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Diary of a Socially Awkward Introvert: Compliments

The other day when I was sitting on the bus, heading home from a long day of work and a short stint of shopping, I noticed something bright blue out of the corner of my eye. As I turned I could see it was a young woman – probably close to my age – in a hijab sipping her coffee. The bright blue material matched her outfit really well and a part of my felt like I wanted to compliment her.

As I was about to open my mouth to say something, there came a voice, very faint in the back of my mind, “Don’t do it. She might think there’s something wrong with you.”

No, I think she would really like a compliment. Everybody likes compliments,” I retorted my own internal police but that didn’t stop them.

What if you stumble your words like you usually do with strangers, huh? Maybe she will take your compliment in a wrong way. Think about her position. She’s sipping her tea and relaxing… then you break that peace by talking to her. Don’t do it… it isn’t worth this list I prepared to deter you.” At that point my brain – being the jerk that it is – listed off a hundred scenarios making me settle back down into my seat.

I was given a second chance to complete the Compliment Quest when I reached my stop. It turned out the young woman in the beautiful blue hijab was getting off at the same stop. We were standing beside each other at the door, perfect time for me to say something but instead my mind was running hundreds of things I should say… rewording the compliment, figuring out ways to not come across as weird, preparing come-backs if the girl got upset.

We got off the bus and I crossed the street by 124d2gthe time my brain was satisfied with what I was going to say to her… but the opportunity was miss. She crossed the street and I was left cursing myself for being afraid to say anything while being plagued with the worry that she had noticed me staring at her and being given all the thoughts she may have been thinking about me staring.

Looking back at it now, I feel stupid for even overthinking that situation. Who would get angry at a compliment? No one, that’s who! Yet my brain decided to work overtime like it was the Enigma Machine trying to decode Nazi bombing coordinates.

The problem is I’m an amiable person… which means I’m not only a friendly person but I hate conflicts of all kinds. That means if there is potential for conflict I avoid it or try to help others avoid it at all cost. This also means that my brain considers the possibility of everything being a conflict and tries to come up with solutions to solving these possible, unrealistic, nonexistent conflicts… which sucks!

This problem doesn’t just occur when I want to say anything nice to someone but also when someone says something nice to me. First, I stiffen up because now someone is giving me attention and I hate being centred out. This engages my brain who is reminding me of my unnatural stance and it tells me that the person I’m talking to thinks I’m
strange for reacting that way… which makes me try to be calm which only makes me act weirder. Second, I have no idea what I’m supposed to say when given a compliment – which I’m trying to find an answer for while trying to act natural while trying to avoid upsetting the person that complimented me. My brain starts asking itself questions like: do I say thank you? And before I get the chance to say thank you my words are choked out by my brain’s answer: Wouldn’t thank you be too basic? And these thoughts just continue on facepalm-meme-17and on making a silence grow to an awkward length but I’m not paying attention to time because my brain is continuing it’s useless debate with itself. If I say no problem that would sound narcissistic or belittling to the person giving me the compliment. No reply would just be rude and smiling/nodding would just be weird. It is only after catching onto my complimenters body language do I realise I’ve made the situation awkward and from that point I spout out a very uncomfortable and not confident, ‘Thank you’. And if that’s just not cringe worthy enough I end it with a nervous laugh.

Be happy you aren’t in my brain. Be happy you don’t over analyse every social interaction you have with people. This is why introverts are tired after hanging out with a group and also why it takes something really important for them to leave the comfort of their home. Be glad you aren’t a socially awkward introvert… and if you are at least now you know you aren’t alone. 🙂



Old Word Friday: Kexy

Hello World Out There World!

Now, this weeks word I could see making a comeback. It could even become as popular as the word bae. Bae by the way did not originally mean what it means today. Bae originated as a Danish word for poop… it does not mean baby or babe. So, the next time you text your loved one “ur my bae!” remember you just called them your poop.

Anyways, now that I ruined that for all of you…

This weeks old word is an adjective and originated around 1608 lasting until 1884. The word kexy means something dry, brittle, or withered.

Pronouncing the word:


Some examples of this word in a sentence word be:

My brother’s cooking always turns out kexy.


These potato chips are really kexy.

Or… (Just because this is now stuck in my head)

I’m kexy and I know it. XD

Do you think this is going to make a comeback?

Probably… but not in a way it was originally intended. I think the word kexy will come back as a portmanteau (two words fused into one) for the words kinky and sexy. I would want it to make a comeback for it’s original definition, and I’ll probably end up as that weird person at a party using the word while all the other kids look at me like I’ve come from another planet. I honestly do not know if they word will make a comeback at all, it is a fun word to say and I can see it confusing a lot of people when it is used but like all the other words I talk about it will probably not make a comeback. 🙂

What do you think? How would you use the word KEXY?


Always Edit With Humour

Hello World Out There World!

When I work with my editor he and I always find interesting moments in the book to laugh about. Humour is important when you are tearing apart something you worked so hard on. It also helps the editing process run smoother and helps grow a rapport with your editor. The way we find humour in our editing process is simple. It could be a word I wrote thinking it was another word. It could be some spelling mistake my computer didn’t pick up. Or, more often than not it is something my characters do that is close to life or just plain ridiculous.

One of these funny character moments left him leaving this comment and me in stitches.


Writers I know you can relate

Hello world out there world!

