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UPDATE: 75 Copies Left!!

Hello World Out There World!75copiesleft

There are officially 75 free copies left of book one. Which I think is pretty awesome after one day of being into this contest. I am still hoping to get to the finish line but so far I am so happy that some of you have go above and beyond with helping me by reblogging or reposting my link to your social media. You know who you are! 🙂


I said I’ll keep you posted about things so I am…

I’d like to also update you on the progress of book 2 – Children of Sirphan. We now have 6 beta readers so I am no longer taking any more at this time.

Thank you all again for this love and support during this contest and until next time – toodles! o^.^o

Snippet of Child of the Water: Mind Demons


A snippet from book two. Do I sense a little empathy coming from the brutish king of the North? 😛

Snippet from Book 2: Emery and the Keepers


WARNING: Before reading this I would like to let you know that this has not gone through the editing process. This may change when going through the final review of the book before publishing. May edit this later when I’ve gotten some sleep. With that said, I really like this part of the book and I hope you will enjoy it.  🙂


Walking down the uneven wooden steps leading down to the rocky shore, Liora made her way to the rushing white water. The current was strong. No doubt it was powerful enough to wash away a tree yet alone a person with no issues.

It was hard to keep her balance on the uneven ground but after getting her footing flat atop two rocks she crossed her arms, taking a breath to admire the view. The dam was no longer in one piece. The center of the large wall had collapsed. A pile of uneven pieces were along upper level of the shoreline. There were no fishermen on the plateaus. The only people that seemed to be part of the village were those behind her carrying on their days.


Liora spun around to see the white haired girl two paces away. Her lavender eyes were wide, her jaw a jar.

“Me?” Liora was unsure why the girl sounded so shocked.

“You can’t be here… you can’t be real… you – you’re a dream,” the girl stuttered.

“I assure you I’m as real as you are… although I should be the one surprised since I saw you in my dream,” Liora stated, noticing the girl’s light brow wince. “Then again… I’m starting to get used to strange things in my dreams… since I’m a seer.”

“Seer?” the girl’s face scrunched at the word.

“A northern word for – you know what never mind… I’m here to help you,” Liora waved her hand before taking a step towards the girl who took a step back.

“Help me? I don’t even know who you are,” she snipped, looking around again, “you shouldn’t even be here… yo…you need to leave. Now.”

“Hey, I just got here. I’m here ’cause you asked me for help,” Liora stated. The girl shook her head.

“Again, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t ask for help. I don’t know who you are. You have to leave now before they find out you’re here!” the girl hurried towards Liora, turning her around before pushing on her back towards the other set of stairs leading to the bridge which led back to the forest.

“No, wait!” Liora resisted.

“No time!”

“Yes, time,” Liora spun to the side, watching the girl stumble forward catching herself as she gave Liora a glare. “What’s your name? Who are they? Why is there no time?”

“Do you always ask questions at inconvenient moments or are you being difficult because you just don’t like taking orders?” the white haired girl snipped, crossing her arms.

“That’s not answering my questions,” Liora glared.

They stood there for a moment in silence. The strange girl was taller than Liora had first expected her to be. Almost half a head taller than she was.

“Emery,” she sighed, looking to the side, “my name’s Emery.”

“See, now was that really that hard?” Liora asked, giving a smirk. “I’m Liora – but people call me Li.”

“Well, Liora, as much as I’d love to discuss in full and complete detail as to why you’ve decided to come here, you need to le–“

There came a rumbling of thunder as Liora turned in the direction of the dam. The dam was gone the water was low, there was no risk of the flood she had dreamed of. The sky was clear and there didn’t look to be a storm rolling over the mountains.

“Damn it…” Emery leapt, grabbing Liora’s hand. “They know you’re here– if they find you.”

“They’ll kill me?” Liora asked, watching the girl peer back.

“If you’re lucky!” Emery pulled Liora up the steps back towards the bridge leading into the city from the forest.

Halfway up, Emery halted, moving down one step at spotting who stood above them. There were two figures dressed in robes. They had been the people from her dream.

