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Wingdings Font: Why Do We Still Have It?

Second day in a row that I’ve posted a video. I’m not going to say sorry for it because these are interesting/ educational videos which I find interesting.

Ever since I was a kid I was curious about the Wingding font. I used it during my computer classes to send funny messages to friends. I used the font for headers on my short stories and even in my recent published work – Child of the Light. It is a decorative font that we rarely give attention to… so why does Microsoft still have the Wingdings font?

This is a great question, and what better way to answer them than by this short video:

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – Funny Things

Post Five Things That Make You Laugh

I have a playlist on Youtube just for this post. If I need a good laugh these are the videos I pull up that brings a smile to my face every time. These are more laughing because they are cute than they are laughing because they are funny. Enjoy!


|ONE| He Squeaks!!!


|TWO| Save that Hour!!! *Warning strong language used*


|THREE| Loca The Special Pug


|FOUR| Hang Dried Sloth


|FIVE| Puppies verses Stairs


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 25: Word Image Search


Word Image Search

Today’s challenge is: think of a word and search for it using Google Images. Writing something inspired by the 11th Image.

The word I chose was tranquillity. The 11th image was:


I stood at the end of the board walk. The warm night air off the water stuck to my skin. I pulled my housecoat closer as the fluffy lime material tickled my skin. The smell of salt danced up my nose making me close my eyes and take a slower, deeper breath. The sound of waves lapped around me, slapping up onto my feet covered in white sand.

I open my eyes to see glass reflecting cotton of blues, pinks, and greys. The sky like candy pastels as I run my hand through my hair knocking away the fading electric blue strands.

I’m glad I came out here. I needed a break.

There came a knock from behind me. I turned around, feeling my frustration return. Someone was at my door and I had a good idea as to who it was.

Snapping my fingers the imaged faded, leaving me standing in the middle of the dark room. Photographs plastered the back wall caught the light through the crack in the drawn blinds when a car drove through the alleyway below. I could hear the neighbours shouting across the way as there came another knock on my front door.

The knocking this time was louder.

Secretly I had hoped he had left after thinking I wasn’t in.

“Jay!” it was Royce, as I had expected. “Jaya, open the fracking door – we need to talk!”

I smirked after hearing him use the word I commonly used to replace the oh so boring swears of this century. Maybe there was hope for Officer Bass after all.

Closing the door to my room and making sure the lock was latched, I made my way down the hallway covered in tacky floral print to the living room. I stood facing the entrance and with a snap of my fingers the front latch unlocked. He knocked again, obviously not noticing what I had done.

“It’s open – you Neanderthal,” I called, crossing my arms under my chest as he opened the door.

“It was locked – I checked,” Royce growled, closing the door. A thick manila folder was tucked under his right pit.

“Hope you check crime scenes better,” I smirked, noticing a hazel glare over his sunglasses, a habit I hadn’t yet been able to make him curb. “So, what brings yah to my lair this late?”

He took off his shoes, welcoming himself in like he had half a dozen times, collapsing in his usual spot in the corner of my lumpy black futon. Patches jumped up onto the back, settling near Royce as he gave her a hesitant pat. After they were both settled he set down the folder on my coffee table still covered with takeout containers.

“We found another body,” Royce muttered, moving to lean his elbows onto his knees after firmly planting his feet on the floor. He was hunched over in deep thought as I caught him give me a glance. “I know you’re off… since…”

He paused, taking off his sunglasses to set them atop the folder. He took a deep breath, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Patches was rubbing up against his back now for attention that he wasn’t going to give. I knew he blamed himself for what had happened but it wasn’t his fault. I wish I could have told him I was fine. I wanted to tell him that that Jinn couldn’t have killed me with an injury like that… but I couldn’t. He couldn’t know what I was. I couldn’t tell him or I’d be sent back to the bottle for who knows how long.

“Hey, Bass…” my voice was low but it reached his ears when he turned to give me a smirk at hearing his nickname, “you’re my partner – tell me what you need me to do.”


Ha…. well that was unexpected… didn’t think Jaya would make a comeback. If you don’t remember Jaya – she was a free genie I wrote about a while back [Her First Appearance Is Here]. Maybe my mind is telling me something… XD

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 22 – Shuffle

First Fifteen Songs You hear On Shuffle

Since I already did a song list thing earlier this challenge, I’m not going to bore you with the details of each of these songs. The fact of the matter is I love anything and everything. My music is a reflections of my personality – I’m up for anything and I won’t say no unless I’ve given it a try before and didn’t like it.

With saying that, here are fifteen songs I got when playing my IPod on shuffle:

Dawn Langstroth – You Don’t Want Me

Bing Cosby/Vic Schoen – Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Bar

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Mateo Messina – Up the Spout

Carlyle Fraser – Family Portrait

Barenaked Ladies – Humungous Tree

Katy Perry – Firework

The Ink Spots – Do I Worry?

Barenaked Ladies – Something You’ll Never Find

Howard Baer – Spancil Hill

Dean Martin – Memories are made of this

Marianas Trench – All to Myself

Florence And The Machine – Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Enya – Boadicea

Jason Mraz – The Remedy

 This is probably the best song to end with. I just LOVE Jason Mraz. ❤

Old Word Friday: Bedward


That’s right, there is a word called bedward. Like edward + B.

