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5 Star Review of Children of Sirphan

I’m starting to get reviews back from people regarding my second book – Children of Sirphan. So, like I usually do I want to share with you want one person thought. As I get more reviews – good, bad, or neutral – I will be sharing them on here.

With that said, here is the first review I received for my second book:


It reads: 

Another fantastic read. The Prophecy Six series is really picking up steam, and I’m always eager to read the next entry in the series. As always I find myself restless for the next one! Book 2 continues to build on an already realistic world, expanding in really interesting directions, and giving us a rich and unpredictable story. This is a series to follow!

Join the adventure today! Click here for your copy of Children of Sirphan!

Netflix: Stranger Things (Review)

Hello World Out There World!

I’ve been on a Netflix binge lately, trying to keep myself from burning too many calories in the ridiculous heat that’s happening right now. This of course led me to getting caught up on all my regular shows – How to Get Away With Murder, Law & Order SVU, Bones, and Grey’s Anatomy – forcing me to check new things that have appeared on my ‘suggestion’ list. One of these happened to be the 5 star rated show Stranger Things.

Now, I saw the advertisements on YouTube and had the title pop up at the end of my other shows for the last couple of weeks. To be honest I wasn’t all that interested in watching it and I think the only reason why I started watching the show was due to the fact one of my favorite actors were in it… but now after watching the show I’m glad I did watch it. Actually I’m a mix between angry and excited due to the show only having 1 season at the moment and that season was 8 episodes in length.

stranger20things20posterIf you want a flashback to the 1980’s where being a nerd wasn’t as glamorized at it is today… where you get so many references to Star Wars, LotRs, and E.T. that you can turn the show into a drinking game – you will like this show. It takes the best of 1980’s scifi genre, mixed with some coming to age, sprinkled with teenage romance making this show have something for just about anyone. The other pleasant thing about Stranger Things is the fact that they have a lot of young actors and a lot of new names to their acting pool. Some of you may not be pleased to hear that they have such a young cast and I understand – since Carl from The Walking Dead sort of ruined young actors for me – but the young cast of Stranger Things makes up for those bad experiences. My favorite parts of the show were following the group of misfits – Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven (El for short) – wondering what they were going to do next.

The premise of the show is a facility in a small American town is running experiments without the knowledge of the residence but something escapes taking a boy from town with it. It is up to three boys (Mike, Lucas, and Dustin) to find out the truth and somehow figure out what happened to their friend with the help of a strange, telepathic, “weird girl” called Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown. While the boy’s are searching for Will, his mother – Joyce, played by Winona Ryder – is on her own journey trying to comes to terms with her son disappearing, the possibility of him being dead, and her fight to prove she isn’t crazy when begins to get ‘signs’ that Will is alive.

To call this show fantastic wouldn’t give it enough credit. In a time where Hollywood is making money on remakes, Stranger Things stands out as not only unique but incredibly engaging for any audience. The acting and the actors chosen for the roles were perfect, even with a younger cast. And, although the season was only 8 episodes long the story progressed with leaving me an emotional wreck by the end.

Would I recommend this show to people?

Heck, yes!

If you were part of the 80’s or are into scifi this is the show for you. Were you a nerd and remember playing D&D or being an outcast in your school? If yes, than this is the show for you. With its actors, atmosphere, and story line there is no doubt in my mind everyone in your family would find something to enjoy about Stranger Things.

If you’ve watched Stranger Things let me know what you thought of it down below, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.


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UPDATE: Received Another Review!

Hi World Out There World!

Today I went onto my Inkitt account and discovered I received a review from the wonderful Medley_Cafe. She was so kind with her review that I just felt like I needed to share it with all of you. If you are interested in checking out my Inkitt and getting Child of the Light for FREE along with the first chapter of Children of SirphanCLICK HERE OR THE PICTURE BELOW!


