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Old Word Friday: Balter

I usually hunt down my old words for Friday posts but it just so happens today something amazing happened. One of my old art teachers from elementary school posted an awesome old word on her Facebook and I had to use it because of it’s potential.


One of the top comments made me laugh so hard that I’m going to have to use it as the example sentence for all of you.

Example sentence using balter:

Balter like nobody’s watching. 😛



30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 26 – Improvement

Something You Want To Improve In Your Life


I’ve always had issues with self-confidence, which may be a reason why I love writing so much. It helps me escape from the real world, allowing me to write my real self in fiction. A lot of my characters aren’t afraid to speak their mind or be confident in their choices –
the opposite of me. Whenever I make a choice I start panicking right away that I did the wrong thing. Whenever I say something I start panicking about if I upset them.

Life – I believe – would be so much easier if I Honey-Badger-Dont-Carejust stopped caring about what others thought about me. If I just woke up one day and said, “Today, I’m going to be a honey badger.”

Inside I’m confident. The voice you’re hearing on this blog is confident… but in real like on the daily I’m not. I’m quiet. I’m forgotten about. I don’t speak my mind. When I do speak I sputter or stutter out my words. I’m like Sadness from Pixar’s Inside Out at the start of the movie… when I honestly feel like Joy on the inside.

So yeah… confidence is something I need to improve on in my life. I think I’ll be happier for it.

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 19 – First Love


Discuss Your First Love

My first love wasn’t a person. My first love wasn’t an animal. My first love was an activity.

I fell in love with ballet.

Yes, I was a ballet dance for six years and I loved it. Dancing was telling a story without words. You have to express yourself through movement, and facial expressions. You had to paint a story through the music and give the audience the story through your actions.

I was young like six years old when I started dancing, but I soon realized that I loved it when we did our first performance. We danced up on the stage doing – at the time – an attempt of what the older girls were doing but we were having fun.

As the years went on, I was able to perform in the larger sirminimusproductions. I played Sir Minimus from the Labyrinth (the one with David Bowie) and Mr. Beaver from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I became characters from stories, wore costumes and face paint. I danced around as people I wasn’t – probably one reason I became so interested in cosplay… now that I think about it.

I stopped dancing at age 12 not because I wanted to stop, but because of the people running the school made it difficult to enjoy. I had dealt with social pressures – be tiny, be delicate, don’t be harsh, don’t dance like a boy… the worst of it was when they were trying to get me into doing the dancing exams.

The whole reason I went into dancing was to have fun. I didn’t want to do exams. I didn’t want to become a teacher. I didn’t want to go to the Royal Academy of Dancing… but if I wanted to take certain classes that use to be open to me… if I wanted to continue to perform in the big production they forced those who were there to have fun into these exams. Exams by the way aren’t fun. It is you standing before four snobby looking people who judge you on your dancing. They criticise your posture, your arm movement, your foot position. They tear your to pieces… they tear a twelve year old girl to pieces over not being perfect.

So, yeah… after my first exam I realized if I wanted to dance I would be able to dance where I was going. Unfortunately the other dance schools were taking on this professional dancers only mentality… and so… I never danced again.

Maybe I’ll go back to the stage when I’m older, but at the moment I’m happy just doing my reviews in my living room. 🙂

Wonderful Word Wednesday: TARADIDDLE


Some of you may already have heard of this word. Heck, some of you may already know what it means. If you’ve read the Harry Potter series you have heard of taradiddle, but for those who have not let me tell you what it is.

Simply put, taradiddle means to lie/fib or speak pretentious nonsense.

Some examples of taradiddle in a sentence:

The teacher was tired of listening to her students taradiddles.


Gregory had a terrible habit of taradiddling.

Prophecy Six has a Facebook!!!


I know it’s long overdue but I have finally gotten around to doing this. I can officially say that P6 has a Facebook page.

What I’m hoping is that this page will become a place where readers can share and discuss my book, along with getting insight on new things I may be releasing. So far it is just me and a few friends following, but I would love to carry some of the conversations I’ve had with many of you over to my page.

I want it to be a safe place where we can talk about writing, reading, and all the other things we love. I’m wanting to build a P6 community and this is one way I know how to start it. 🙂

So, don’t be afraid to join the new Prophecy Six Page!!!


Wonderful Word Wednesday: Inglenook


The word inglenook is a funny sounding word but I find it gives character to a place when you use it. Inglenook means a cozy/ comfortable place by the fireplace.

For example:

Liora sat in the inglenook with the leather text on her lap.


They gathered around the inglenook.

I have no idea…

My biggest issue I’m having isn’t that I published a book but how to talk about my published book. I have this problem when I start talking I can’t shut up, which can lead to me either telling too much of the story or cutting myself short of what I can share.

So, when someone asks me what I’m writing… I normally become an awkward penguin and clam up before stuttering my way through a very poorly assembled explanation of my book.

It’s not the fact I don’t know what I’m writing… it’s the fact I don’t know what I want to share with you.

I love my series and the pieces I write. I know what I’m writing… I just don’t know what to tell you. There is so much to tell you about the story from the world it’s based in to the characters it’s about. There are traditions, laws, rules, creatures, religions just like planet either. It’s a great diverse world I created with diverse people… so if you want a short explanation you aren’t going to get it.

If you want a short explanation you’ll get:

“It’s a ya fiction focused around social issues in a fantasy world.”


“It’s follows the main character trying to find others like herself who are meant to save or destroy the world… depends on what way they lean by the end of the series.”

Ambiguous as heck… but not giving anything away. I’m also fighting with myself at this point… not wanting to explode with passionate description about everything. I’m wanting to tell them everything about Gaitan… I want to share with them my characters like Caldor, Liora, Foe…

I want them to understand why I love it…

But when they ask ‘what are you writing?’ they are expecting a short explanation like those two examples above… not the world’s story.

And so, that’s why I usually give them a shrug and tell them ‘I have no idea’ with a smile before directing them to my kindle page. 🙂

Wonderful Word Wednesday: Lissome

This week on WWW I offer you the word lissome. It is a simple and beautiful word used to describe something graceful and slender. Isn’t is better to say lissome instead of those two words. Sure, graceful is a nice word, and the same goes for slender… but why divide them with an and when you can just use one word that incorporates them both?

Here are some examples of using lissome in a sentence:

The horse was lissome as its mane glistened in the sun.


The lissome woman wandered towards the men on the other side of the room, eyeing the tallest of her companions before winking at him.

Old Word Friday: Scurryfunge


Have you ever scurried around to tidy/ clean your house before guests arrive? I know I have. Such an act can be explained by using the word scurryfunge, since that is exactly what it means.

Examples of scurryfunge in a sentence:

I scurryfunge whenever I am about to have friends over.


My sister scurryfunges every year before our family comes over for the holidays.

Or… this one pertaining to my life right now.

I have to scurryfunge before my landlady comes over to check the apartment. XD


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