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Chapter 8

UPDATE: At least I did something…

As you all know from reading the Gone Camping post, I went away for a week. What? I’m allowed to go on a vacation in the middle of the woods for a week. I will have you know I was productive while I was mostly technology free. I brought my laptop so I could continue my work on my book.

And, so without further delay…

CHAPTER 8 is near completion! YAY, Progress! 🙂

Here’s proof:


Chapter Update!

Completed chapter 7, and now I am starting chapter 8.

Chapter 8! It is great! I just want to celebrate!

Okay enough of that…

At this point in the book, the two main story lines are converging into one. How is Caldor – a stubborn Scholar – going to deal with a troublesome pre-teen girl? We shall have to wait and see… 🙂

As always, here is my proof of chapter completion:


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