There was a woman on the left whose blonde hair escape the hood of her robe. Her eyes were shadowed but there was a smile on her lips that made Liora’s skin crawl. Beside the woman was a man, who chose not to hide his face from them. His brown eyes and messy hair reminded her of Pellar – though this man was better dress sharing a similar unnerving smile.

“Em, always trying to be the hero,” the woman said, while wagging her finger. Her black eyes were dark night as they peered down from the steps above.

“Pointless, pointless,” the man gave a full toothed grin.

Emery let go of Liora’s hand before glancing back. There was something in her lavender eyes that made Liora’s stomach flip.

“Run!” Emery shouted, charging the two adults before them as Liora tore passed.

The figures toppled to the ground as Emery lay on top of them, keeping them pinned. Liora took the steps two by two and when at the top she looked back down.

Emery was gone. The two figures were starting to stand as Liora bolted for the bridge. Liora wanted to turn back and question them but she couldn’t stop herself from running. Emery had wanted her to run and that’s what she was going to do.

Just as she reached the other side of the bridge her body shook as she toppled backwards onto her back. What had she hit?

There was no wall. There was nothing before her.

Standing, Liora put out her hand as she watched the air ripple like water before her. There was something there but she didn’t know what it was. It was like the air had turned solid… but that wasn’t possible. Such a phenomenon couldn’t exist. Unless…

“We won’t let you leave girl,” the man hissed.

Liora clenched her fists before turning to face the two standing, now in the middle of the bridge. She couldn’t run passed them. There was no other way around them either.

“Where’s Emery‽” Liora growled, taking a step towards them. “Where is she‽”

“Safe, I assure you,” the woman muttered, lifting a hand.

“And me… what are you going to do to me?” Liora’s voice wavered, as she forced down the tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. Her nails dug into her palms distracting her from the fear and worry that bombarded her mind.

“Such a tone – you’re going to be our guest. It’s been a while since we’ve had one. We’ve wanted some entertainment for a while now,” the woman licked her teeth like a snake tasting the air.

Entertainment? Liora’s stomach churned at the sweetness in the woman’s voice. The way she had said it made Liora’s skin crawl and hair stand on end.

“I’ll leave. You don’t have to do anything,” Liora bartered.

The two strangers laughed.

“Nonsense, you’re one of us now,” they looked at each other, smiling ear to ear, “you will never leave.”

Liora turned back to the translucent wall, hitting her hands against it in hopes it would break open. Upon her second hit she heard a snapping of fingers from behind as the world faded to black.

The Flute Tree

There are many creatures in Gaitan that we earthlings will never have to worry about encountering …unless, of course, you’re joining Liora and the rest of the Six of their adventures.

One of these creatures happens to be a tree called a Flute Tree for the sound it makes when the wind blows through its leaves. Now, if you are interested in reading/ learning more about this creature tree I have provided a link that will take you directly to my other site. If you aren’t interested – then go on your way.



30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 10 – Strongly


Write About Something You Feel Strongly About


How many of you thought I was going to say writing? I have other interests you know… sure I feel strongly about the importance of writing, reading, and the English language but nature is also a big part of my life. Actually, nature is a big part of all our lives…

Without trees we wouldn’t have air. Without water we wouldn’t be able to live. Without dirt we wouldn’t be able to grow our food. Without insects we wouldn’t have most of our plants.

I love nature. Its beauty. Its complexity.

Most of my inspiration comes from talking walks in the woods. My childhood was spent swimming in the lakes and watching sunsets. I caught frogs, bats, and turtles. I went fishing with my father and tracking with my dog. I’ve explored caves big and small.

Nature is always there to support us and care for us. Yes, it can be dangerous but when it isn’t we take it for granted.

Sadly, there a children that don’t get to explore the forests like I did. There are children that never got to dig for worms, catch a large mouth bass, or rescue dragonflies from the lake. They are plugged in now and don’t get to appreciate a world outside a screen. That is a really sad thought. I couldn’t imagine where or what I would have become without having nature in my life.

