“Having a goal is great but let me ask you – how the hell do you plan on reaching it?” He narrowed his eyes. The girl before him just smirked, knowing the plan that was in her head that she had yet to share with anyone else in the group.

“Let me worry about the details. You’re on a need to know basis at this point on… I just need you to trust me, ‘ight?” Her sweet voice calmed the tension of the situation as the three men glanced at one another. They all had knowledge of the field outside the tent. Each man had done a good deal of fighting in there time but when it came to diplomacy, she had them beat.

It was Foe, her long time friend and mentor that nodded in agreement to her stipulations followed by her fiance and then her good friend. She knew these men trusted her with their lives but she also understood it was difficult for Dermite soldiers to take orders from a woman. She was grateful they were giving her such respect.