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Wonderful Word Wednesday: Inglenook


The word inglenook is a funny sounding word but I find it gives character to a place when you use it. Inglenook means a cozy/ comfortable place by the fireplace.

For example:

Liora sat in the inglenook with the leather text on her lap.


They gathered around the inglenook.

Timeline for the Beginning of Gaitan

So, if you have been following me for a while you will already know the story of Gaitan’s creation. If you don’t know it or haven’t read it, here’s the link.

Now that you’ve read through that, this will make a lot more sense to you. If you still haven’t read it, this will not…

Anywho, I decided for the fun of it to create a timeline of events for this little side story of my story. This timeline is important, only for the reason it fits into a bigger timeline I’m working on that I’ll post at a later date. 🙂

There is a lot of work and history building that goes into my world creation, so I find timelines a life saver.

So, without further delay, here is the Beginning Timeline for Gaitan.


Old Word Friday: Scurrilous

Scurrilous is an interesting sounding word. It’s a word used to describe something said or done unfairly to make people develop a bad opinion of someone.

For Example:

The group of girl’s started spreading scurrilous rumours about Abby after class.

Old Word Fridays: Uglyography

Uglyography is a fancy way of saying a person has messy handwriting, or illegible writing; can also mean bad spelling.

For example:

Sally couldn’t make out the prescription because of her doctor’s uglyography.

If you practice writing everyday, you may suffer less from uglyography.

Character question: Intro or Extro?


Caldor is an introvert. He rather would spend time alone in his room, with a book, away from all the stupid people that happens to be in the world.

Foe is an extrovert. Get that man a pint and he will make friends with everyone.

Liora is an ambivert. She loves her alone time but enjoys time with other people.

Character Question: Fear


Caldor fears the unknown. It is one reason he is so obsessed with finding the answers, he never wants to be left with questions.

Foe fears what will happen to Charn if his son dies and if such an event happens, what will happen to Derm?

Charn fears losing his son before he has lived a full and meaningful life.

Liora fears she’s losing her mind because of all the images she continues to see and nightmares she has of her home.

Pellar fears it’s his fault Liora gets taken.

Talia’s fears are unknown.

Bruce fears making Talia angry.

Marcia fears what will become of her husband if the prince dies, as whatever happens Foe will no doubt be affected.

Druce is a baby… he fears what he doesn’t understand at the moment.

Character Question: Happy


Caldor becomes happy when he finds answers to questions that have been bugging him. He also becomes happy when he drinks enough berry wine… or when Liora gets complimented for being so smart. Although the last one is more pride, as he feels responsible for Liora’s education and skills.

Foe is happy when he is with his wife and child. No matter what mood he is in Marcia and Druce can always bring a smile to his face. He also is happy when he isn’t having to clean up after Charn, and can have some time to himself.

Marcia is happy when she knows Foe is safe, and also when Foe is happy. She becomes happy when her child develops well, or when her patients get well. Marcia will also become happy when she watches Liora and Druce play in the courtyard, or fall asleep reading books in the girl’s room.

Druce is three, everything makes him laugh or smile… except jesters. Druce hates jesters.

Pellar is tricky. He probably is happy when he makes money, but he may also be happy to have someone willing to listen to his crazy ideas.

Liora is happy when she had successfully helped someone or when someone asks for her help. Liora also is happy when she discovers she isn’t the only one to survive Morza… but that’s another story. 😛

Questions to think when building a race/society?

When it comes to building a race/society it can be hard to know where to start. You are all these awesome ideas about what your want them to look like, and act like… but what else should your include? There are a lot of things that go into determining race/ society and that’s why I am posting this.

I’ve spent a long time making notes surrounding a certain race or society I was creating. After all… I created a world and therefore I should have some idea on how much work goes into ensuring its diversity. XD

And so, I give you, Classy’s List to Building a Race/ Society.

This list has a lot of questions that can help you organize your ideas and hopefully flush out what you need to get a solid idea about building your race/ society. You don’t have to use them all, I know on certain races/societies I didn’t, but the questions are there to help. 🙂


  • What is your race’s name? Do they have more than one name, (scientific, common, nickname)?
  • What are some common names found within your race? Do those in your race have middle names? Do those in this race have last names? Do they have more than one name?
  • What are the general personality traits of the race? Are they generally more blunt, brutish, gentle or naive? Do they treat people differently depending on rank or social status?
  • What does your race look like, (skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, special markings)? Clothing or jewellery? Weapons? Do they all look similar to one another or are they diverse in appearance?
  • Was the race created or did they evolve?
  • Does your race have their own language or share a language?
  • How does your race live in their area? Do they live in clans or tribes? Do they have settlements, or cities? What are the inter-racial differences between each social group within your race? Are they social groups, or are they equals?
  • What are some traditions? Do they follow the same belief within their communities or do they follow different beliefs?
  • What are their religious views? Do they have a religion? What do they believe in, if anything?
  • How does your race look at relationships? Political? Romantic?
  • What is your races beliefs/ opinions around gender (male, female, other) and sexuality (homosexual, bi/pansexual, asexual, heterosexual, etc)?
  • What happened historically involving your race? Wars? Discoveries? Social movements?
  • Where is your race found? Does your race migrate or immigrate to other parts of the world? Where did they originate? How large is the population of your race? Are they spread out? Are their only a few?
  • What jobs does your race favour?
  • Is your race advanced?
  • What part(s) of the world was your race responsible in establishing?
  • Who are some famous people within your race? Heroes? Peacekeepers? Politicians? Entertainers?


For those who don’t know what the difference between race and society is, I’ve written definitions below. There are more complicated explanations found online, just search race defined in sociology or society defined in sociology. This will give you a better idea on what the differences are, and may also help you create your own questions to build from.

Race means a group of people believed to share certain physical characteristics (hair colour, skin colour, bone structure, etc).

Society means a group of people within a certain cultural or social structure, that share similar or the same beliefs or values.

I’m always writing in my head…

When I try to sleep at night I always end up having to imagine a scene from my story. Thinking about the development of the world and the characters in the world brings be great peace. I don’t know why… maybe I find writing comforting? Maybe I find escaping from reality better than facing it? I honestly don’t know. All I know is I am always writing a story in my head. At work, I think about the sequence of a scene. At home I’m thinking of ways to show conflict, passion, loss…

I use my real life and experiences, switching my thoughts for that of what my characters would do. How would they react to sleeping in with only 5 minutes to get ready for work in the morning? How would they deal with having to sit at the lights for 10 minutes because the turning lane is backed up? How would they handle the barking dog next door that doesn’t know the term silence?

As weird as it is, I know how my characters would react to these situations because I’ve put them into the normal world so often that they have practically become real.

So, yes, I may look crazy speaking my ideas out loud when I’m driving or walking about… but at least I can say I know my characters well even though their interactions at the moment are all in my head. XD

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