“She has a type.” Emery whispered. Her comment appeared to bring a smirk to their Dermite companion’s face.

“I do not have a type!” Liora snipped, crossing her arms as the two looked at her with equally amused expressions plastered across their lips.

“Courting one prince. Almost courted the other – you’ve got a type.” Emery explained, noticing her god-sister’s face begin to redden. There was no shame in having an interest in a certain kind of person. The two men were complete opposites asides from their lineage.

“I didn’t know he was a prince.” Liora tried to defend her reasoning, hearing their large companion chuckle. He shook his head, took a step towards her and rested his large hand on her shoulder. The weight made her bounce as he smiled in her face.

“Don’ matter. It still counts.” He chuckled again when she smacked his hand away.

“Shut up, Gornard!” Liora growled, her face burning and gut twisting from their teasing. Liora turned away before glowering over her shoulder at her god-sister who snickered. The young woman lifted her hand over her lips but Liora could still tell she was laughing at her expense. “You too, Em – it isn’t funny!”