Pinterest and I have a love hate relationship. I love it because it helps me find fun ideas, or prompts, or resources which I can explore/ learn more when it comes to the world of becoming a professional author. I hate it because when I should be working on my stories, editing, or researching certain aspects/ themes I instead look up DIY projects and funny Supernatural quotes.

Pinterest is both a great resource and the worst procrastination tool in my life.

Sometimes though I find something that relates so well to my life that I just have to share it with all of you. I know I’m not alone. There have been many followers that have mentioned this pain we call procrastination. This bane on our creative existence can come in many forms but whatever it is we all know that when it hits we are not going to get anything, I REPEAT ANYTHING, done.


So, since you have read this and now know you are not alone, I hope this post was able to make you laugh or at least smile. 🙂

And until next time, toodles!

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Zenzizenzizenzic

Sorry for the delay in posting. I was travelling across Ontario to my new home and it took a little longer to hook up a proper internet connection to post on here. Posts should resume to a normal schedule from this post onward.

Now, for today’s WWW I give you the word zenzizenzizenzic. No I did not make up this word. No, I do not expect you to ever need to know/use this word in your lifetime. I honestly have this part of my Weird Word List which I rarely use in day-to-day writing. I just found this word fasinating in the sense it is a proper word used in mathematics.

Zenzizenzizenzic is a word for the obsolete form of mathematical notation representing the eighth power of a number (thank you Google for that definition).

I – in no way – will be using this in a sentence since it is likely to only be used to describe mathematical equations or other number sentences. You can just revival in the fact you know a word like zenzizenzizenzic and can brag to others that you now know this ridiculous word. 🙂

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – Funny Things

Post Five Things That Make You Laugh

I have a playlist on Youtube just for this post. If I need a good laugh these are the videos I pull up that brings a smile to my face every time. These are more laughing because they are cute than they are laughing because they are funny. Enjoy!


|ONE| He Squeaks!!!


|TWO| Save that Hour!!! *Warning strong language used*


|THREE| Loca The Special Pug


|FOUR| Hang Dried Sloth


|FIVE| Puppies verses Stairs


Wonderful Word Wednesday: TARADIDDLE


Some of you may already have heard of this word. Heck, some of you may already know what it means. If you’ve read the Harry Potter series you have heard of taradiddle, but for those who have not let me tell you what it is.

Simply put, taradiddle means to lie/fib or speak pretentious nonsense.

Some examples of taradiddle in a sentence:

The teacher was tired of listening to her students taradiddles.


Gregory had a terrible habit of taradiddling.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3


What are your top pet peeves?

Now what is a pet peeve exactly? According to Google it is: something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

Awesome, let’s get started.

I am an easy going person. I don’t believe I get annoyed by much, but those things that do annoy me usually send me off the deep end pretty quickly.

One pet peeve I know of right off the bat is noise neighbours. I don’t mean the neighbours that live in a detached house, I mean the ones that live above or below you in an apartment. I mean the neighbours that you’ve asked to be quiet more times than you believe you should to be quiet.

No, I don’t want to listen to your terrible singing at 3 am. No, I don’t want to hear you have tickle fights at 1 am. No, I don’t care that your shirt is dirty don’t do your laundry that is right below our master bedroom at 2 am. There are normal hours of the day people, we know you’re up during those hours cause we can hear you… so why the heck are you doing all the loud stuff during that time when you should be sleeping?

(Mr. Canuck and I both agree it is time to move – 2016 Goal!)

Second pet peeve is uncontrollable children. I understand that children are going to be loud. I also understand that children can be unruly little hell-spawns from time-to-time. I’m a trained educator, I understand children.

What I don’t understand is when a child is obviously being bad in public and their parent ignores a perfectly good moment to educate their child on proper behaviour in a store. No, Jimmy you can’t throw a box of animal crackers at that woman that would hurt. No, Sally don’t ram the little cart into that lady ask her to move and use please and thank you. No, Billy you cannot eat the fruit from the display because mommy will have to pay for it. Don’t just say no, explain why you are saying no – that is if you are evening getting as far as to say it.

Gods forbid if I step in to defend my shins from being a bumper railing. The parent goes after me for talking/ tainting their precious snowflake by me politely saying, “Hey little guy/girl, can you not do that. What you are doing hurts and that isn’t very nice.”

I understand being a parent is hard. Heck, I am 24 almost 25 and I can’t begin to think about how I’m going to be as a parent… but if you’re child is starting to harm other people by their actions maybe it is your time to take action as a parent. Teach your child throwing things at strangers are wrong, or running their cart into people isn’t nice. If you don’t they will learn when they are older that society won’t tolerate their behaviour and they are going to have a hard time. Sorry… but its true. The world is a tough place.

Huh… wow… I’m kind of surprised I thought I’d have more pet peeves but that seems to be all I can think of. Well, I think that is more than enough ranting for one night anyways. XD



Old Word Friday: Callipygian

There is a word for everything it seems butt can you guess what Callipygian means?

If you noticed my not so subtle hint it does have something to do with the butt. When someone is described as having a callipygian they are pretty much being complimented for having a nice butt. Callipygian (origin Greek) means having a beautiful or well-formed buttocks.

So the next time you want to compliment your sweethearts assets, you now have a nifty new word to use. You’re welcome. 🙂

Some examples:

He glanced at her callipygian with a boyish smirk.


Sure, he could hold an intelligent conversation but it was his callipygian that really got her attention. 😛

(Fair is fair, after all we are all monkeys in shoes.)

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