Hello World Out There World!

Since the last couple of OWF’s have been a mouthful to say I thought this week I would bring to your attention a short, simple word that happens to be one of my favourites. Today’s OWF happens to be a short word that was created around 1664. The word¬†icasm¬†is a noun, (a person, place, or thing). The definition of this word is: a figurative expression in speech.

How do you pronounce this word?

I – CAS – M

Some examples of using icasm in a sentence are:

The girl protested that the threats she made to the boy were only an icasm.


My teacher has a bad habit for using icasms.

Should icasm make a come-back to our common speech?

I know I’ll be using it when I speak. It sounds like a funny little word and with my habit of using icasms when I take it may come in handy. I don’t think it will return to everyday language but maybe to certain word enthusiasts.