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Hello World Out There World!

It feels like just last week I was posting about how amazing you all are for following me and getting me to 500 followers… but now I’m at 600!


I don’t know what I can possibly say or due to thank all of your for this amazing achievement. It feels like just yesterday that I started this blog but in reality it has been about a year. With all your amazing support I was able to publishing one book and now I’m working on publishing my second… and have been distracted with drafting book 3. XD

Thank you all so much and I look forward to sharing my stories/ experiences with all of you more once I’ve gotten things settled again. (Starting a new job and trying to create a new schedule isn’t fun. Adulting is hard – don’t grow up kids!)

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to share with you… well that and 4 months until book 2 – Children of Sirphan! I’m so excited and you all just made my day with this.

Remember to stay safe, get creative, and have fun – and until next time TOODLES!

Nightmares of Editing

It has to be done but I’m dreading it.General Atmosphere - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival


Ugh… editing.

No, matter how much I love writing there are parts of it that irk me. I’ve done the easy part of writing the damn thing but now I have to go back to make necessary changes. This could be sentence structure, story flow, grammar, punctuation… and if you read my blog posts – which I tell you right now I don’t really edit – I need help in all of those listed.

Sometimes it’s funny when I re-read a section of my book and know exactly how my mood was.

“Ah, yes… chapter 5 and 6 must have been the days I got a proper amount of sleep. 7 to 10… was I writing drunk… I really need to stop that…”

So… yeah… necessary changes are necessary for my final written product.

Editing I understand is important. I was the kid in school told to edit my work all the time and didn’t… which could have meant a grade upgrade from a B average to a A average… but I know kids don’t listen to their teachers. I’ve been a teacher and you can go blue in the face trying to get a kid to listen to you but if they choose not to… well good luck. I would like to call that Karma by the way.

Now, with my focus at the moment on creative writing and self-publishing my work I have to pay attention to the process I dreaded all my life. Editing could change an okay book into a best-seller. Editing shows you’ve put time and effort into making sure your book reads well and flows well for your readers.

It took me 10 years but I appreciate editing even though I still hate it.

I honestly can’t believe this will be the second book I’ve written in less than a year that has entered this process. I actually can’t believe I’m willing to put myself through this torment for a second time…

Editing is pain people. It will all pay off in the end. When I am holding book two in my hands I will forget all the re-writing and re-reading that needed to be done to hold the final product. I’m also excited to think what you all think of the second book…

In truth – and I may be bias – I think the second book is better written and has more action. The characters are developed better and I think there is more suspense compared to book one… actually I know there is more suspense than book one. Liora is going to kick butt this book and gain new friends along her adventure.

Anywho, I have to go back to the dungeon of editing before I can send it off to be reviewed by my editor. Yes, I pre-edit my stuff… if I’m comfortable to send it to him that means it is close to being comfortable enough to get published.

That’s all for now.

Toodles. 🙂


UPDATE: New site & Gryphons of Gaitan


Some of you may know and most of you will know now that I now have an official website for the Prophecy Six Book Series.

As much as I love blogging on here with all of you, I thought getting a site to just focus on my book would be more professional and easier to navigate than my blog. While I’ll continue to post on this site all the fun things you all seem to like to read, like: my quote rants, WWW, Old Word Fridays, and Mixed Feeling Posts – I’ll be moving a lot of my book stuff over to my professional site.

My professional site is –

There I will be putting up maps, history of Gaitan, people/ cultures, creatures, updates regarding my book, and many more things in regards to the book series.


So to summarize: Blog will be Blog. Website will be strictly book.

I’ll sometimes post fun things on my blog that I want to share with you on both my platforms. But, right now I’ll be dividing my attention to both.



I posted my first Creatures of Gaitan on my website that takes a closer look into the bird-lions of the North. Some of you may find it interesting. Others may not, but the link to the page will be shared all the same. LINK HERE


With that said, I think I’ll return to trying to figure out other ways of promoting my series and try to work on another chapter of Book 2’s first draft. 🙂


Sittin’ Around


I’m sitting around in a little shop close to my house. It smells of bleach and antiseptic. Pictures and earrings are hanging on the wall, while the owner – an ex-construction worker that swears like a sailor – is getting the last details on his customer’s piece.
Where am I sitting?
In an old doctors chair in mint green, sipping juice to bring up my glucose level as I sweat with nerves more than sweat from the beating sun through the front window just behind my back.
I hate needles. They scare the shat out of me… But I love tattoos.
Does that make any sense?
So, yes… Today I am getting my second tattoo.
Let’s see how it goes.

