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Monday Writing Prompt: Feed off People


He looked over the glass vials and jars that filled her kitchen cabinets. If it wasn’t for the labels the kitchen would be like anyone else he knew. The Goblin Ears and Kitten Tongues that were stored right next to the Sriracha, though was hard to ignore. Although, from everything he had experienced and from what he had learnt from listening to her, Jaya wasn’t one to eat these things.

“I thought you fed on people,” Royce turned, catching the woman glance over her shoulder before going back to making him a cup of tea.

“I don’t feed off people… that’s barbaric. It is their inspiration that satisfies my hunger now-a-days,” she passed him the China cup. The gold trim around the lip of the cup and the delicate flower pattern was beautiful.

“Isn’t their inspiration still part of them?”

“Sure, but it isn’t something a person has to live on like blood or a heart… inspiration is more like a part they secrete like body odor.”

“Delightful…” Royce tried not to turn up his lip at that comparison but the tone of his voice eluded his control.

Jaya chuckled, settling down on the stool near the corner of the kitchen. Her head pressed against the wall as she rested her hands in her lap. He had thought she was going to make herself some tea but then again what was someone who didn’t need to eat human food do with a cut of steaming liquid?

ME Andromeda Fan Fiction: Part 2 – The Fall

If you haven’t read the first part of the fan fiction you can find it right


Like I always do before sharing my writing for the fan fiction, I share with you the game play that inspired it. You can watch it or skip it, the choice it up to you. I just find when you watch the game play you get a better idea of the characters I’m going to write about. Anywho, that’s all for now. Enjoy!



The Fall

The air smelt stale, as I opened my eyes to find myself not where I thought I would be. The rocky landscape, the zapping echo of lightening, the humming of the monstrous mysterious machinery vibrating through the ground had all gone silent. The only sound I could hear was my heart beating in my ears and the faint whistling breath I released out my nose.

Where was I? This wasn’t Habitat 7 or any place on the Hyperion I knew of. Was I even on the ship? Was I in a room?

Pulling myself to my feet, I tried to find my balance. The empty space made it had to get my bearings but after a faltering step I managed to keep my balance. The black room gave me no clear details of where it began or ended. I could feel my hands and feet but couldn’t see them.

“Transfer at 68%.” That was SAM‘s voice. The computerized harmonics of his voice were distinct enough to recognize, but the volume was almost a whisper.

“SAM, where am I?” I waited for the AI to answer but after a long silent minute I knew he wouldn’t reply. Maybe he couldn’t hear me? Maybe my implant wasn’t working or communications were lost again? “SAM?”

“Transfer at 73%.”

What transfer? Was I being transferred somewhere? Was I locked in some kind of chamber for quarantine? Sure, that last idea was possible with the dangers we came across on the surface. Still, I thought I would remember how I got to this room or what was going on.

I walked towards SAM’s voice, at least I assumed that was the direction SAM’s voice was coming from. The closer I walked the louder his voice became, but before I could call out again I was blinded by a white light. I stepped back, lifting my arms to guard my eyes.

“Sara.” That was dad’s voice.

Unshielding my eyes, I could see we were back on the platform standing before the inner chamber of the tower we had been searching. The humming of the electronics were almost deafening outside, but the moment we stepped into the large chamber everything became muted. There in the center of the room was the large triangular control board, or so we assumed. I felt a pat on my arm, watching my dad walk towards the control board with a smile plastered across his face. Without hesitation I followed on his heels.

“These are the moments that make it all worth while.” He didn’t say it but I heard the words like a memory whispering in the back of my mind. I remembered this room and remembered how dad was able to connect with the control board. He had fixed the weather; stopping the lightening to allow for our shuttle to get off planet.

My stomach turned when a bolting memory shot through my mind. A wave of energy had thrown us out of the room. I had fallen off the platform and landed somewhere below. My throat burned and as I forced myself to swallow I could remember the panic of being unable to breathe.

“Dad, don’t! Something bad is going to happen if you touch that.” I hurried to take his hand, hoping to stop him from reactivating the console. He lifted my hand to the console, before taking a step back. The console hummed louder, as I turned to look back over my shoulder to see my dad was no longer there. Again I was alone.

“Make me proud.” His voice whispered, feeling a pain in my chest like a knife stabbing through my rib cage. There was a high pitch buzzing in my ears as I gripped my head with my hands.

A rush of images darted through my mind – mom, Scott, dad. I saw the Prothean site on Mars and the Citadel where I grew up.

“What’s going on!?” I scream, crumpling to the ground in pain from the buzzing in my head.

“Transfer complete, please stand by.”


