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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 27 – Butt Kicking

What Is Kicking Your Butt Right Now?

My Brain.

My brain is overwhelming at the moment. It fills my heads with thoughts that keep me up at night. Gives me ideas when I’m working on something else. Distracts me from the work I want to do. Reminds me to do work after I decide it’s time to take a break.

My brain is being a real jerk. funny-192.jpg-c200

I try to shut it up with watching movies. Stepping away from my projects for a little bit,¬†thinking maybe that’s why my brain is being overwhelmed. I get some piece for a short amount of time… but then it goes back to guilting me that I’m not being productive. I try to eat – you need to work. I try to sleep – you need to work. I go for a walk – you need to work. I’m on vacation – you need to work.

Suffice to say… I’m not impressed with how my brain is handling life right now. -.-‘

Brain, let me sleep!


I’m too tired to write but too motivated to sleep. I know if I started writing something I wouldn’t be able to finish my train of thought… and so I am blogging.

Seems like a good compromise.

You find out a little bit more about me as a writer, and I get the pleasure of writing/ shutting up my drain… I mean brain.

At the moment my brain is filled with ideas on what I can add to the story to give it more depth. I love stories that have interconnecting pieces between books and even between chapters. The smallest of details could lead to the big answers in the book. It makes a reader pay attention to what is being written, and gives them that AH HA moment. It is that drawing of attention I need to add… to my…


Attention, which I don’t have at the moment because I just blanked out. XD

Okay, that’s my body reminding me I’m human and humans still need to sleep.

Toodles for now and hopefully I will have an update on my second draft soon.

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