Only Fear


All my life I’ve been afraid.

I was afraid of the dark. I was afraid of disappointing my parents. I was afraid of the kids in my school, and afraid of what my teachers thought of me.

I was afraid of the future. I was afraid of my actions leading to trouble.

I was afraid to be me.

For most of my life I was afraid. For most of my life I didn’t take chances, or make certain choices because I was afraid what would happen.

I stayed safe. I went unnoticed and I was okay with that. Going unnoticed meant I wasn’t doing anything that would call for punishment.

Now, don’t take all of this as I had a terrible childhood. I wasn’t abused or neglected. Heck, I had a great childhood with wonderful parents who did all they could to see me succeed in this world. I was lucky, I know that. But, with all the support I had and love I had… I was still afraid.

I was mostly afraid of what people would think of me, if I was wanting to be myself.

The closest thing I had to being able to show myself was writing. I could create situations I would not be judged in. I would make my characters do things that might not have been considered the social norm. They didn’t get judge. They were not afraid.

That’s when I realized that I needed to change how I was.

There was a world around me to explore and chances I could take that would either end well or not so well.

The world had no right to judge me… because it knew nothing about me.

It took 24 years and a quarter life crisis to make me realize that everything I had been afraid of was made up in my own mind. My scum-bag brain had created situations that never would happen. The voices I believed were from those around me, was my own.

As soon as I realized that, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. The world opened up to me, and hell… for a moment it made me feel unstoppable.

I want to publish a book now more than I ever had before, because that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to be afraid any more.

All I want to fear from this day forward is fear itself.

…Let’s see how I do… XD

Writing Prompt: The Mist


As some of you know, I just got back from a road trip. While driving through the northern mountains of Ontario, Mr. Canuck and I experienced what I will call ‘The Mist’.

If you have seen the movie The Mist, or read Stephen King’s novel, you will have some idea of what I’m referring to.

Those that do not know – basically a thick mist comes down from the mountain in a little town after scientists open a portal to another world. Monsters come out of the portal and eat people, but it is basically a mind game because you hardly see anything due to the thick layer of grey mist.

So, back to my mist experience.

It was a clear day when we left the hotel and as we continued driving into the mountains the weather changed to overcast. It was when we had levelled out at the top of the mountain road that a wave of thick fog appeared. We couldn’t see the car in front of us, or the road lines beside us.

We slowed the car down and took our time, but for a moment I actually believed we had entered another world.

It was an eerie experience, but one that inspired me to come up with this writing prompt. 🙂



Two thing I’ve learned.

One: When you are around people, don’t leave your laptop open for everyone to see.


Two: When in public don’t look up ways of killing someone…

Yes, you’re a writer. I’m a writer, but some people won’t understand.

I know you lose touch with reality, and while you are in the moment of writing you think to yourself, “How many stab wounds does it take to kill someone with a fork?”

Well… maybe not that exact question, but something equally as strange/awkward/psychopathic…

And there you go, onto the Google, finding articles on how different people were killed by forks or other kinds of cutlery. That leads to pictures, because you need some idea on what the wounds look like, which leads to you making a folder full of reference material on your laptop, which leads to someone asking why there’s a folder named ‘Stabby McStabby’ on your desktop, which leads to you trying to explain to them why you have these pictures/ references in the first place.

This can go three ways:

One: The person who is asking you understands, because they too have a McStabby Folder on their desktop.

Two: The person doesn’t understand but accepts your ‘unique’ interest because they like you for you.

Three: They avoid you like the plague whenever you are around because they don’t want to be the Cutlery Killer’s next victim.

Either way, I’ve begun to leave this warning sign on my laptop both as a display picture and screensaver for the reason I keep forgetting to close my reference material in public. Luckily I hang out in places where nurses and other medical professionals spend their time… so I don’t get too many strange looks. XD

Two Paths


There are two paths before me.
One to the left.
One to the right.
I do not know which one to take.
I stand there puzzled for a moment. There are no signs to tell me which one leads where.
That’s when someone walks passed me, they say hello and continue on. They take the right.
Before I can ask them where their path leads I notice them walk passed the left path and around the corner.
I swear, I spent a good five minutes contemplating which path to take only to find out they lead to the same result.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

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