He burst through the door catching sight of the man stuffing a canvas sack full of his belongings. The man took no notice to his friend standing in the doorway, glaring him down to those golden eyes that burned into the back of his head.

“I’m leaving, Gornard. There’s nothing you or anyone can say to change my mind,” he shoved an extra cloak into the bag before glancing over his shoulder at the large man in his doorway. The Dermite’s arms were crossed across his chest making his appear more giant than his usual hunched form.

“Yah can’t just run away every time there’s trouble,” Gornard growled.

“Sure I can… I did it before and it worked in my favour.”

“‘Cause yah were running to meet up wit her! Now, the second somethin’ don’t go yar way it’s to the hills wit yah. Do yah have any idea how long it took her to find yah? Do yooou know what she went through to brin’ yah here to safety?” Gornard charged in grabbing the bag on the bed to throw it behind him. The two men stood glaring each other down. “She was obsessed!”

“Now, she doesn’t have to be. I’m safe and she knows it. I just can’t stay here when she’s… when we…”

He looked down at his hands. The orichalcum cuffs glimmered in the candle light that turned his room an orange glow. He had wanted things to be different. He had believed things would have gone differently.

“I know…” Gornard sighed, resting his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Just cause she is marryin’ someone else don’t mean she don’t need yah. She needs yah, Rev, more than ever. We all do.”