They walked side-by-side down the hallway. Neither spoke. Neither really had to speak after everything they had gone through. She hated to admit Argo was right. She was happy to have considered what the Shadow had said and found herself a guard all on her own. It wasn’t like Charn would allow Gornard back into the Gryphon Guard after his recent misconduct.

There came laughter from the walkway leading to the training grounds, as she caught herself glancing up for a moment to see the squirrel faced girl clinging to Cael’s arm. The sight of them together made her stomach gurgle and chest burn, but she knew her bitter jealousy wouldn’t erase her lack of action.

“Yah’re gonna have to stop that,” Gornard grumbled.

“Stop what?” Liora’s attention jumped back to the large man beside her, who glanced down at her with his golden eyes.

“Pinin’. If yah ain’ gonna fix it yah might as well let him go.” He took a deep breath seeing the girl look down at her hands to pick at her nails. “He means a lot to yah, eh?”

She nodded. “More than you know…”

“Then show ‘im that. If yah care, show him that yah care.”

“How?” She felt him give her a gentle push forward in the direction Cael and Milly had disappeared.

“Yah’ll know when yah see him.”