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Sometimes we need help thinking of things to do with our character or ways of building our character; this section is dedicated to the prompts I’ve found or created to help you.

Bring You Trouble


“I know you care and that you’re hurting but…” he took her hand, “I know you love me too.”

He held her eyes, hands trembling in hers. She knew he was hoping for her to say those words but they wouldn’t grace her tongue. She loved him, she really did… but she was afraid.

“Being with me will only bring you trouble,” she breathed. Her eyes falling to his hands that tightened at those words. “I’m not a person who can stay in one place…”


Dialogue Prompt: Three Years


“I’ve waited three years to see her… what’s a few more hours.” Revris slid down the wall, pressing his back into the cool stone. He tightened the grip on his hands, wringing them in hopes to still his impatience.

Yes, he could wait for a few more hours but the fact was he didn’t want to. He had escaped the clutches of that mad man and found his way to his friend’s city in hopes of seeing her upon his arrival. Now, all the excitement he had gotten under control and nerves that were eroding his stoic expression were fading away with the passing minutes. He wanted to see her but time wasn’t on his side.

Dialogue Prompt: Liar & Thief


He charged into the room, fist balled at his side, teeth grinding so hard that they could shatter. How could Argo have done that to him? How could he have told the King everything after requesting for the Shadow not to speak a word?

“How dare you!?” Revris grabbed the man by the collar of his cape, pushing him against the stone wall of the tiny office. “She told me I could trust you!”

With a quick flick of the lack to the neck of his cape, Argo slipped free of the large man’s grasp. He scurried under Revris’s arm and across the room, lifting his hands in a form of surrender in hope to lower the tension of the situation.

“Then you’re the fool for trusting a known liar and a thief,” Argo stated, hearing the angered Commander growl before charging again. With another quick dodge of a swinging fist, and a scattered scurry pinning his back to the closed door it was clear his original plan didn’t work. “He was concerned… he’s your father. I told no one else of what we spoke of – I swear!”


Monday Writing Prompt: Feed off People


He looked over the glass vials and jars that filled her kitchen cabinets. If it wasn’t for the labels the kitchen would be like anyone else he knew. The Goblin Ears and Kitten Tongues that were stored right next to the Sriracha, though was hard to ignore. Although, from everything he had experienced and from what he had learnt from listening to her, Jaya wasn’t one to eat these things.

“I thought you fed on people,” Royce turned, catching the woman glance over her shoulder before going back to making him a cup of tea.

“I don’t feed off people… that’s barbaric. It is their inspiration that satisfies my hunger now-a-days,” she passed him the China cup. The gold trim around the lip of the cup and the delicate flower pattern was beautiful.

“Isn’t their inspiration still part of them?”

“Sure, but it isn’t something a person has to live on like blood or a heart… inspiration is more like a part they secrete like body odor.”

“Delightful…” Royce tried not to turn up his lip at that comparison but the tone of his voice eluded his control.

Jaya chuckled, settling down on the stool near the corner of the kitchen. Her head pressed against the wall as she rested her hands in her lap. He had thought she was going to make herself some tea but then again what was someone who didn’t need to eat human food do with a cut of steaming liquid?

Dialogue Prompt: Never Said Thank You


“This is just as much your victory as it is mine.” She glanced over her shoulder to spot the man’s heavy brows knit at hearing her words. She had confused him by the looks of it. That wasn’t so surprising, he wasn’t the type to think outside the obvious. “I never said thank you, did I?”

“For what?” He shook his head, watching as the woman drew closer to take his hands. They were warm as her thumbs made circles against his wrists. He looked up from their hands to meet eyes with the woman before him. A small smirk on her lips as he felt her right hand leave his grip to move to rest against his cheek.

“For… well… everything.” Her voice was low, almost a whisper as she moved closer to rest her forehead against his chin. “Everything that has happened wouldn’t have if not for you.”

Character Question: Your character in one sentence

one sentence

I love this questions because it makes you look at your characters and try to think of their complexity in a simple way. Most times you can go on and on about your characters as if they are your best friend. After all you know everything there is to know about them, you created them. Sometimes, though, it is harder to simplify a complicated character into one sentence.

To show you I just didn’t make this for you to do, I willing made a list of sentences each describing my characters from P6’s first book. 😛


Caldor is use to a particular lifestyle, but isn’t afraid of being outside his comfort zone.

Foe is a family man, and the most loyal friend anyone could ask for.

Liora is young but has potential to change the world.

Charn is a good father, although his harshness towards others doesn’t make you think so.

Pellar is best described as over-dramatic.

Talia is an opportunist.

Bruce can’t make his own choices and therefore is usually told what to do.

Marcia tries her best to balance both work and home.

Druce is a happy child and his eyes shine with intelligence.

Vesper is a gryphon… she does bird lion things… (Best description ever!)

Character Question: Happy


Caldor becomes happy when he finds answers to questions that have been bugging him. He also becomes happy when he drinks enough berry wine… or when Liora gets complimented for being so smart. Although the last one is more pride, as he feels responsible for Liora’s education and skills.

Foe is happy when he is with his wife and child. No matter what mood he is in Marcia and Druce can always bring a smile to his face. He also is happy when he isn’t having to clean up after Charn, and can have some time to himself.

Marcia is happy when she knows Foe is safe, and also when Foe is happy. She becomes happy when her child develops well, or when her patients get well. Marcia will also become happy when she watches Liora and Druce play in the courtyard, or fall asleep reading books in the girl’s room.

Druce is three, everything makes him laugh or smile… except jesters. Druce hates jesters.

Pellar is tricky. He probably is happy when he makes money, but he may also be happy to have someone willing to listen to his crazy ideas.

Liora is happy when she had successfully helped someone or when someone asks for her help. Liora also is happy when she discovers she isn’t the only one to survive Morza… but that’s another story. 😛


Character Questions: Optimist, pessimist, or realist?


Caldor is a realist, although he is secretly a optimist. He wants to best and hopes for the best outcome to a situation but he will not say it out loud. If asked, he will give you a realist answer.

Foe is an optimist. He tries to find hope in the most hopeless situations. If he was in a hole, in the dark, with no source of light… well he wouldn’t complain. He would find the silver lining even if it’s ‘at least I’m not dead’.

Liora is a realist. You can thank Caldor for that. She accepts what is happening and lets it roll of her back. Every situation has it’s reasons and every reason leads to another situation. She will tell you how it is.

Pellar is a pessimist. He always sees the sky falling and believes that the world is out to get him somehow.

Charn is… well I’m not sure yet… he’s still in development… though I can see him as an optimist with realist traits.

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