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Two Paths


There are two paths before me.
One to the left.
One to the right.
I do not know which one to take.
I stand there puzzled for a moment. There are no signs to tell me which one leads where.
That’s when someone walks passed me, they say hello and continue on. They take the right.
Before I can ask them where their path leads I notice them walk passed the left path and around the corner.
I swear, I spent a good five minutes contemplating which path to take only to find out they lead to the same result.

Don’t you hate when that happens?

I said. She said. He said… Is said really dead?


One thing I remember from learning how to write stories in elementary school… which feels like 100 years ago… is that you should never use the word said.

Okay, I understand that it can get annoying to read that word over and over again.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hello.” He said back.

“Lovely weather.” She said.

“Yes… it is.” He said in return.

There isn’t much emotion in what they are saying. Using other words besides said can make a huge difference in how a conversation is perceived by your reader.

“Hi.” She called.

“Hello.” He replied.

“Lovely weather.” She chirped.

“Yes… it is.” He sighed.

That there gives the reader some idea of how the character is approaching the situation. With that being said… I do not believe said is dead. Using the word in moderation – like anything in writing – can help move a story along.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hello.” He replied.

“Lovely weather.” She chirped.

“Yes… it is.” He sighed.

Using said with descriptive words after it, also helps break up the repetitiveness.

“Hi.” She said, hurrying over to the bus stop.

“Hello.” He replied, pulling his bag closer to his side. He hadn’t expected to speak with anyone while he waited.

“Lovely weather.” She chirped. The girl sounded nice enough, but he wasn’t too interested in conversation.

“Yes… it is.” He sighed, glancing down the road in hopes of seeing the bus in the distance. It should have arrived by now.

Now, isn’t that better than he said/ she said…

Anyways, I’ll leave a link to one of my favourite websites. It has over 200 words to replace said in your sentences, which I find helpful when I’m in a said stump.

I also want to find out your opinion of the Said is Dead theory. Do you believe said is dead or not? Comment below.

Toodles for now. 🙂

Keep Calm. It is only a first draft.

This. Yeah, that quote right up there pretty much sums up my writing anxiety perfectly.

I want my first draft to be my last/ only draft. Yes, I know that is unrealistic; yet, my mind still thinks these silly things. Just like my brain tells my hand to write He instead of She or Wold instead of Would (-.-).

I think I think too quickly sometimes and my brain is shouting, “Damn it Hand, keep up!”

My hand is probably shouting back, “I’m given ‘er all I got, Captain.”

Maybe I’m giving my hand some unneeded anxiety issues?

Anyways… moving on…

My new goal for getting this first book done is to continuously remind myself to calm down. I even force myself at times to make a mistake to help me stay motivated to change it later. I have even started writing things in the margins of some of my pages to make sure I remember what I need to change.

Nothing is perfect. Not a first draft, and not even the final draft. There is always room to improve.

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