Hello World Out There World!

Today is going to be a little different. I’m using a writing prompt not for my own short stories or book but just for fun. As I was exploring Pinterest this morning I happened across a really interesting prompt by the talented Sarcastic Muse. If you want to know more about them click on their name to be transported to their blog. πŸ™‚

Anyways, this weeks writing prompt is about the seasons and describing them by only sound. I love this idea because sound can be a great way to get the reader to connect with the environment of your story. So, let’s try this shall we. :3


Seasons By Sound

The bitter wind howled around me. My feet crunching beneath the white snow. The running of a car engine echoes from down the street as my neighbor’s shoveling hisses through the air.

Baby birds chirp from the tree in the backyard. The tinging of rain drops on the roof and deck vibrate through the open screen door. Children’s laughter rings up from the street followed by splashing as they play in the puddles forming near the gutters.

Cicada’s sing high up in the trees out of sight but not out of mind. The loud humming of a lawn mower from down the street breaks the silences along with someone blasting talk radio. Kids are screaming, their flip-flopped feet smacking against the pavement as they chase each other with water balloons.

The rustling of leaves in the trees that follow with the hissing of those free across the ground. The crinkling of my hands pulling my coat closer to my body as I tap my foot at the bus stop. The wind whispering warning of the coming cold against my skin making my ears numb.

Onomatopoeia Edition:

Crunch, crunch, crunch. Woooo. Shic, shic, shic. “Frick it’s cold!”

Chirp, whistle, chirp. Ting, ting,ting. Ah! Haha! SPLASH!

Bizzzzzzzz. Urrrrrrrrrrr. Mrrrrrrrrrrrr. AAHHHHH! Fop, fop, fop, fop, fop. Splat!

Shhhhhhhh. ssssss. Thunk, thunk. Crinkle. “Frick it’s getting cold!”