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Why I Live In Canada


I went to school for teaching. Now, if any of you are familiar with the teaching situation in Canada it’s – there are not enough jobs for teachers that are graduating from school. This, as you can see, is a problem for those of us wishing to stay and teach in our own country. Most graduates go overseas to teach in places like England, South Korea, Japan, or China. These are all great places filled with rich history and wonderful people… but whenever I’m offered to go there to teach (which I do more often then not) I always turn them down.

People ask me why I do that. Don’t I want to be a teacher? Don’t I want to stand in front of a class and share my passion for English with those minds so willing to learn?

Yes, I do want to teach but I don’t want to leave the country that is in my bones. I’m a fifth generation Canadian. All my family is in Canada, asides from the few brave one’s that are overseas teaching. I was raised to love my country and the people in it. I see what is happening to the education system in the country and it kills me inside that I am not given the chance to try and help it. But, that is only part of the reason why I stay here.

I love this country. I love the people in this country. No where in the world are there such friendly, welcoming, open minded people than those I’ve met here. We are as diverse as we are loyal to our nation. We are accepting and willing to change. I don’t deny we have done some horrible things in our past that we are not proud of, but we are beginning to admit them… trying to bring light to them.

Canada is a nature wonderland. Any type of climate you want you can find. Open plains, ocean villages, blistering cold, northern lights, boreal forests, rain forests, desolate snowscapes – you name it and I will point you in the direction you want to go.

Another thing I love about Canada is how large it is. You hear Canada is really big – we’re the second largest country in the world – but you don’t realize how large it is until your parents pack up your car for university and drive 16 hours from Toronto to Thunder Bay, around Lake Superior only to have you realize you never left the province of Ontario. Mind you it takes you about 19 hours to get from Ontario to Prince Edwards Island… but you cut through Quebec and Nova Scotia on the way.

I don’t understand why people would want to leave a country that has so much beauty for another. Canada may be young but we have history… I know because I’ve explored the many fur trading posts scattered across our land. I’ve visited the fortresses along our sea ways, seen the battlefields and visited our museums.

It is this beauty, these friendly people, our dark but unique history that makes me learn to love how important it is to be Canadian. I think that is one reason I try my hand at capturing my experiences through photographs in hopes of showing people how amazing this country really is. So, even though I may not be teaching in a classroom I am doing my best to teach those interested through my posts and through the work I publish online… for the next generation of Canadians to read this and appreciate how good they have it in our home and native land.


Maple Hot Chocolate


Yes, you read right. I wrote maple hot chocolate. This is something absolutely amazing that I recently discovered when I was bored and wanted something to drink. I have maple syrup. I had hot chocolate mix… and my brain decided to try combining the two.

Sharing this new discovery with my friends I got mixed opinion on the idea. Most agreed it was amazing while others graciously posted this on my feed:


Ignoring the damage I am causing to my pancreas and how much my future self will hate me for the stuff I put into my body now, I still give this Maple Hot Chocolate five stars.

If you want to give your future self the middle finger like me and try your hand at feeling the joy of Canadian goodness here are the instructions down below.

Prep time: 5 mins                        Cook time: N/A                When to Make:  ALL THE TIME!


Maple Syrup *Real Maple Syrup from the tree not Aunt Jemimamaplechoco

Hot Chocolate Powder

Hot water


Equipment needed:





Boil your water and while you are waiting, add 2 1/2 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to your mug. Pour boiled water into mug and stir. Add milk or cream to taste. *You can adjust these measurements to your liking.

Taste and Enjoy!


Ginger BBQ Crock Pot Ribs (SUPER SIMPLE)


Do you like ribs? Do you like simple cooking? Well that’s awesome – so do I! That’s why I’m going to share with you my super simple Crock Pot Ginger BBQ Ribs. ^.^

Prep time: 10 mins                        Cook time: 6-8 hrs                When to Make:  ALL THE TIME!


Two racks of ribs

1 can of Ginger ale

BBQ Sauce

Equipment needed:


Measuring Cup (1 cup  1/2 cup)

Crock Pot


Cut your ribs in to manageable sizes. I chose to cut them leaving four bones attached, but
it is your choice.

You will add the ribs to the crock pot. Pour 1 can of ginger ale into the crock-pot. If you IMG_20160108_074106have a 2 L bottle of ginger ale just use the measuring cup and measure 1 & 1/2 cups.

Take the BBQ sauce and add 1 & 1/2 cup (or to desired amount) to the crock pot. Make sure the ribs are covered.

Put lid on, set to low heat for 6-8 hrs.