ME Andromeda Fan fiction: Zero Day

Before you begin reading, I would suggest you watch the video below. This will explain the events mentioned in the fan fiction and help you piece together some of the things I elude to. This, of course, is just a suggestion. So, if you are here just for the fan fiction please enjoy.




“When people look back on this – and they will – they’ll remember we didn’t give up. We kept dreaming. That our first, few faltering steps in Andromeda were the beginning of everything they know.”

Dad’s words echoed in my head like a corrupted data file. The overwhelming feeling of needing to succeed rested on our backs. 20,000 lives depended on us to find them a new home. As amazing as that felt… the pressure was high now that we were stuck in a place we knew little about.

The shuttle shuddered in the turbulence of the strange energy cloud that snaked its way across the Heleus Cluster, reaching out towards the world we were supposed to call home. As I looked out the window towards the Ark Hyperion tangled in the branches of the cloud I couldn’t help but feel a wave of dread for what was to come.

This wasn’t how things were supposed to go down. The plan was to sleep for 600 years and wake up in a new galaxy where we wouldn’t have these problems. We were supposed to wake up to new Golden Worlds to turn into the new homes of the Milky Way species and create a diplomatic order around peace and new discovery.

Those plans were now bust. Nothing we had planned was working out so far.

Shaking my head, I tried to rid myself of the fogginess I felt from the lingering drugs in my system. Being in stasis for 600 years has its side effects, but being ordered to take part in a mission run by your dad after just waking up from said 600 year nap is another thing.

Tough love? Some would call it that, but it was more trying to live up to the Ryder name. My father back in the Milky Way had been an N7 – a respected soldier of the Alliance – until his dishonorable discharge. Somehow he had been given the chance to become the Human Pathfinder to the Initiative. His mission now, to find a new home, and as his daughter that was big shoes to fill.

With a deep breath, I looked out the window again towards the snaking energy anomaly. We wouldn’t have even considered touching down on Habitat 7 if our Ark wasn’t stuck in that mess. We were supposed to go to the Nexus, meeting ground for all the Arks travelling to the Andromeda Galaxy. Another thing that didn’t work out.

Captain Dunn, the one responsible for getting our Ark to safety, wasn’t able to contact the Nexus and so now we were heading to explore a home that by first glance looked like a death trap. I signed up for adventure, so I guess I got exactly what I was looking for.

“How’s your brother doing?” Fisher’s voice buzzed away in the earpiece of my helmet. I glanced over my shoulder to see him sitting behind the pilot’s seat.

Fisher had been one of the Pathfinder Team members I had gotten to meet back in the Milky Way. He was friends with my twin brother, Scott. They met on some mission or at some conference while watching over one of the Relays. He was a good shot but shit at poker – or so I was told.

“Lexi says he’s stable – she has to put him in a coma until his brain starts working right… or something like that.” I tried to explain, unsure if what I was saying was even making any sense.

Waking from stasis is like waking up after a long, hard night of drinking. Your body feels heavy, breathing makes you want to vomit, and every sound is louder than it actually is. Pair that with people poking you and asking you questions it isn’t easy to think straight, yet along form coherent sentences. After two cups of coffee I still felt like shit, but according to the doctors and my SAM implant I was normal. Normal, of course, was great until our ship marooned on the anomaly knocking out gravity in the cryo bay and causing my brother’s stasis pod to malfunction. Normal quickly went downhill from there.

“You know Scott – he’s stubborn as hell, I wouldn’t worry about ‘im.” Fisher gave me a thumbs up before turning back to manning the coms that kept us in contact with Shuttle One – where my dad and his second-in-command, Cora, was.

I didn’t want to tell Fisher that wasn’t I too worried about Scott. My mind was busy digesting everything it had gone through prior to stepping foot on the shuttle. I was trying to psych myself up for what was to come. My brother was safe on the Hyperion under the care of the best doctors in the Andromeda Galaxy. What worried me was the mysteries awaiting me and the rest of the Pathfinder Team on what was supposed to be ‘New Earth’.



Daily Prompt: I hate that guy


“I hate that guy!” Revris shouted, throwing his glove against the wall. He had held his tongue and his patience for the sake of not making a scene.

Gornard leaned against the wall, watching his God-brother stewing after the snarky remark Cael had made in the hall. The Northern Prince may have been accepting of Liora but after his experience on the front lines against the southern soldiers, Cael wasn’t so pleasant to others of the southern lands. Revris wasn’t like the other snakes Gornard had met. He kept to himself and rarely spoke to anyone outside the Six unless he had to.

“No, what yah’re feelin’ is jealousy, not hatred. There’s a difference.” Gornard grumbled, watching the man throw his second glove against the wall before sinking into the mattress at the end of his bed.

