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I’ve been on a Netflix binge lately, trying to keep myself from burning too many calories in the ridiculous heat that’s happening right now. This of course led me to getting caught up on all my regular shows – How to Get Away With Murder, Law & Order SVU, Bones, and Grey’s Anatomy – forcing me to check new things that have appeared on my ‘suggestion’ list. One of these happened to be the 5 star rated show Stranger Things.

Now, I saw the advertisements on YouTube and had the title pop up at the end of my other shows for the last couple of weeks. To be honest I wasn’t all that interested in watching it and I think the only reason why I started watching the show was due to the fact one of my favorite actors were in it… but now after watching the show I’m glad I did watch it. Actually I’m a mix between angry and excited due to the show only having 1 season at the moment and that season was 8 episodes in length.

stranger20things20posterIf you want a flashback to the 1980’s where being a nerd wasn’t as glamorized at it is today… where you get so many references to Star Wars, LotRs, and E.T. that you can turn the show into a drinking game – you will like this show. It takes the best of 1980’s scifi genre, mixed with some coming to age, sprinkled with teenage romance making this show have something for just about anyone. The other pleasant thing about Stranger Things is the fact that they have a lot of young actors and a lot of new names to their acting pool. Some of you may not be pleased to hear that they have such a young cast and I understand – since Carl from The Walking Dead sort of ruined young actors for me – but the young cast of Stranger Things makes up for those bad experiences. My favorite parts of the show were following the group of misfits – Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven (El for short) – wondering what they were going to do next.

The premise of the show is a facility in a small American town is running experiments without the knowledge of the residence but something escapes taking a boy from town with it. It is up to three boys (Mike, Lucas, and Dustin) to find out the truth and somehow figure out what happened to their friend with the help of a strange, telepathic, “weird girl” called Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown. While the boy’s are searching for Will, his mother – Joyce, played by Winona Ryder – is on her own journey trying to comes to terms with her son disappearing, the possibility of him being dead, and her fight to prove she isn’t crazy when begins to get ‘signs’ that Will is alive.

To call this show fantastic wouldn’t give it enough credit. In a time where Hollywood is making money on remakes, Stranger Things stands out as not only unique but incredibly engaging for any audience. The acting and the actors chosen for the roles were perfect, even with a younger cast. And, although the season was only 8 episodes long the story progressed with leaving me an emotional wreck by the end.

Would I recommend this show to people?

Heck, yes!

If you were part of the 80’s or are into scifi this is the show for you. Were you a nerd and remember playing D&D or being an outcast in your school? If yes, than this is the show for you. With its actors, atmosphere, and story line there is no doubt in my mind everyone in your family would find something to enjoy about Stranger Things.

If you’ve watched Stranger Things let me know what you thought of it down below, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.


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