I probably wouldn’t have been able to learn to disconnect from the busy world. I wouldn’t be a nature photographer (click here to see that blog) or an avid hiker. I would have never been to the Provincial Parks with my parents, or spent Sundays hiking the trails near my home. I wouldn’t be me without nature.

Heck, we wouldn’t be alive.




Okay… now that that is out of my system….

The title of this Update says Book Release, and that would mean that now my book is released…

Good news! It’s released, and can be found in e-book form on Amazon. 🙂

REALLY GREAT NEWS! I know I’d say the paperback would be a while longer… but I lied. I’m sorry! Lying is bad I know that but this was the first time I’ve done this so I’m just learning the ropes. The reason why this is really good news though is that the paperback is available on CreateSpace. Those of you that like to order from Amazon will be able to get the paperback off their site in 3-5 days. I’ll do another update when I find out about that. 🙂

Now onto the money.

Depending on where you live it will vary but the major two US and CA I will cover.


Right now for the US this version will cost 0.71c due to some marketing thing they have going.

For the Canadian side, sorry we are not cool enough for marketing or promoting price decreases so it will cost you 0.99c. So, you have a choice to get a small coffee at Tim Hortons or my book. Choose wisely. 😛



The paperback book on CreateSpace will cost you 9.99. 

I do not know what they will be for Amazon as of yet but I will post an update for that in the future when I get that information. 🙂


AND so… that’s all I have for now….

I just want to thank all of you for sticking by me through this awesome six month journey. You have all been wonderful to talk to, learn from, and read about. It’s your support that kept this thing going and without you I don’t think this would have ever gotten to the point of publication.

With that said, this is not the end. Child of the Light is only the first book in the P6 series and there is a long journey to the end. I look forward to posting more blogs in the future and hearing from you in regards to the second books creation but right now I think I’m going to hermit from the world and recover from this roller-coaster for a little while. XD

Thanks again for everything guys and please let me know what you think in the comments below.





Update: 2 Milestones!


There are two big milestones coming up, which I’m so excited about.

One is I am about to get 400 followers, which is absolutely amazing and I still can’t believe. You are what makes blogging so much fun and I love hearing from all of you about my different posts. XD

Two is in three days I will be releasing book 1 of P6 – Child of the Light. This has been a long 6 month journey of writing that all of you were around to experience with me, which I am so grateful for. I may have written this book, but it was your encouragement and support that pushed me to complete it.

So, with that said I will be posting something for all of you soon to hopefully enjoy to celebrate these two milestones with me. I will be posting another update within the next two hours that hopefully will be well received. 🙂

Talk to you soon,

Classy (Deanna) Canuck

Update: 5 Days!


5 days! To go… I can’t believe it and just as I’m adding my finishing touches OneDrive dies on me. Thanks a lot Microsoft… not cool.

Oh well, I still have five days… which honestly isn’t a long time but I am determined to publish on the 20th damn it! So Gods help me!


Anyways… that’s all I wanted to let you all know. Oh and this:


For those of your that haven’t checked out my About Prophecy 6 page where I give a synopsis of the first book and show you the fancy new cover page. Well, you get to see the fancy new cover page now. 🙂

Wishing you all a happy holidays and I’ll update all of you again soon.


Update: Less than 10 days!


The days are going by so quickly and there is still a lot to do. Let me update you all on what’s happening so you’re in the loop.

RELEASE DATE is December 20th for the EBook and December 24-26th for the paperback version. YES, THERE IS A PAPERBACK.


EBook is 0.99¢
Paperback 9.99 because its a paperback and therefore costs more to make.

6″ X9″ and 260 pages

It’s a fantasy, adventure with self-discovery elements. The writing style is focused towards ages 14+ but anyone can read it if they want. Age is only a number after all.


But Classy, I don’t have your email.

Well, don’t you worry strange voice in my head… I made updates to my Contact Moi page where you can find some awesome things like my Pinterest, Email, and even my Twitter.


Those are all the updates I have for now. Toodles. 🙂

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