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Always Edit With Humour

Hello World Out There World!

When I work with my editor he and I always find interesting moments in the book to laugh about. Humour is important when you are tearing apart something you worked so hard on. It also helps the editing process run smoother and helps grow a rapport with your editor. The way we find humour in our editing process is simple. It could be a word I wrote thinking it was another word. It could be some spelling mistake my computer didn’t pick up. Or, more often than not it is something my characters do that is close to life or just plain ridiculous.

One of these funny character moments left him leaving this comment and me in stitches.


Procrastination & Distractions

I sit on this kitchen chair at my makeshift desk that seconds as my kitchen table in front of the second hand computer that is more powerful than any other piece of technology I’ve ever owned. My feet are falling asleep inclined on another chair as my headset is sitting on my head. Part of me wonders why I have my headset on my head… I’m not listening to anything but I guess it is more out of habit than anything else.

I take a deep breath, stare at this large screen and glance apathetically up on the three tabs open on my internet bar. One is this post. The other two open to files that are being edited by my editor. There is a sinking feeling in my stomach… one I get when I know I should be doing something productive but instead everything inside me is telling me to do the opposite.

Facebook could have an update. Your friends could be talking about Pokemon Go and you could be missing out. Come on, that one major part of your childhood – the first thing that taught you how to be a fan. I contemplate for a moment knowing all too well I have little self restraint and open another tab to my Facebook a moment later.

Hitting refresh three times in a row, doesn’t cause any major changes. I have friends who got the game and are somehow gym leaders now, while others are cursing their cellphones for not having enough space with all their selfies and food pics. I just sigh, close the tab and go back to staring at this blog.

Maybe some music would help? It has been a while since I used YouTube for music and not to watch idiots film themselves setting themselves on fire or complain about how hard life is as they drink their 10 dollar coffee while typing away on their 600 dollar phones. Yes, life is hard but we could be working in the fields fighting to survive like our ancestors. Sometimes I think like would be better that way. It would force responsibility. It would force purpose instead of wasting all hours of a day staring at a screen that we plug in next to us while we sleep and play games while we use the loo.

No, I’m not British. Yes, I use a lot of weird slang and for those who don’t know slang is short for Short Language. Mind blowing isn’t it. It blew my mind at least.

Anyways, while I continue to procrastinate the thought of having to do something productive hasn’t disappeared. The tabs at the top of the pages flicker like boats in the night drawing my eye to them every couple of minutes. They are starting to become annoying like Navi from the Legend of Zelda.

“Hey, listen!”

But I digress… if I continue to ignore them I will continue to be distracted and it will be a never ending circle. I should do some editing. That is the right thing to do but my phone just buzzed telling me a friend replied to a comment I made on one of their pictures and my drive is lost.

Maybe I’ll edit after I reply back…

Nightmares of Editing

It has to be done but I’m dreading it.General Atmosphere - 2014 SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival


Ugh… editing.

No, matter how much I love writing there are parts of it that irk me. I’ve done the easy part of writing the damn thing but now I have to go back to make necessary changes. This could be sentence structure, story flow, grammar, punctuation… and if you read my blog posts – which I tell you right now I don’t really edit – I need help in all of those listed.

Sometimes it’s funny when I re-read a section of my book and know exactly how my mood was.

“Ah, yes… chapter 5 and 6 must have been the days I got a proper amount of sleep. 7 to 10… was I writing drunk… I really need to stop that…”

So… yeah… necessary changes are necessary for my final written product.

Editing I understand is important. I was the kid in school told to edit my work all the time and didn’t… which could have meant a grade upgrade from a B average to a A average… but I know kids don’t listen to their teachers. I’ve been a teacher and you can go blue in the face trying to get a kid to listen to you but if they choose not to… well good luck. I would like to call that Karma by the way.

Now, with my focus at the moment on creative writing and self-publishing my work I have to pay attention to the process I dreaded all my life. Editing could change an okay book into a best-seller. Editing shows you’ve put time and effort into making sure your book reads well and flows well for your readers.

It took me 10 years but I appreciate editing even though I still hate it.

I honestly can’t believe this will be the second book I’ve written in less than a year that has entered this process. I actually can’t believe I’m willing to put myself through this torment for a second time…

Editing is pain people. It will all pay off in the end. When I am holding book two in my hands I will forget all the re-writing and re-reading that needed to be done to hold the final product. I’m also excited to think what you all think of the second book…

In truth – and I may be bias – I think the second book is better written and has more action. The characters are developed better and I think there is more suspense compared to book one… actually I know there is more suspense than book one. Liora is going to kick butt this book and gain new friends along her adventure.

Anywho, I have to go back to the dungeon of editing before I can send it off to be reviewed by my editor. Yes, I pre-edit my stuff… if I’m comfortable to send it to him that means it is close to being comfortable enough to get published.

That’s all for now.

Toodles. 🙂


Update: Edit… edit… edit…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I HATE EDITING!

It is the longest of the processes regarding your story but in the end it will all be worth it.

My editor has gone through and made several changes and made suggestions, which at the moment I am fixing. Once I have run through this batch of editing fixes I’ll being giving it back to him for another read through.

Hopefully that means I will have this done before December 20th, so all you lovelies can purchase this story for Christmas if you’d like.

The plan is to e-book it on Kindle, which will allow me to then focus on finding someone to turn it into a paperback version since I know some of you – like myself – like holding paper in their hands and smell the ink from the pages.

That’s all I have for book 1 updates.

Regarding Book 2, I am half-way through the first draft. I’m taking a break from that to allow me time to focus up finishing book 1.