Basically, bedward means to head to bed.

How to use bedward in a sentence:

After a long day at work I’m bedward.


When the children were done brushing their teeth they were ushered bedward.

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Panoply


Unlike Monopoly – the game that ruins friendships and marriages – panoply is actually a good thing. When you have an panoply is usually means you have a complete set of something. Panoply is so fun to say… well I find anything with an LY fun to say actually.

Ways of using panoply in a sentence:

You may think I’m crazy but I have a panoply of the Spice Girls Dolls.


Many people have a panoply of the Harry Potter Series.


So, what kind of panoplies do you have/ are proud of?

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 14 – Movies


Movies You Don’t Get Tired Of

I’m just going to make a list because that is easier… so this will be about the top 4 Movies I Don’t Get Tired Of:

|ONE| Studio Ghibli 


Yes, I know this is a animation company and not a movie but if I was to list all of their movies that I love I would be able to publish another book. So, to keep it simple I put them under one title. Young or old there is something about Studio Ghibli that appeals to all ages.

My first Studio Ghibli movie was ‘My Neighbor Totoro’. I was babysitting at the time, and loved the story, the animation, and the characters. From that moment on I aimed to collect all over the studios films.

My favourites out of the Studio would be ‘Princess Mononoke’ and ‘Spirited Away’. These two are both beautifully animated, and have a timeless story that teaches everyone to love and explore the world around them. That every person can make a difference, and you can make a change in the world if you put your heart into it.

|TWO| Fushigi Yugi (The Mysterious Play) Series


Now, this isn’t a movie… it is an anime series made up of two seasons and 2 OVAs.

Why did I include this in my favourite movies I never get tired of? For one reason. I binge watch all the episodes (which takes three-four days), and I do it once a year.

Yes, that’s right. Once a year I watch the same series and I’ve been doing this for 5-6 years.


Because it is freaking fantastic, that’s why.

Two girls (Miaka Yuki and Yui Hongo) get sucked into an ancient book (Universe of the Four Gods). The book brings them back to ancient China. One girl – Miaka Yuki – becomes the priestess of Suzaku (Pheonix of Love). The other – Yui Hongo – becomes the priestess of Seiryu (Dragon of War). Both girl have to gather their warriors and complete tasks to bind their god to them before the other.

Kawaii Nuriko ^.^

It is filled with humour, tension, and love. A high school girl’s dream… which is one reason I fell in love with it in the first place.

That and Nuriko! My favourite sassy, flamboyant pretty boy. :3

If you have the time I would suggest watching a few episodes on YouTube.

|THREE| Nightmare Before Christmas


Do I have to explain why? Do I really?

Tim Burton. Halloween Christmas crossover. Great music.

For people who love dark and creepy, yet light hearted and family friendly – NBC is the movie for you. While everyone sings traditional Christmas careols you will find me belting This Is Halloween, What’s This, or Kidnap the Sandy Claws. I can’t stress enough how much this movie shaped my adolescent years… I think I still have my purse and hat somewhere…

|FOUR| Phantom of the Opera


Have you ever watched a movie and it sounded so similar but you don’t know why? Yeah, that’s what PotO was for me. For the longest time I would listen to the soundtrack and hum the songs until one day my mother told me a really cool story.

According to her, when she was eight months pregnant with me, my father and her went to see PotO live. This was the early 90’s and it was a popular Broadway show in Toronto at the time. Anyways, after the show my mother bought the soundtrack and played it often while she was carrying me.

The fact I was fourteen when she told me this helped connect the dots on why I may have had this embedded desire to listen to the music… also why I always felt comfort when hearing Christine sing Think of Me.

This was also the movie that always makes me cry… always…

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 13- Excited


What Are You Excited About?

At the moment there is really one thing I am most excited about and that’s the completion of my first draft of my second book. Completing a first draft essentially is when you have officially told yourself the story and how you want it to play out. It is the bones or foundation for your final draft to be built upon. You have your basics planned and all that is left is to fix it up, correct the grammar, making the necessary changes before handing it off to the editor to tear to piece before you go through and fix it for the publish process.

I love writing the first draft because that’s when you get to learn about your character and see how they have changed. You can place them in situations that you may later remove, but they help test the personality of this thing you have created. You’ve essentially sketched out what you want before adding the paint to your canvas.

I’m almost done writing my first draft of my second book. I’m close to having my foundation to build from, and hopefully a sketch to paint by the time I have completed it.

Only time will tell… but I can’t help but be excited. (^.^)

Wonderful Word Wednesday: TARADIDDLE


Some of you may already have heard of this word. Heck, some of you may already know what it means. If you’ve read the Harry Potter series you have heard of taradiddle, but for those who have not let me tell you what it is.

Simply put, taradiddle means to lie/fib or speak pretentious nonsense.

Some examples of taradiddle in a sentence:

The teacher was tired of listening to her students taradiddles.


Gregory had a terrible habit of taradiddling.

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