Until next time – toodles! ^.^

Child of the Light by D.M. Wiltshire | Book Review

The wonderful McKenzie from Bookishthingsandtea blog just reviewed Child of the Light. I understand where she became frustrated with the first book but I do appreciate her honesty and was pleased to hear that she did enjoy reading it. I look forward to hearing her opinion on book two that will be coming out Dec 20th, 2016.
If you want to read more amazing reviews or are interested in learning more about McKenzie/ her blog click HERE!

Bookish Things and Tea


“I want you to be careful. Words are powerful things, and can hurt people worse than any weapon.”

Blurb (Goodreads)- The world of Gaitan is used to conflict. War has been common place between the northern and southern countries for centuries, but it isn’t their hatred which led to the city of Morza’s demise. The Chaos Singers would say the Gods came down and cleansed the land in a brilliant light to prepare for the ending of the Era. The common folk would say it was an explosion from the evening’s festivities gone wrong. The truth is no one knows what happened that night. Except one. Searching for the cure to the Northern prince’s sickness, Caldor Lefwid discovers the footprints of a lone survivor in the ruins of Morza. With help from his trusted friend, Caldor begins the journey to find the last survivor of Morza and the…

View original post 539 more words

5 Star Review & Author Interview

Hello World Out There World!

So, it has been a while since I’ve had anything to share regarding my books and that’s why I’m happy to tell you that Child of the Light got another 5 star review. At the moment it have 4 stars on Goodreads, 4.5 stars on iTunes, 4.5 stars on Amazon,  and now 5 stars from Serious Reading. (No one has rated me on Smashwords or Kobo yet, so I couldn’t share my stats from them).

Mind is blown… cannot function…

Anyways, in all seriousness if you are interested in reading the review check out the link HERE.

Also, they posted an author interview with me HERE – if any of you want to learn a little more about me. I talk about what inspired me to write the series, my thoughts on mental health, and other interesting topics I have yet to share in my blog.

Thank you all! Thank you all who have rated my books and left reviews. I also want to thank all of those on my blog (old and new) for your continued support, comments, and likes. Prophecy Six is growing slowly but it wouldn’t be growing if I didn’t have any of you. 🙂

Until next time stay safe, get creative, and as always toodles!

The Way To A Geek Girl’s Heart

At 11:30 am this morning – I like sleeping in – Mr. Canuck came into the room with his phone in hand and a smile on his face. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk after breakfast around our area. I was surprised by this as we normally just spend our weekends on separate computers – his upstairs and mine downstairs – communicating over Facebook chat or text message like we always have done.

(This may not be you’re idea of a perfect relationship but Canuck and I like our personal space, so how we do things in our house is perfect for us).

Anyways, I get up and get ready. Wash face, get into outdoor clothes, and sunscreen myself since the UV index is getting worse – thanks global warming – and I head downstairs where I find Canuck sitting on the couch on his phone. Beside him he has my phone and he hands it to me.

My little geek girl heart went a flutter when I saw the sign up page for Pokémon Go on my phone screen. I looked up at him and he had this big grin on his face where he then said, “There is a Poké Stop near our place if you want to start there.”

In other words, my introverted and not so outdoor enthusiastic partner is offering to go exploring with me on a Poké-Date.

Of course I said yes!

We started our adventure at 1 pm and discovered a couple of nice neighborhoods in our area. We caught a lot of flying and insect Pokémon as well as went to plenty of Poké Stops. We paused in the middle of our adventure at a Tim Horton’s where we refueled and cooled down. We evolved a Pidgey or two before heading out again to a hiking path which we never took before.

Our little Poké-adventure lasted 2 hours, bring us home tired, hungry, and sweaty at 3:15 pm. I crashed on the couch, Canuck went onto his computer, and now we are making dinner.

So, guys take note. If your girlfriend or partner is into Pokémon take them exploring. This is a great activity to do together and it also makes you look like less of a weirdo when you’re with someone else. Not saying you won’t look weird when you jump up and down after catching a favourite Pokémon… but you’ll likely get more comments like “Awe what a cute geek couple!”

