Hello Everyone!

When I was a kid I wasn’t much into reading. It’s wasn’t that I couldn’t read… it was just I didn’t find any of the books I was learning in school to be interesting enough. Due to my disinterest in reading the school books my teachers believed I had a learning disability and put me in a separate reading program where I had to read lower level books. Again, these disinterested me as I was more at a grade 11 reading level then a grade 4 reading level.

One of the books I read was Stone Fox, a book about a boy and his dog. Not usually a story I was interested in but it was short and super quick to read. I don’t remember much about the book but with all boy and his dog books the dog dies, leaving the reader a complete blubbering mess by the end. I am a dog person. I love dogs – heck I love animals. So, whenever an animal dies or is killed in tv, movie, or book format I become worse than a teething two-year-old.

Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner was the first book that made me cry. It was also the book that pushed me to bring my very thick historical non-fiction or historical fictions to school so they would stop making me read lower grade books. The teacher’s faces when they gave us free time to read and I – in grade 6 at the time – pulls out Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman, or The Last of the Mohicans, or one of the Little Women Series. You can thank Sarah, Plain and Tall for getting me into wanting to know more about the frontier and America’s early, horribly cruel history. I still have a fascination with old westerners and learning about the early foundations of the US, (Roots and Hell on Wheels).

Now I pass this question on to you – what is the first book that made you cry? Leave your answers in the comments down below. Until next time, remember, stay safe, be creative, and as always toodles! ^.^