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Steps to Becoming a Better Writer


Recently I’ve had people ask me how to become a better writer. 10steps

I could tell them to read books, I could tell them to do research, I could even tell them to observe people and write down the qualities of humanity that stand out to them in those moments. These are all good way to improve your writing. I’ve done all these things, but I believe the most important step all writers and developing writers need to do is write.

Reading is great in the sense that it gives you an idea of what’s been done, and what people like. It helps you develop your own voice and will help you grow your vocabulary.

Research is wonderful because it will grow your knowledge of things that you’ve never known. It will keep your mind growing and will make your writing seem more based in truth than complete fiction.

Observation is fantastic to help develop characters and dialogue. You get to see people acting in their normal lives, and therefore your voice can develop a more rounded tone – one that people will gravitate to because your words touch the very core of human nature.

But writing – writing is the most important of these all.

While you are reading, researching, observing you are writing. You will write notes, write ideas that you want to take from other writers, or ideas for the world around you. You will write your stories down over and over until it sounds right to you. You will write what words dance through your mind taking all that those other steps have given you. You will write your world onto pages that will be seen by your readers.

The more you write the more precise your writing becomes, the more your writing improves, the more your ability grows. Without writing you will not desire the need to research. Without writing you won’t find yourself observing the world for ideas.Writing is the most important step of all.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 21 – Lessons

What Three Lessons Do You Want Your Children To Learn From You?


If You Love Something Never Let It Go

I’m not talking about people in regards to this comment. I’m talking about what they are most passionate about.

I’ve always loved to write, but all my life people told me that I would never get a real job out of it. They told me I wouldn’t make money, and would be wasting my time if I continued onto that path.

I listened to them and instead of pursuing my real dream of becoming a writer I went to school for my second passion, which was to teach.

Sadly my backup plan backfired due to the low hiring rate for teachers in my country. This resulted in my finding a job in another field, dealing with numbers (-.-) and filing all day. I don’t mind my job. The people are nice and the work keeps my interest… but it isn’t my passion and isn’t my second passion.

It was working in a field outside my passions that I realized that this gave me time to pursue something else. I went back to writing and have published a book because of it. I’m not in it for the money. I have a job that pays me so I can continue writing for the fun of it and not the business of it.


Honesty Is The Best Policy 

Telling lies can be tiring. Trying to keep all those stories in line in your head. Hoping no one catches on to the fact you aren’t telling the truth. It is easier to just tell the truth and be honest.

Sometimes honesty will be harsher than a white lie but in the end it is better for people to know where you stand than have your opinions change with each interaction. At least that’s what I try to do.


You’ll Be An Adult One Day – Be Patient

Every kid wants to be an adult but the honest truth is – being and adult is all it’s cracked up to being. I know I couldn’t wait to grow up. I hated school. I hated my peers for the childish torment they put me through because I was more mature than they were. I hated some of my teachers for not being their to help me when I asked for their help in regards to the torment.

Being a kid sucks too, I know that… but there is a heck of a lot less stress when you are 14 than 24. You may not think so because your priorities are focused around other things but you do have less to worry about. You can be free from major responsibilities like paying bills and working to survive.

Let me and your father worry about that… cause you will have to do that soon enough when you’re out on your own.


Recently I’ve been getting this question a lot:

“How were you able to write a book? Isn’t it hard? Doesn’t it take up time? Aren’t you worried about what people will think about it?”

Okay… that is more than one question but the answer is the same for all of them – Yes.

Yes, it was hard. Yes, it does take up time. Yes, I’m worried about what people think.

But, I was able to write a book because I wanted to write a book. I wanted this story to be out there. I wanted people to read it despite what criticism I may get from it. I wanted Liora to be enjoyed by people. I wanted people to laugh at Caldor’s antics. I wanted to write because I wanted to write.

For too long have I spent looking over my written work going, “Well that’s done.” Putting it in the drawer or into a file never to see the light of day again.

This story didn’t let that happen. This story kept me up at night wanting to be shared. It was hard to write because I wanted my story’s characters to be right. It took up time because I wanted everything to read smoothly. I’m worry about what people think because I’ve put so much hard-work/ time into this project in hopes of not seeing it flop.

I couldn’t leave the book in my desk – that would have been wrong. My characters’ deserve better than that. That’s why I wrote my book and that’s why I’m writing the second one. Not for me but for my readers and for my characters who both deserve to have this story written. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4


Shoot people I forgot to post my challenge yesterday, but no worries I’ll post two today to make up for it.

So, according to the list I have to write about someone who inspires me… so here we go.

Write About Someone Who Inspires You

There is just one person who inspires/ inspired me in my life. I’m lucky enough to say I have a lot of people who inspire me… I think that’s what comes with being a writer.

I mean I can get inspired by strangers I overhear on the bus, or in the store. I get inspired by Mr. Canuck who pumps up my confidence about my writing, and plays along with my over active imagination about things of the future. I get inspired by family who show support. I get inspired by friends who have my back and help me through hard times.