It is also easy to point other Pokémon Go players out since you see them walking towards places you’ve already explored while their faces are buried in their phones. Traveling around with someone helps pass the time it takes to find what you need, and things may load faster on one device than another so you won’t be missing out on potential finds – or in our case one phone has a better battery life than the other.

These are just suggestions of course… no need to follow them. I’m just saying that this was the perfect Poké-Date for a nice Sunday afternoon. 🙂

Child of the Light FREE on Smashword!!

Book one of the Prophecy Six series in Free on Smashwords!

Child of the Light


The world of Gaitan is used to conflict.

War has been common place between the northern and southern countries for centuries, but it isn’t their hatred which led to the city of Morza’s demise.

The Chaos Singers would say the Gods came down and cleansed the land in a brilliant light to prepare for the ending of the Era.

The common folk would say it was an explosion from the evening’s festivities gone wrong.
The truth is no one knows what happened that night.

Except one.

Upon investigating the remains of the city, in hopes of finding
information that could lead to a cure to the Northern prince’s mysterious sickness, Caldor Lefwid – an old sage – sights what appears to be fresh footprints heading towards the forest.

This discovery brings hope to an otherwise hopeless situation, and Caldor decides to take a chance.

With help from his trusted friend – Foe – Caldor begins the journey to find the last survivor of Morza and the cure the North is praying for.

Child of the Light is a fiction, fantasy, self-discovery story focused towards young adults (ages 14+). It’s the first book of the Prophecy 6 series, and covers a variety of issues facing young adults and the world today such as displacement due to conflict, and othering.

If you want a quick and easy read, this is the book for you.





HTC Vive: My Life Is Now Virtual (Review)

After a month of backlog and cluster-frocks that is the shipping system HTC put in place to send out their VR systems, I finally got the chance to explore virtual reality. My inner Trekkie was thrilled when the box arrived around 12:30 PM on Thursday June 2nd. Both Mr. Canuck and I were biting our nails in anticipation for our own ‘holodeck’ and now we both can’t get enough of it.

Now, if you do not know what a Vive is… put simply it is a headpiece that displays images in front of your eyes and makes you feel like you’re inside a game. For more information check out my earlier post regarding this wonder in technology HERE.



Super simple and easy to understand instructions that would flawlessly with our computer system. It took longer to move the couch and television out of the living room than it did setting up the Vive equipment.

Why the living room? It was the biggest space next to our master bedroom… and before you asked why we didn’t choose the master bedroom – we did contemplate it and kind of still are.

The Vive also has a great way of knowing where your boundary is. Once the stations are set up and have measured the perimeter of the play space they create a grid like pattern warning you of the places where the play area ends. This could mean stairs are beyond that point (we moved the couch in front of those to prevent injury), glass doors, or walls.



The adjustable straps are helpful and the htcviveheadpiece isn’t that heavy. The controllers are easy to us and comfortable to hold. I am prone to hand cramping with my PS2 controllers and that hasn’t happened with the Vive.

The reason I didn’t give a 10/10 for this are for two reasons.

One: the cord annoys the carp out of me. It wraps around my feet and break the immersion of the game. The cord also gets twisted up and pulls on the USB ports that causes the images to stutter sometimes also break the immersion.

Two: the material around the eyes gets nasty and by nasty I mean sweaty. After playing some hardcore archery game or music game that requires a lot of movement you are going to break a sweat… sweat that gets absorbed into the headpiece and makes it really uncomfortable to use.



OH MY GODS I love the games for this system. Those games that are offered for free and those games you have to pay for all have something to love. If someone was to make a garbage can simulator it would be popular because everything in VR is fresh and exciting. One example of a simple yet amazing VR game is Job Simulator. It is funny and has its quirks but it makes simple tasks like working in a kitchen or fixing cars so much fun.

I will probably do some reviews on the games offered for VR that I’ve played… but if I can suggest one other to try – Tilt Brush. I made a 3D tree and camp fire just by drawing them in this VR world. Mr. Canuck has even found me laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling with the biggest smile on my face while where the helmet because I can draw things that become reality. Yes, I sound crazy… but try it and tell me you don’t feel the same.