These should be hard to pick up out of the crock pot, as they will be so tender the bone will fall out.

And there you have it – Ginger BBQ Crock Pot Ribs. 🙂



Giving Thanks

Today in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving. I had the chance to visit my father this year since I’m not 18 hours away in the North, and it was nice to be able to celebrate the day with family.

Usually, when Thanksgiving would come around I would hold a potluck at my house for my friends to come and celebrate with us. Most of my friends had family back in Southern Ontario and so it was nice to celebrate with people that we knew, talking about school and life, or just acted like crazy people like we usually did.

This year was different. I drove 1 hour to get to my dad’s place and celebrated with turkey around a table with family. It wasn’t the wild get togethers I was used to but it was nice to celebrate something after having such a tough/ busy couple of years. We gave thanks to our health, those that we love, and the support that we got from friends/ family through some of the toughest moments of our life. We laughed and told stories about when I was a kid or past Thanksgivings – like when my dad bought a turkey loaf instead of a turkey one year and we were surprised how good it tasted.

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving to all you and your family. Be thankful for the love you have and the people that grace your life everyday with happiness. Remember stay safe, be creative, and until next time – toodles! ❤

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

Happy Canada Day everyone. May your toques be warm, your poutine be properly melted, and a toonie always be in your pocket. Love you all and enjoy your day, eh!


Guess What I Found !

Hello world out there world!

Today I was going through some things I brought to my new place after my dad decided he wanted to move out of the house we lived in for over 20 years. He had left a lot of random things in the living room one day when he was a work with a message saying, “Take What You Want, I’ll Donate The Rest.

Being the attachment freak I am, I took everything I could fit into my tiny Kia and being the good daughter – and knowledgeable thrifter – I took the rest of the stuff to my usual haunts to give back to the stores I bought from over the years. When I got home I unloaded the car and stuck everything into the guestroom where it stayed for a good two months before I looked at it again.

That was a week ago today.

So, a week ago today, I finally got around to going through the stuff I had rescued from my father’s possession. I found stuffed animals from my childhood, and old Kermit the frog puppet my mom got back in the 70’s, and a lot of scrapbook/ craft items that were combined with pictures. My mother had the habit of starting art projects and when she decided to take a break she would say she would get back to it… but never did. Most projects ended up in the cupboard of crafts in our basement, which included the half finished scrapbooks piled on the floor in my guestroom.

Now, I’m never going to get around to finishing them. The reason why I took them were for the pictures glued to pages with theme stickers and glitter. Until I get myself a photo album they will stay in their glittery prisons.

It was after I was done reminiscing with pictures of my childhood and of my parents in their youth that I came across a plastic bag at the bottom of the basket where some of the scrapbooks were hiding. This bag confused me at first as it was in French.

It shouldn’t have surprised me. My parents were born in Quebec… I still had family in Quebec… but the bag seemed out of place. When I come across a mystery bag in a pile of old stuff I think it’s two things:

  1. Important documents that my parents put in a ‘safe place’ as to not lose them.
  2. Random junk that was thrown in a bag to get it out of the way of other things.

Either way I felt like I needed to go through the bag – which I would have normally thrown out – because it was in French and two it looked really old:


After a moment of hesitation, hoping I wasn’t going to be met with a dead mouse or some fossilized lunch from my youth I opened the bag shocked to find what was inside. I wasn’t wrong. Inside the bag were papers but they weren’t important documents like tax forms or pay-stubs from the 80’s. Instead it was a pile of newspaper and a colouring book with my dad’s name written on it:


Now, my family isn’t much for collecting things. We take pictures and have a magnet or two from a vacation we’ve taken but nothing as special as what was inside this bag. I also know that my dad – or I’m assuming was my dad since it was his colouring book  – was too young to have considered collecting/ keeping these newspapers at that time as he was six and eight. The quality of these newspapers I found blew my mind. Asides from a dark patch on the Moon Landing cover both pieces look to be in great condition. It even appears that Expo67 and the Moon Landing papers aren’t missing any articles either:



The Expo 67 piece has yellowed a little bit, which can be expected from it being 49 years old, but the colour is still crisp. This front cover still has amazing detail with the blues and reds. Even the inside articles are crisp as if it just came off the press:



Anyways, I just wanted to share this little discovery with all of you in hopes some of you may enjoy it. My goal for the pieces are to figure out the best way to preserve them for them to last for another 49 years or longer.

If you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below and until next time toodles!

Update: Child of the Light Smashwords Reaches 100 Downloads!