That is all I got to share for now. 🙂

Update: Regarding Book 1 and Book 2


Hello lovelies,

Just wanted to update you on what is going on.

I am in the process of having book one edited since editing is very important. This will likely take a couple of weeks, and changes will probably take another week… then there will be a final edit session.

I am hoping to still have this out by Christmas, but we shall have to wait and see.

Now, as the title to this post has suggested, I will be talking about book 2 of the P6 series.

As I have completed book one, and I am waiting for the editor to be finished making changes/ suggestions, I am left being bored out of my mind. So, since I’ve been writing book one for 6 months straight, I decided I would start book 2.

Progress on this book will be slower since I am still working on editing/ publishing book one… but I will let you know that I have completed the first two chapters.

I will hopefully have book 2 out by the summer or fall of next year. We shall have to wait and see. (Depends on how obsessed I get with it.)

That’s all I have for updates right now. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.

Toodles for now,

Classy (Deanna) Canuck 🙂

Reviews: Natural Reader (13)


I know I haven’t updated for a few days, but I have a good reason. I’ve been editing my book, and making the changes necessary to make it a smooth read.

When in the process of reviewing my work, I find reading my work aloud to be the best way to catch mistakes. There is also a problem with that. When you read your own work, you may skip crucial mistakes because your brain sees/ reads the word as what you meant to put in the sentence. I find this happens to be a lot when it comes to words like definitely/ defiantly, probably/ possibly and so on. These can make or break a sentence, and are important to catch.

Sticking with reviewing my work and listening to how it sounds I decided I needed a program that could read my work back to me.

That’s where Natural Reader came to my rescue.

Before I start this review, I want to say I’m not sponsored by Natural Reader and therefore they aren’t paying me anything to review their product. I just thought, as a aspiring writer to other aspiring writers, this would be a helpful product review if you’re looking for a similar solution to this problem.

So, l let’s begin.

There’s a Free Version:

Natural Reader starts out with a free version which allows you to use the text-to-speech option but limits you on the voice you can use… which in the free version is 0.

This pissed me off, since the whole reason I wanted to use this product was for the text-to-speak option. They give you sample voices, which reads you 5000 words a day on the free version. That wasn’t going to cut it for me, but from using the free version I knew that I would use the paid version without argument.

So, summing up this section is the free version is a great place to start but if you want more out of the program go for the paid version.

The Voices:

Now, the basic voices you get with Personal version ($69.00) has two voices.

The Professional version ($129.50) appears to be the most popular coming with your choice of four voices.

The version I went with – because I listen to everything in my life – was the Ultimate ($199.50). This allows you to choose six voices.

The voices range in quality and languages: UK English, US English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic – and more.

The ones I chose were of the US English and UK English variety. The voices vary in quality, and since I find listening to US English to be equivalent to the teacher from Farris Bueller’s Day Off, I usually find myself using the UK English voices – mostly Graham and Rosie.

Who doesn’t want a stuffy old British guy named Graham reading you a story?

Voices can be sped up or slowed down. I find a comfortable listening level to be -1 but some people may enjoy a faster paced read. Since I’m listening for editing, this slower pace gives me a chance to pause the reader without getting to far ahead of where I found the mistake.

There are a few pronunciation errors that are annoying in regards to using these voices (which I just discovered while doing this review can be edited in the Pronunciation Editor). Still, each voice will have their issues, but the ones I have noticed are as follows:

  • Argue – when read by UK Rosie she exaggerates the UE at the end. (She sounds super excited about it too).
  • Putting – UK Graham likes to say puting… which makes for some interesting sentences.
  • To Be – when placed together for Rosie and Graham sounds like Toby or To Bree.
  • ‘er – they all say ‘single quote ER’
  • Symbols – When using symbols like single quotes, dashes, slashes and interrobangs the voices may say them.

In my opinion having only that many pronunciation issues in 33,000 words isn’t bad. They follow the punctuation well, and inflect their voices when asking questions. They pause at commas and dashes (sometimes), and they stop for a moment at periods.

All in all the voices impress me, asides from the roboticness of them. They are easy to listen to, and I’ve found a lot of errors thanks to Graham.


Love how simple it is to use.

They have videos on their website that shows you how to use the program, but I honestly didn’t need it.

You can use simple keyboard commands to do pretty much anything and simply pressing the SPACE BAR will start or stop the reader.


If you are worried that this will take up a lot of drive space, or slowdown your system you will be pleasantly surprised.

It really doesn’t.

My laptop is almost 8 years old and runs Natural Reader with no issues. I also have tons of space left on my hard-drive for other editing and writing programs.

This also is available for PC, Mac and your phone (IPod or Android).


As stated above there are all kinds of versions, each with their own differences.

The program starts with Free and goes to $199.50.

All – except the Free – versions come with helpful writing assistance like spell-check and word prediction. The program can read you back websites like this blog, or other sites that interest you. They also allow for you to import E-books!

For all these features and more, it really is worth the price they are selling this at.

Bonus Points:

Updates during the first six-months are free!

Overall Ruling:

I would give this product a 9/10 – since there are places they can improve and change to make the product better (voices mostly). Also no one is perfect.

I don’t regret purchasing this product and if you have the same problem with editing that I was having, I would suggest checking this program out.

I’ll just add – I wouldn’t be suggesting or reviewing this product if I thought it was crap… Natural Reader has changed the way I do editing, and has made me a better writer for being able to hear my mistakes.


If this review has peaked your interest check-out the Natural Reader website and see for yourself through using the Free version how much easier it is to edit your work.


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