With most VR games there is a lot of movement involved. Either you are moving your arms, bending, crawling, jumping… it doesn’t matter what these games get you active without you even thinking about it. I’ve never had a game make me physically tired before, which in my opinion is a great thing. Being active was what the Wii was supposed to do and they advertised that… but VR gets you moving without you even thinking about it.

The only issue I have with the games at the moment is the use of teleport. Yes, there are a few games on the market that actually design their game about using the given space of the room to their advantage but the majority of the game requires you to teleport around. This at first is intriguing but if the game relies mostly on you travelling about a level the teleport feature grows tedious and boring.

The best games I found that I’ve enjoyed require very little movement for your feet and focus the attention to using your arms to aim/ interact with the environment.



Overall this is a great gaming system but it lost points in the Comfort section. As much as it didn’t feel heavy when wearing it, it lost points when it came to losing focus on the main point of a VR system. VR’s main focus is to immerse a player into a virtual world… so it is disappointing when that player has to pause the game to untangle themselves or untwist the cord. I appreciate everything this system offers for the first generation Vive system but hopefully in the future they will design a cordless system that will making playing a lot smoother.

With that said I would recommend this system to anyone interested in VR. If you are a gamer, artist, Trekkie or what have you – HTC Vive is something you should consider checking out.

At the moment they have estimated about 50,000 Vives have been sold and this is a new market for game developers to jump into. I don’t foresee VR going the way of the Wii or 3D television as VR gives a player a raw, fully immersive experience. From the games I’ve played I can honestly tell you that VR is the future of gaming. I’m excited to see what is going to come out for VR in regards to RPG and other open world games. I also hope that in future development that VR developers will come up with better ways than to teleport everywhere. I want to run around and explore… LET ME BE FREE!

That said you must also understand you will appear strange to anyone not using a Vive. As the device only is capable of showing the wearer the image that means they will look like they are flailing around are a horde of bees while participating in their game. Also look out for those walls… they can sneak up on you when you aren’t paying attention to the boundary lines.

Anyways, that’s all I have for now regarding my review of the HTC Vive. If you have any other questions or comments leave them below and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. 🙂

4 People You Run Into With Odd Coloured Hair

Recently I coloured my hair turquoise. To give you the exact colour ‘atomic turquoise’ by Manic Panic2e803b9c63c7922c4269f0ac6c7d9219

When summer comes around I do one of two things:

1.Colour it


2.Cut it all off

Since I’ve already cut all my hair off I was only left with the option to colour it.

Most years I go with the lightening of my hair to a blonde or a dirty blonde but for a while now I’ve been wishing to colour my hair something wild. With the recent trends of people colouring their hair all colours of the rainbow I thought I would give it a go.

Heck, why not? I don’t have a job yet and if I get work all I need to do is colour it again. So, I embarked on the two day journey of colouring my hair blue.

First I needed to find the right bleach to whiten my hair. Couldn’t find the stuff in London to my surprise so we – Mr. Canuck and I – drove to St. Thomas where with luck we found all the products I needed for this little experiment. I got home and bleached my hair, following the instructions and hoping I didn’t just make the biggest mistake of my life.

Once that was done I waited 24 hours before putting in the Manic Panic. I wanted to have time to let the colour sit. The next day when I could put aside two hours I put the colour in my hair, slapped on a shower cap, and waited two hours. I spent the time playing Civ V and The Forest. By the time I had built my log cabin in the middle of Geese Pond I was ready to wash out the colour.

At this point I washed my hair out with ice cold water to keep the colour in and gave myself a brain freeze… but it was worth it. The result was amazing.turpic.jpg I felt like a mermaid when I saw the colour and I couldn’t stop smiling. For years I had wanted to colour my hair crazy and now I had.

