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Sunset Mushrooms (Macro Photography)

These two pictures were the first images I took with the macro lens. The first image I love because I captured the waxy surface of the mushroom, and in a way it reminds me of a summer sunset. The second image is a little blurry but I love how I was able to focus on the ridges Рshowing how delicate they are.

Although I still consider myself a novice in the world of photography, there are some pictures I’ve taken that I absolutely love. ūüôā


Photograph taken by: Deanna Wiltshire

Location: Silver Creek Conservation Area, Halton Hills, Ontario

Dialogue Prompt: Turn Tail


She halted in her steps just before the door, her body still like a wooden board. She turned to set her glare upon him like a challenged dog. Those eyes had been the first thing he had seen in the darkness the night before. The unnatural ice blue glow that no longer struct fear into him when he saw them glistening behind her long black hair.

“Why do you want to help? Most humans turn tail and run at this point.” She hissed, taking slow steps back to where he stood. Her hands tucked away in her baggy sweatshirt pockets, as the heel of her left combat boot dragged over the Persian rug.

“I…” he swallowed, unsure of the right answer to her question, “I… I don’t know why… I… I just feel like I need to…”

A World Beneath


There’s a world beneath our feet,

It’s filled with wonder and beauty.

Tiny nations built in years snuffed out in one step.

Think before you act.


Photograph taken by: Deanna Wiltshire

Location: Silver Creek Conservation Area, Halton Hills, Ontario

Dialogue Prompt: Three Years


“I’ve waited three years to see her… what’s a few more hours.” Revris slid down the wall, pressing his back into the cool stone. He tightened the grip on his hands, wringing them in hopes to still his impatience.

Yes, he could wait for a few more hours but the fact was he didn’t want to. He had escaped the clutches of that mad man and found his way to his friend’s city in hopes of seeing her upon his arrival. Now, all the excitement he had gotten under control and nerves that were eroding his stoic expression were fading away with the passing minutes. He wanted to see her but time wasn’t on his side.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Hello World!

When it came to building my author brand I did consider writing under a pseudonym. At the time I thought all writer’s wrote under¬†pseudonyms, and since I wanted to be a writer I believed it was important to think of a¬†pseudonym. After doing a little more research and struggling with thinking up a cool name to write by I decided that my initials and last name were good enough.

I was writing young adult fantasy with a base in a medieval-ish historical world. Wiltshire sounded right enough and I took one from J.K. Rowling’s book and stuck with my real initials and last name.

I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me about why I didn’t just go with my first name and last name? The honest answer is, I didn’t think it suited my books and I would rather not people know right off the bat I’m a female writer. Sadly, there is still stigma against women writers and most assume that if you’re a woman writing books then it is going to be a romance… which isn’t always the case.

So, D.M. Wiltshire is what I write under because people don’t prejudge my book because of the author name. Which, if you think about it, is ¬†really sad that bull still happens in 2017.

The only time I think I would write under a pseudonym is if I change genres. Even then it depends on the content I am writing. If I change to write for a much older, ‘maturer’, audience then I will likely write under a¬†pseudonym not to confuse my younger readers.

At the moment I’m sticking with young adult fantasy so I’m not going to put much thought into making a pseudonym.

That’s it for Thinking Thursday this week. If you want to explain why you would use a¬†pseudonym or not – do so in the comment section down below! I’d love to hear your answers to this week’s question.

Until next time remember to stay safe, get creative, and as always toodles! ^.^


Art & Fiction

Hello World!

As some of you know, I volunteer at a local art gallery sometimes. In this gallery there is always something new going on. We do local theatre, art classes, Cocktail & Canvas events, and the list goes on.

Recently, (as in the last month or so), there was a collection set up for a group called the Hutton House. They work with a variety of people, handling their different needs and helping them live independently. They also have a great art program to help teach their clients how to express themselves in other ways like… well art.

So, one of the nights I was volunteering they had their client’s artwork on display in the gallery. Each one was beautiful and unique in their own way, but for whatever reason the watercolour ones continued to catch my eye. There were two in particular that I liked the most, but sadly one was sold and the other was way out of my price range. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized why I loved those two prints.

They were the same colour scheme as my first book: pink, purple, orange, red, yellow, and white. They melded together into a sunset scene that shared a similarity to my back cover that I love so much.

I find I get inspired by the art in the gallery. Each piece tells its own story but not in the traditional sense with words. Art is another way of expressing yourself and evening discovering things about yourself that you didn’t know were there. The artist has their own reasons for loving their art, but it can be different for each of those viewing a piece. Writing describes emotions through words and actions, while art shows it in colours and shapes. Sometimes it is easier to do one versus the other, but those who do either have a way of seeing the world in a different way. Artists and Writers watch the world, piecing together the happenings other don’t normally catch.

If you ever find the time or somehow end up in London, Ontario, I highly recommend checking out the ARTS Project on Downtown Dundas if you get the chance. The building is filled with history and the people working their are amazing. ūüôā

Until next time, remember to stay safe, get creative, and as always toodles!! ^.^

Make A Wish


Make a wish, then blow

Watch them scatter on the breeze

Landing somewhere free.


Photograph taken by: Deanna Wiltshire

Location: Komoka Provincial Park, Ontario

Dialogue Prompt: Liar & Thief


He charged into the room, fist balled at his side, teeth grinding so hard that they could shatter. How could Argo have done that to him? How could he have told the King everything after requesting for the Shadow not to speak a word?

“How dare you!?” Revris grabbed the man by the collar of his cape, pushing him against the stone wall of the tiny office. “She told me I could trust you!”

With a quick flick of the lack to the neck of his cape, Argo slipped free of the large man’s grasp. He scurried under Revris’s arm and across the room, lifting his hands in a form of surrender in hope to lower the tension of the situation.

“Then you’re the fool for trusting a known liar and a thief,” Argo stated, hearing the angered Commander growl before charging again. With another quick dodge of a swinging fist, and a scattered scurry pinning his back to the closed door it was clear his original plan didn’t work. “He was concerned… he’s your father. I told no one else of what we spoke of – I swear!”


Taste of Prophecy Six: Ginger Honey Switchel

Prophecy Six Series – Child of the Light – is on sale until April 14th. Since that is going on I thought I’d share with you a recipe that I’ve been using since writing book 2 – Children of Sirphan.

In book two – Children of Sirphan – during Liora’s Name Day, she spends some time working in the garden in Demor. While she is taking a break Marcia comes to keep her company under the shade of one of the merchant carts, offering the girl something to drink. This bitter-sweet liquid is called switchel, a drink similar to¬†Kombucha but not as popular. Unlike Kombucha, Switchel relies on pre-fermented items to create the drink and is actually very simple to make.

Other name’s Switchel is known as is:

  • Haymaker‚Äôs Punch
  • Ginger-water
  • Swizzy

The drink is high in electrolyte and is very refreshing on a hot day. It does take time to aquire a taste for the stuff, but it is worth a try.

Now, without further delay. Here is the Ginger Honey Switchel recipe to make your own.

Prep time: 5 mins                        Cook time: N/A                When to Make:  Hot Days!


2 tbs apple cider vinegar (unfiltered)

3 tbs honey (raw)

2 inch piece of ginger root (fresh, peeled, and minced)

4 cups water (filtered)

1/2 of fresh lemon juice with zest

Items you’ll need:



Cutting Board


Measuring cup

Measuring spoons



Mince ginger, juice and zest lemon, and add to a large jar/jug. Add the rest of the ingredients mentioned above to the jug. Stir/ shake well until honey is dissolved. Place in refrigerator overnight. Next day shake well and pour over ice.

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