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The title pretty much tells you what this category is about. This is the reblog category where anything I reblog can be found.

Empire’s Daughter and LGBTQIA Rights

As the approach of my second book comes out I am sharing a similar concern and opinion as Marian is in regards to LGBTQIA rights. I’m hoping with the recent election that things will continue moving forward and not start going backwards. Love is love is love no matter what form it takes.

Marian L Thorpe

I’ve been meditating since early Wednesday morning…about 3 a.m., when I woke up, looked at the news feed on my ipad, said something unprintable, and went back to sleep, what my personal response to Donald Trump’s victory should be. First off, I’m Canadian, and some will think I have no right having any response.  But the election of a U.S. President resonates around the globe, and has implications for all countries…and all life, human and otherwise, on this planet.

I have enormous concerns, about environmental issues, about military responses, and most immediately about human rights.  I am straight, of Angle-Saxon heritage, and past reproductive age, but that doesn’t mean I can’t to some extent empathize with the experiences and the fears of those who are not.  I’m a writer, and that’s what we do, to the best of our ability.

When I wrote Empire’s Daughter, the fact that it was…

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Day 2 Hallowe’en Book Giveaway!

Thought I would reblog this. Spinnings is fascinating and Marian L. Thorpe is able to make the reader become easily immersed in the tales she writes. Check her out! 🙂

Marian L Thorpe

Spinnings Final Cover“I had to find reasons to return, to walk the old city, to keep the faerie paths clear…”                                                    In An Absent Dream

“I could see that from each bone, each skull, a fine thread ran, attaching it to the next, and
the next, creating a cat’s cradle that gathered more and more threads as they ran towards and disappeared into the alcoves.”                                                                                      The Spider’s Spinning  

Five Star rated on Goodreads and  Amazon.  Free for Hallowe’en weekend in all…

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I love English and I also Hate it!

Hello World Out There World!

Was exploring Facebook the other day when I came across this interesting post:


I love finding things like this. It not only shows you how awesome the English language is but also how horribly nightmarish you can be. Now, for those who don’t have the time to make up these sentences – don’t worry I’ve got you covered:


Is there anyone else that thinks this is just amazing? Let me know in the comments below and until next time – toodles! :3

Empire’s Daughter paperback now available from Amazon!

Marian L. Thorpe’s first book is now available in paperback!!

Marian L Thorpe


Since Amazon moves pretty quickly, if you live in the US or the UK, you can order the paperback of Empire’s Daughter from Amazon:

Canada?  Not so quickly.  I’ll let you know when it can be ordered from….or when you can order it in Canada directly from me.

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I Didn’t Mean For This To Happen!!


I love going online and finding things that are so relatable from all sides. This comic is from taptasic and by a very talents artist by the name of Anti-Social Media (click their name to be transported to the original page).

Now, I don’t normally post comics unless I have a good reason. The reason for posting this is because I relate to it as not only the reader but also the creator. When I write I want to invoke emotions in my readers and try to make it as positive or entertaining as possible. Sometimes… though… it backfires. Parts I think are funny may not be for my readers and some parts I love may invoke a different emotion than I originally intended. Everyone is different as therefore will react differently to what you write.

I know in the past I have read pieces meant to be humorous and cried my heart out. There were parts in books that were supposed to provoke me to cry that I laughed through. You can try to predict a readers view of your work but at the end of the day we are only guessing…

I guess that’s why I like this comic so much as you may not mean for something to happen but at the end of the day your readership may still enjoy it.


Child of the Light, by D.M. Wiltshire: A Review

The wonderful Marian Thorpe wrote a review of my first book, and I have to say I was both surprised and pleased with the rating. Thank you, Marian. 🙂

Marian L Thorpe

Child of the LightChild of the Light is the first book by indie author D.M. Wiltshire. Falling squarely into the fantasy genre, Child of the Light is set in a well-realized world, Gaitan, where north and south have been at war for generations. Cael, the prince of the north, is suffering from an agonizing illness that is beyond the knowledge of the Master Healer, Caldor. The answer may lie in the medical knowledge of the province of Morza, but in one searing moment on the night of the 200 Year Moon, Morza – and all her people – are destroyed by a flash of light: a judgment from the gods, or a celebration gone horribly wrong?

When Caldor and his friend Foe go to investigate, they find two things: the healer Naygu’s book, hidden, safe, and written in a language Caldor can’t read, and the footsteps of a child, leaving the devastated city…

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Donating Your Voice with VocalID

A while back I wrote about VocalID and how important it was for everyone to have their own unique voice. There are people throughout the world that cannot speak due to one reason or another who are stuck with voices that don’t suit them.

It was two years ago when I first saw the TEDTalk about VocalID talking about the need for voice donation. We don’t really think about donating a voice because it isn’t something flashed in front of us like blood, or organs but this is easy to do and takes very little time out of your day.

As a donor you set up an account with VocalID where you gain access to their online recording system. At home, with a microphone, you record yourself speaking sentences that pop up on the screen. Some are funny, others ridiculous, but they all have a purpose. Each word you bank builds upon the hundreds of words a Vocal recipient can say.

I’ll give you an example:

Sally is 24 and lives in Canada but can’t speak due to laryngeal cancer (simply put – cancer of the voice box). She uses a device where she types in what she wants to say and it speaks for her. Similar to Stephen Hawking, where he uses a synthesized male voice to speak. Since Sally’s a 24 year old woman she doesn’t want to sound like nor use the standard synthesized male voice. So, instead, she goes to VocalID where they match her with donors that may fit her age, sex, and location.

That’s where I (a donor) pop up on the list. She listens and selects my voice to be modulated/ synthesized to make her own unique voice. Now instead of hearing Microsoft Sam whenever she types out a sentence, you hear Sally’s voice made just for her.


Here’s a video just put out by VocalID which I think it a cute way of getting the point across. Enjoy! 🙂

6 Ways I Get Over Writer’s Block

Just wrote a short advice post on my official website about ways to get over writer’s block. We’ve all suffered from it at least once in our lives – I suffer with it at least once every few weeks – so I thought of sharing what I do to get through this blockage in creative thinking.

Click the pictures to read the post:


Horrible Words? (Reblog)

This is a very interesting article found and shared by Marian L. Thorpe. As many of you know I love words. I post quite a bit about old and weird words so this article of modern words from A-Z that may be the ruin of the English Language as we know it. I agree that languages are always evolving but at the same time… those words replacing more eloquent language isn’t always the best.

Anyways if you are interested in learning more about this horrible word list check out the link below. 🙂

Marian L Thorpe

A link to a timely article for all writers from the Guardian.  I admit to ‘alright’ being one of my pet peeves, but I’ve bowed to common usage in my reviewing and stopped commenting on it. I still wouldn’t write it, though….

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