker of lights he heard a knock on the door. He looked to the stove that just flashed 12 before pulling out his phone to check the time. It was passed 1 AM! Who in their right mind was bugging him at that hour!?

Opening the door, he gave a sigh at who was standing in his entrance. Why wasn’t he surprised that she show up at his door, soaking wet… bruised, and covered in glitter?

“What the hell happened to you?”

“You wanted more info so I went to a Fave – mind letting me in?” Her voice proved to have a hint of annoyance as if he had been the inconvenient visitor knocking on the door.

Royce stepped aside. Jay lumbered in, her hands tucked in her over-sized sweatshirt pockets and combat boots chorking from the torrential downpour. Her teased hair lay flat to her head as her mascara ran down her face like a degenerate raccoon.

“Do I want to know what a Fave is…?” Royce pinched the bridge of his nose. He would need more coffee after this, he just knew it.

“Fairy Rave,” her voice blunt.

“Well that explains the glitter.”

“Oh, no… the glitter wasn’t from that,” Jay smirked, shaking her head.

“Do I want to know?” Royce asked again, his voice droning.

“Nah, not important to what I found out,” Jay sat down in the saúde lazy boy in the corner of the living room. She crossed her wet boots atop the oak coffee table with her arms behind her head. “Come sit – you’ll want to know.”

He hoped so, since he would have a nightmare of a mess to clean up after she left.

Always Edit With Humour

Hello World Out There World!

When I work with my editor he and I always find interesting moments in the book to laugh about. Humour is important when you are tearing apart something you worked so hard on. It also helps the editing process run smoother and helps grow a rapport with your editor. The way we find humour in our editing process is simple. It could be a word I wrote thinking it was another word. It could be some spelling mistake my computer didn’t pick up. Or, more often than not it is something my characters do that is close to life or just plain ridiculous.

One of these funny character moments left him leaving this comment and me in stitches.


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