But being that this is a writing blog, I think it is probably best to talk about the teacher that influenced me the most to become a writer. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have gone to school for English, or decided to write a book.

Although he was only in my life for a 1 hour a week for eight months, this teacher – we’ll call him Mr. H – made one of the biggest impacts of my life.

I was in grade nine at the time and I had just joined the CWC (Creative Writers Circle), which was the writing club at my high school. Mr. H was the head faculty member of the program and he was teaching us how to create characters, balance background information, and plot. We would sit in a circle and read each other’s rough drafts, learn to give creative criticism and how to edit each others works.

I wasn’t one for sharing. At this time all my writing was being kept in a green and hot pink heart decorated journal I had gotten for valentine day from my mom. I wrote my emo poetry in it, and didn’t really think any of my work was good.

One day I left my notebook in the classroom by accident and when I went back it was gone. For a week I was heart broken think that all my poetry was gone forever until I saw my journal on Mr. H’s desk. I approached him, he handed it back and told me it was good but there were parts that needed improvement. Most of the poetry in that notebook was private… I didn’t want anyone reading it but when I saw all the red marks and comments my devastation sort of faded.

If my personal work that was never meant to see the light of day was just edited, than the work I should have been willing to share would be put through the same process. Mind you, I was pissed off that he edited my teenage emo poetry… but it was the push I needed to share my first draft of my story.

The very story that became the grandparent to Child of the Light.

This was the same teacher that gave me the best advice I still use today when I write. You see, I’m a dialogue junkie… I love writing conversations between my characters and hate description. When I write my drafts there is hardly any description and way to much dialogue. Mr. H noticed this and told me, “If it is a script – you’re on the right track. If it is a book – remember to always smell, see, touch, taste the world you are creating.”

Update: Regarding Book 1 and Book 2


Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to update you on what is going on.

I am in the process of having book one edited since editing is very important. This will likely take a couple of weeks, and changes will probably take another week… then there will be a final edit session.

I am hoping to still have this out by Christmas, but we shall have to wait and see.

Now, as the title to this post has suggested, I will be talking about book 2 of the P6 series.

As I have completed book one, and I am waiting for the editor to be finished making changes/ suggestions, I am left being bored out of my mind. So, since I’ve been writing book one for 6 months straight, I decided I would start book 2.

Progress on this book will be slower since I am still working on editing/ publishing book one… but I will let you know that I have completed the first two chapters.

I will hopefully have book 2 out by the summer or fall of next year. We shall have to wait and see. (Depends on how obsessed I get with it.)

That’s all I have for updates right now. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Toodles for now,

Classy (Deanna) Canuck 🙂

Writing is hard…


Writing is hard.

It’s having a mix of personalities fighting in your head for your attention. It’s hearing voices in the middle of the night feeding you ideas. It’s rewriting a scene fifty times because there is something about it that just doesn’t sound/feel right.

Writing is editing. Writing is editing everything over and over again. Writing is editing every little word, sentence, punctuation. Writing is editing your story to make sure it makes sense, it flows, the characters work, there’s enough description… enough emotion… enough connection… enough story……… *eye twitch*

Did I mention writing is editing…?


Writing is a passion that can put you into the happiest mood one moment to the saddest mood the next. It’s creating pain, feeling pain, and learning how to overcome that pain. Is creating the adventure, going on that adventure, and seeing it to its conclusion.

Writing is insanity with all the ups and downs. The places you imagine in your mind that feel so real to you, more-so sometimes than actual reality.

Writing is an escape from life, from the world.

Writing is life.

Writing will make you hate ever picking up a pen and starting the journey but once you’re done… there is no word to describe how incredible it feels.

Yes, writing is hard but the best things in life usually are. 🙂

Collecting Words

I was talking with Melanie Noell Bernard earlier about words, after I posted my weekly installment of Old Word Friday – a post where I share an old/ forgotten word that should be used more often – and it got me thinking of this quote I saw the other day on Pinterest.

This quote is true, in the sense as writers were collect words.

Word collecting helps us improve our own writing and develop our unique voice. When I wasn’t picking shiny rocks off the sidewalk on the way home, I was collecting words from billboards or advertisements or books. My vocabulary grew with every word I collected and helped my passion for writing grow.

I still collect words and always will.

I collect words that sound funny, or explain something in a nifty way. Old words are my favourite, as I’m a BBC nut and Shakespeare fangirl at heart.

I started organizing my words after starting university to help me find the words I wanted easier. Some words in the list I don’t like but sound interesting or work better than other words – like moist.

Yes, I’m one of those people that don’t like the word moist.

It’s the way the word sounds. It is nasty and makes my face crinkle at even typing it onto this post. I would rather have people writing nibling more than the word moist.

At least nibling is a fun sounding word!

Moist in my mind is the middle between damp and wet. When something is damp, it isn’t wet. When something is wet, it isn’t damp. What if the moisture of the item is in the middle of those two states… well then – and only then – do I use the word moist.