Firstly, all of you who have supported me throughout this process are amazing. Your support, suggestions, and comments make me look forward to posting on this blog.

With that said, I want to announce that book 1 of the Prophecy Six series has reached 100 downloads on Smashwords!reached101

I know 100 isn’t a big number but I’m so excited that my book has gotten this many downloads with so little marketing. Marketing isn’t my strong suit – being an introvert with a self-doubting complex doesn’t help – but wow! Wow! 100 downloads…

Well damn… I’m happy with that.

Anyways, Child of the Light is still FREE on Smashwords – so don’t be afraid to check it out if you haven’t already. If you have, you’re amazing and fantastic and thank you so much for taking the time to download this!

Without you – my readers and followers – Prophecy Six wouldn’t be as fun to work on. Again, thank you. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7


List Ten Songs That You’re Loving Right Now

WARNING: Some songs have strong language. 


Ethnic Zorigoo Ft. Zaya (Tatar) Khuleg baatar

The song is a rap and Mongolian throat singing mix. You want music that will pump you up this is the song to do it. Whenever I’ve doing cardio or writing a scene where my characters are running/ escaping/ having an epic battle this is the song I listen to.

Oh, and the music video is pretty awesome too. I love Tibetan Mastiffs… to bad they are massive and I’m so tiny.


Wazer Wifle – Open Mind – Fallout 3 Rap

I love this song only because of it’s nerd credit. The crew that came up with this song brings back all my Fallout memories and it is easy to sing along to.


Ichirin no Hana – High And Mighty Colour

Call back to my J-Rock/ J-Pop days. I fell in love with this song in high school after hearing it as the opening of season two or three of Bleach. I just thought it was awesome, and has a similar sound to Evanescence.


Until the Day You Die – Abney Park

When I went through my Steampunk phase I couldn’t help but fall in love with Abney Park. To this day this song is on my favourites list. It just has a unique old timely sound that not many bands share.


Stardust – Gemini Syndrome

I’m all over the place when it comes to music. I think I like this band because it reminds me of Blind Guardian, Skillet, and Rise Against.


Trooper – Iron Maiden  & Army of the Night – Powerwolf

If you hear Trooper or Powerwolf blasting I’m probably pissed off at something, or need a pick-me-up. I don’t know why, but death metal/ hard rock makes me feel better…


Riptide Le Vance Joy in Gaeilge

I love the original version but there is something about kids getting together to share in their passions that makes this so much more magical. Also it is in Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic). You can’t go wrong with listening to anything in Gaeilge. (I should know… I have a vast collection of Gaeilge music…)


Rule the World – Walk Off the Earth

They are a Canadian band from Burlington, Ontario… which is like 30 minutes from where I grew up. I couldn’t help but be a proud Canadian and share the awesomeness of this band.



Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

This song… what can I say about this song…

It is powerful. It is motivating… and probably helped hold me together when I lost the most important person in my life. This song pushed me to find the light in a shitty situation, and Child of the Light was born.

This song helped me re-evaluate what I was doing with my life, and helped me realize I was happiest when writing. Life is short and you need to do what you love. My mom taught me that and the song helped me focus enough to see that.


Shut up and Dance – Walk The Moon

This song has taken over my life. I scream sing it whenever it comes on the radio… which makes it awkward when it plays at work but people are starting to realize that this is my song.

I went through an 80’s music phase in high school and this just reminds me off all the good music I had blasting on my SanDisc.

This song also reminds me of my mom, as she would have likely gotten up and scream sung the song along with me. It brings back a lot of good memories and is probably why I love this song more than I should.

I’m not going to lie… 1 million of those 157 million views are probably me. XD


Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Let’s be honest. My list wouldn’t be complete without Macklemore… he’s my boy. Plus, I love musicals and this song just radiates Rent for some reason…

Update: Less than 10 days!


The days are going by so quickly and there is still a lot to do. Let me update you all on what’s happening so you’re in the loop.

RELEASE DATE is December 20th for the EBook and December 24-26th for the paperback version. YES, THERE IS A PAPERBACK.


EBook is 0.99¢
Paperback 9.99 because its a paperback and therefore costs more to make.

6″ X9″ and 260 pages

It’s a fantasy, adventure with self-discovery elements. The writing style is focused towards ages 14+ but anyone can read it if they want. Age is only a number after all.


But Classy, I don’t have your email.

Well, don’t you worry strange voice in my head… I made updates to my Contact Moi page where you can find some awesome things like my Pinterest, Email, and even my Twitter.


Those are all the updates I have for now. Toodles. 🙂

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