“Jealous? Why the hell would I be jealous?” Revris snipped, pulling off his boots and kicking them across the room. “I have nothing to be jealous about.”

“That there is bullshit and yah know it.” Gornard smirked, shaking his head at noticing Revris’s amber eyes narrow at the tone of his cocky retort.

Dialogue Prompt: Disguise Themselves


“Mean people don’t bother me,” she rinsed her hands, flicking away the water before patting them dry on the front of her dress. “What bothers me are the ones that disguise themselves as nice.”

She glared across the room at the man leering at the injured men scattered across the temple she had turned into a makeshift infirmary. He pretended to care but would have order them all executed so not to waste his time if she wasn’t there to intervene.

Writing Prompts: Bruised Glitter

The echo of thunder crashed through the walls of his small one room apartment. No amount of increased volume was going to keep nature from disrupting his Discovery Channel that evening.

Turning off the TV, Royce made his way over to the kitchen, plugging in his 8 buck electric kettle to make some coffee. He knew he should have tried to sleep, but the events of the day still danced through his head like drunk girls on a bar table. He had kept his cool around those… those vampires? The word sounded crazy even now that he was thinking it. Sure he had seen a lot of strange stuff since running into Jay but some things still made him question if everything he was experience was some kind of side effect from his lack of sleep or high caffeine intake.

The kettle popped as he took the dirty mug from beside the sink to fill it with hot water. With two spoonfuls of instant coffee the clear water turned to tar as he lifted the steaming cup to his lips feeling the familiar shock of the heat against his upper lip.

“Fffk!” He spat, pulling the mug away. He touched his upper lip with his finger happy to find no blister had formed. It still stung but hopefully by the time the coffee was cool enough for consumption his lip would be fine.

There came another roll of thunder as the lights flickered. Maybe it was time to go find some of those candles his ex had left behind than being caught off guard when the power went out. Then again he had his phone and didn’t feel like having his place smelling of apple pie and ocean breeze.

After another rumble of thunder and flicker of lights he heard a knock on the door. He looked to the stove that just flashed 12 before pulling out his phone to check the time. It was passed 1 AM! Who in their right mind was bugging him at that hour!?

Opening the door, he gave a sigh at who was standing in his entrance. Why wasn’t he surprised that she show up at his door, soaking wet… bruised, and covered in glitter?

“What the hell happened to you?”

“You wanted more info so I went to a Fave – mind letting me in?” Her voice proved to have a hint of annoyance as if he had been the inconvenient visitor knocking on the door.

Royce stepped aside. Jay lumbered in, her hands tucked in her over-sized sweatshirt pockets and combat boots chorking from the torrential downpour. Her teased hair lay flat to her head as her mascara ran down her face like a degenerate raccoon.

“Do I want to know what a Fave is…?” Royce pinched the bridge of his nose. He would need more coffee after this, he just knew it.

“Fairy Rave,” her voice blunt.

“Well that explains the glitter.”

“Oh, no… the glitter wasn’t from that,” Jay smirked, shaking her head.

“Do I want to know?” Royce asked again, his voice droning.

“Nah, not important to what I found out,” Jay sat down in the saúde lazy boy in the corner of the living room. She crossed her wet boots atop the oak coffee table with her arms behind her head. “Come sit – you’ll want to know.”

He hoped so, since he would have a nightmare of a mess to clean up after she left.

The Forest: Tents But No Nudists (Part 4)

-Tents But No Nudists-

So, got across the river fine. Got a freaking rock in my converse and my pants are soaked but couldn’t be worse right?

That there was sarcasm. If you don’t know sarcasm you’re nothing to me. Then again… I’m writing to myself and therefore I know what sarcasm is and therefore I mean something to me… I don’t know I think I have a concussion or something… don’t ask me questions… or me don’t ask me questions!

I haven’t even been out here for a day and I’m already going crazy…

Anyways, walked along this path. I’m guessing that something made this a while back as it appears pretty clear asides from one tree, oh and a big freakin’ hole in the ground. I’m thinking this was one of those sights where they tested nukes back in the day. I wouldn’t know if this place is freaking radiated – I have no geiger counter. Maybe I could gig one up out of pop cans and microchips… I’m sure if I’m desperate enough I could MacGyver anything… although I’m more like a Bear Grylls when it comes to down to it.


So… yeah… a big hole in the ground too steep for me to climb down unless my goal is to kill myself, which here’s a shocker, it isn’t. I’ll make sure to stay away from that thing unless I need to go down there. Here’s to hoping I don’t need to go there…

Continuing along the path I saw something bright orange in the distance. At first I thought prisoners with the bright neon orange through the trees, then I thought hunters. Turns out is wasn’t either of those. It was a freaking tent. Well not just one… at least four from my counting and behind them were some wooden structures of some sort. I made camp for the night, thinking maybe the owners of the neon tents would return.