Now I’ll get away from that word since I’ve likely lost have my readers with having that word in my post… and oh look I’m down to 2 followers…

All right, to counter the damage I’ve done with the-word-that-shall-not-be-typed I’ll share with you one of my favourite words.

Bludgeon. o^.^o

That’s right. A word that represents hitting someone repeatedly with an object or a heavy weapon is one of my favourite words.

Why do I like this word so much?

Well asides from being a psychopath… I like the sounds and words the word bludgeon can bring to a scene. Bludgeon sounds bloody and graphic. Being bludgeoned sounds like it causes more damage than being hit. Bludgeon has a weight to it, and that weight can define the weapon being used, or the action taking place.

Not to mention it’s fun to say.

So, yes, I’m a writer. I collect words like stamps or coins. They are fascinating and ever changing. Some are funny, others are descriptive and some you just can’t stand hearing like mo… nope not going to type it…

Before I go, I want to suggest checking out Melanie Noell Bernard‘s blog.

Melanie’s an aspiring novelist with a variety of posts showcasing her unbelievable writing (Flash Fiction Friday posts are my favourite). The girl can really describe a scene.

Click her name or Flash Fiction Friday to be transported to her site.

Toodles for now,

Classy Canuck 🙂

♫Do you believe in magic?♫

Now that I got that awesome song stuck in all your heads, let’s continue. ^.^

Words lure you, capture you, save you, change you and – in the worst cases – destroy you.

Words – like spells – can be used for good or for evil. Someone can use words to insult or compliment. Someone can use words to spread rumours or inspire millions.

Words can be used to share emotions, describe an experience or deliver information.

Words are magic.

As someone who writes – a lot – I never looked closely at the words I chose. Sure, I knew the meaning and the idea I was getting across, but I wasn’t looking so closely at how changing one word could make or break my sentences. Editing and revising my works weren’t really important to me – they were like pulling teeth, actually – and in turn I rarely followed through with that step. Most of my essays went unedited, homework always got ‘Please proofread’ written in the corner of the page, and I always had the same fixable errors I would have caught if I had reviewed it. Words – to me back then – were just things I put down on paper to get a point across, and that was that.

At least, it was before I started this journey on writing a book in 6 months.

Now, I look over every line and every piece of dialogue. I’m almost on my third revision, to tidy up the flow of the story before sending it to a copy-editor. I analyse every word and now find myself asking:

‘Did I use the right word? Is there a better word? Will my readers understand the meaning/ emotion/ clue/ idea I’m trying to portray with this word?’

Writing is easy when you aren’t over-thinking. Writing is fun when you make a certain arrangement of words in a sentence that you are proud of, and in the end wish to share with others. Writing is stressful when you go back and realize what words you chose weren’t the words you should have used. Writing is tiring when you realize you use ‘he/she shook his/her head’ over a billion times (I’m so guilty of that…).

I overuse certain words, or strings of words which can weaken the rest of the paragraph. I try to make short sentences for easy understanding, which means finding words that will allow me to do that.

When you look at words it is amazing to think that in the end they are symbols that we associate with certain sounds, which in turn create formations to share distinct meanings.

Take this blog as an example.

I’m typing in the English language and sharing with you a post about words while using words.

In a way… that’s kind of like wordception…

And see what I did there? Wordception isn’t a word, but with the combination of word and ception I created a new word. Yes, it was meant to be a reference/ joke of sorts but it is a new word all the same.

Actually, a lot of words were made by combining different words together (and I’m not just talking about compounds).

Okay… I should really stop… my brain is like Wikipedia when it comes to the written word. I could go on and on about the history of words, the importance of words, the whatever else of words but somehow we’ll end up on the question ‘are clownfish really clowns?’ And nobody got time for that.

So… the point I’ve been trying to make this whole blog is this: words are amazing sources of creative expression that can hold us and help us explore endless possibilities.

Deep – yes, I know.

Words cast spells on all of us whether we like it or not.

So, use them wisely.

Toodles for now. 🙂

Quote: Character’s Souls


This popped up on my Pinterest feed today, and I thought it would be nice to share it because it really resonates with what I try to do for my characters.

When I’m reading I honestly don’t care what the character looks like. That isn’t what I’m reading the book for. I don’t care if their have blond(e), black, brown, red, or green hair. I don’t care if they have dark or light skin. I don’t care what clothes they wear or how they style themselves.

What really captures me is how they handle situations and act around other characters. I want to know them as they are, by what they say or do. Are they the first to stand up when someone his getting hurt? Are they the one’s throwing the punches? Are they the one’s being beaten down? And, if so, why?

Characters become real to us if we can see qualities of ourselves in them, or qualities we see in people around us in these characters. We want to follow them on their adventure and in a way, be in their shoes.

Reactions, choices, conversations, inner thoughts – these are all important things to consider when building a character. Not what shoes should they wear, and colour shirt should they put on.

People want to read about a person, not a manikin.

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