For the first day or so I was caught off-guard whenever I saw myself in the mirror. For 25 years I had had natural coloured hair in various shades of brown… so seeing myself with Smurf coloured hair was surprising. I liked it – so don’t think what I wrote there was me regretting what I had done. It was just strange and at times rewarding to see myself in the mirror. It felt like I had completed some life achievement but it didn’t prepare me for the reactions I was going to get.

Now, I had kind of psyched myself up for the worst of it as inside my head I was thinking only the worst would happen. My outside self appears to be very optimistic but my brain is a jerk with all those dooms day whispers and doubt demons I’ve mentioned before. I’m glad for those demons as it made most of the reactions entertaining, or at least educational.

For those of you interested in colouring your hair a unnatural colour here are some of the reactions you may get from people.


At the bus stop I received several compliments from giphy1people. I got those who became obsessed with the colour and couldn’t believe it was possible to get it so bright. Others considered what I had done to be ‘so brave’. While others said it complimented my features or really showed my ‘style’… which was news to me as I didn’t know I actually had style.

These were the people that helped boost my confidence and make me feel comfortable about taking the plunge with colouring my hair bright turquoise.


These are the folks that will play 20 questions with you without warning.

For example: when I was leaving the employment centre the other day I was questioned by a nice woman in the elevator. I didn’t mind the questions but it prepared me for the others at the coffee shop or clothing stores who were soon to do the same.

Expect questions like:

What did you use?

Did you get it professionally done?

Is it permanent?

How did you get it so bright?

Why that colour?

Do you colour your hair like that often?

What made you decide to colour your hair?

What does your boss/ partner/ parents think of your hair?

These are normal questions and if you answer questionsthem in a friendly/ respectful manner they usually will leave you alone. I find answering questions to be educational and helpful for people and if they are asking you questions chances are they may be interested in getting their hair coloured that way as well.

The ages of the folks that have questioned me are usually older in age between 30-60. I also had a pre-teen ask me what colour I had used but they had cotton candy hair, which I really want to try out next. 😛


Now not everyone is going to compliment you or question you about your hair. Like I mentioned above you will have those that don’t like what you’ve done. I hate to state that usually these people are of an older generation but the one’s that turned their lip up at me or deliberately crossed the street to avoid me were seniors.

Unnerved people are the one’s that will likely change to become insulters. They’re the people for whatever reason find that it’s their duty to let you know that you’re appearance has bothered them in some way or they somehow become the fashion police.

For example:

There just might be a time where wfdlzo9someone comes up to you and says, “You have such a pretty face… why ruin it with such an ugly hair colour.” Which – by the way – happened to me in a Starbucks…

This will bother you. Don’t say it won’t. Insults will always bother some part of you even if you are an emotionless drone. It is in our nature to want to be liked and when we aren’t liked it hurts. You will think that maybe you made a mistake with the hair colour. You will think that maybe you should colour it back.

But I’ll tell you right now, this is what you should do… which is what I did.

Smile, say ‘Thank you. Your opinion has been noted.’ Take you frappe-latte-chino-vente thing and continue on with your life. At the end of the day it is your hair and you can do what you want with it. You didn’t colour it for other’s enjoyment or to bother people. You coloured your hair for you… so don’t let their insults do more than give that initial sting.


I found this happening at restaurants or on public transit. You catch someone looking at you and they look up at the ceiling to not get caught looking at you. alq8x_s-200x150

First I wait until they try to look at me again, smile at them and then turn my attention back to what I’m doing. I don’t care if you’re staring. I know my hair isn’t a natural colour. It is normal to stare at someone that doesn’t fit inside the normal box of society. If you want to stare at me go right ahead; this only becomes a problem if you stop staring and start insulting me.


If you want to colour your hair do it. It is hair, it grows back. As long as it makes you happy that’s all that matters.

If you are interested in a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how I coloured my hair and what products I used/ use to maintain my lovely turquoise locks let me know in the comments. I check them regularly and don’t mind sharing my beauty secrets with the world. 🙂

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