If you are looking for a place to hike this summer and find yourself in the area of London, Ontario you should check out Komoka Provincial Park just located west of London near the town of Kilworth.

The path I took was on the left side along Oxford Street West. Right where the red circle indicates. If you cross the bridge over the Thames River you have gone to far.



Now, this is an easy hike in comparison to others I’ve done. The paths were well marked, easy to walk, and well worn from foot traffic. There were chipmunks everywhere, robins and crow singing in the trees with some brown sparrows. There are paths that go down to the Thames River where you can sit along the sandy shoreline and listen to the water or watch tadpoles/ minnows dart about the shallows. I even got to see a carp swimming in the shallows the other day, which surprised me at first but I was able to take some really nice pictures of it.

Wild flowers are everywhere, along with wild raspberries that are just in bloom. The honeybees just flock to the wild flowers and they amazing to watch if you stay calm. There are also turkey vultures and falcon in the area. I saw them flying over the clearings watching for small prey scurrying about the tall grasses.

This is definitely a trail to explore if you have the time as it is diverse as much as it is beautiful. I wasn’t expecting to take over 200 photos on my 2 hour hike along the trail, but nature always had a way of inspiring me.

If you have children I would suggest this path because of it’s simple. I would suggest keeping a close eye on them, though. There are parts of the path that run along a drop off into the ravine that isn’t fenced off to the public. There are also inclines along the path covered in rocks and roots that may be tricky for little feet. The path also doesn’t loop around, so once you reach one end you will have to turn around and walk all the way back to your car.

This doesn’t usually bother people but it’s still something you should know.

If you have a dog the signs suggest to keep the animal leashed and to pick up after your pet. Most people follow this rule but you’ll come across those that didn’t along your hike.

Asides from some dog poop and the drops, this hike is wonderful for anyone of any age. There are bridges and wooden walkways to avoid the muddy areas. I would recommend Komoka for anyone wanting to spend a couple of hours walking through nature. Make sure to bring your camera and something to drink cause you never know what you’ll see along the trails.

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