As Remembrance Day is tomorrow, I thought I would post IMG_20160609_104109something I had in my drafts since this summer. During one of my adventures I happened across this hidden gem across from the London Ontario Museum. At first I wouldn’t have noticed it tucked away from the road behind the old courthouse but it was the signs that drew my attention to the stone building just before Ivey Park.

I got so excited when I saw this and knew I had to check it out!

I love local history and if you see me around you’ll likely find me reading all those information signs about buildings or information about a special event that took place in that location. It could be the teacher in me – always looking for ways to engage students in the place they live – or it could just be that my parents shared their love of local history with me. Either way I couldn’t help myself from finding out what the First Hussars Museum was.

This building on the left of the page is the First Hussars Museum and although it isn’t much to look at on the outside there is plenty to learn and see on the inside. With five rooms packed with information and displays, you’ll learn about the Hussars, what they’ve done, and what they are still doing now.

Not many are familiar with the Hussars, at least I know I wasn’t when I approached the museum… so I’ll give you a very, very brief explanation. The First Hussars were a military troop founded in London Ontario that fought in the Beor War (South African War), WWI, and WWII. Like I said very brief explanation, which is why there’s a museum and website for you to find out more. If you still feel like you want more information here’s a sign from outside the museum to give you a better explanation:


The five rooms cover separate parts of the Hussars’s history. The entrance is to their creation, the center room covers important members of the Hussars, and the other rooms focus on WWI, WWII, and what those in the Hussars are doing today. If you want to see the letters written to loved ones, equipment used, old newspapers and pictures, along with uniforms from these brave soldiers the First Hussars Museum is the place to visit.

I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the volunteers and he was well informed about the museum he was working in. He also directed me to Victoria Park where I could find the First Hussars Sherman tank (Holy Roller) on display in the war memorial. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to the memorial due to a large company picnic going on at the time but it is on my to do list for the next time I’m in the city center.

Entry to the museum is free but there is a donation box where you can donate to help support this amazing piece of Canadian history. If you are into Canadian history, want to learn something about London’s local history, or just want to spend an afternoon exploring – The Hussars Museum is the place to check out!