Nope. Nothing. No one… not even those nudists.

I should stop trying to find them and instead make camp somewhere… maybe near fresh water and a constant food source. If I do that maybe they will find me. Nothing could go wrong with that.


Nothing to Apologize For (Writing Prompt)

“I have nothing to apologize for,” I seethed, holding my hands in a death grip against my ribs.

“Nothing to-” Royce stopped pacing at the end of the hospital bed, “do you freaking hear yourself, Jay? That bastard almost tore your freaking heart out with his bare hands… you could have died!”

“And I didn’t!” I shouted back, recoiling from the sharp pain stabbing in my chest from the outburst. Lowering my voice, I made sure our eyes met before continuing. “I didn’t die, Royce… I’m fine.”

His heavy breath escaped his nosed like steam escaping a boiling pot. His hand tugging through his slicked back hair before moving down to rub his neck. I knew he hated that I didn’t wait. I knew he blamed himself for what happened. The fact was, I knew if I hadn’t gone alone he would have been the one in this hospital bed or worse laying butt naked on a steel slab in the morgue.

Humans were always so sensitive. Their personal relationships, even those small ones forced upon them from work, made it hard to keep everything in perspective. The Jinn was hurt, meaning it was likely in hiding licking its wounds. That gave me time to recover and Royce time to get his shit in gear before more bodies started turning up.

“Can you at least acknowledge the fact you screwed up? That you shouldn’ve done that take down on your own,” Royce breathed, gripping the plastic foot-board of my bed. He glared at me, trying to read me.

Idiot. My fault.

“I was an idiot – I’m sorry – k?” I started, noticing him smirk. “Blaming yourself isn’t gonna bring that psycho in.”

“Neither is you being in recovery,” he straightened up crossing his arms.

“I’ll be out soon…”

At least that’s what I hoped. As much as I shared a similar body design with these humans didn’t mean it took me as long to heal. I’d be healed within the week but they would insist on me staying off the job for at least another two to recover. Humans were squishy meat suits – not as resilient as my kind.

“In the mean time what should I be looking for?” Royce asked.

Sliding myself to sit higher up in bed, I gave a groan when my body ached. My ribs were hurting the most, but that Jinn’s venom was still coursing through my veins. Everything felt stiff.

“Hospitals… vet clinics… drug stores,” I shrugged. “Wherever you think someone with a bullet hole would go to get patched up.”

It was unlikely that thing would go anywhere. Like me, the beast was healing up fine on its own. Royce didn’t need to know that. The police didn’t need to think about it. The Jinn was down for the time and that meant it gave everyone a well deserved rest.

“All right, I’ll look into it,” Royce headed for the door. He stopped for a moment just as he reached for the handle. He turned back to look at me, opening his mouth before he stopped himself.

Sorry. Worried for her. Please, get better.

“I’ll keep an eye on the cat,” he muttered, opening the door and hurrying back out into the bustling hall.

The sound of footsteps and shouts echoed through the white washed walls. The smell of bleach and floral arrangements filled my nose. I didn’t want to be here but I had to stay put. I was playing a role and not all parts were going to be glamorous.



Tranquillity                                           I Wish

The Forest: Discovered the Cockpit (Part 3)

|Cockpit and Microchips|

I didn’t have to travel too far through the woods to make it to a water source. A thin river and from the taste of it salt water meaning I’m close to an ocean. Bad news, I won’t be able to drink the water. Good news, I have pop and mini alcohol bottles to keep me hydrated until I do… hopefully.

I followed downstream over some rough terrain until I saw what looked to be the cockpit of the plane resting in the middle of the water on an island. The closer I got the more suitcases I found, meaning more supplies.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse I guess…

Upon closer investigation of the cockpit I found some microchips and a flare gun. Unfortunately the pilot and co-pilot didn’t survive. The blackbox was damaged, and it’s not like I could really use it for anything anyways… so I left it in the cockpit.

I buried the two bodies on the shoreline across the way in hopes that would keep the larger predators away. The flare gun may scare the small one’s off, but bears in Canada are known to be bold.

I sat along the shoreline to recover my strength. Ate a candy bar (I hate Skor they make my teeth stick together) and a Orange Crush. Those won’t last me long… so hopefully I find those nudists who took my son within the next couple of days.

I don’t know why I took the microchips from the plane. I’m guessing out of habit, since I collect that kind of stuff to upgrade computers back in New York. Maybe with enough willpower I can make a router or maybe upgrade my cellphone to boost a signal or something…

Whatever, I’ll figure out some use for them… I should keep moving…





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