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UPDATE: 75 Copies Left!!

Hello World Out There World!75copiesleft

There are officially 75 free copies left of book one. Which I think is pretty awesome after one day of being into this contest. I am still hoping to get to the finish line but so far I am so happy that some of you have go above and beyond with helping me by reblogging or reposting my link to your social media. You know who you are! 🙂


I said I’ll keep you posted about things so I am…

I’d like to also update you on the progress of book 2 – Children of Sirphan. We now have 6 beta readers so I am no longer taking any more at this time.

Thank you all again for this love and support during this contest and until next time – toodles! o^.^o



So, I woke up this morning to find that 12 of you wonderful people have come together to download a FREE copy of my book. That is such an amazing feeling and I can’t thank you all enough for all those who are sharing, reviewing, or reposting to help us get to the goal of being on the publishing list. I hope that we can keep this going and reach 0 before October 30 as there are already so many people close to the finish line already. But I’m keeping my hopes up and my head held high – because even if I don’t win I know I have a readership that has my back and that is a wonderful thing to know.


Anyways, hugs and loves to you all for helping me out. If we do win I will have to figure out a way to repay all of you for getting use to this goal. Any suggestions? XD

I’ll keep you all updated on what is going on when there is something to update but until next time – toodles! o^.^o

I Need Your Help To Get Published!

The contest I’m entering so you know I’m not a liar. XD

So, I entered a contest for publication and marketing with the online group called Inkitt. I am curious to see if we are capable of getting book one – Child of the Light – republished.

This is what I need you all to do.

I need you to go to this link HERE and click ‘GET A FREE COPY’. You will get the chance to not only get a free copy of my first book but also help get me one step closer to the marketing help I need to get my book to a larger audience.

I just need 100 of the 600 of you to do this for me! Let’s see if we can do this! 🙂

Writing Tip: Make Sure the Character Feels It


I cannot stress how important this is.

If I’m reading a book and the main character or even support characters aren’t affected by the death of a group mate/ close character I lose interest. Not because it is bad writing… just because it doesn’t reflect the main characters relationship. If you spent the majority of the book  or books building a relationship with a character that is then killed off that main character – if they had been a real person – would react.

This doesn’t just cover killed off characters. A character can be badly hurt, captured… what have you and if the main character doesn’t react to the situation you’ve lost me. Sorry but unless your main character is a heartless robot who doesn’t give two bulls about anything, then your character must show some emotions.

A good example of using a death to motivate the main character is Katniss and Rue from the Hunger Games. My Gods that was a great way to use death to motivate and Katniss’s reaction was natural. Rue’s death pushed Katniss to beat the game, defy Snow, and in the end led to the whole rebellion. Rue set the fire and Katniss let it burn until it couldn’t be contained by the Capital any longer.

I’m sure there are other great examples of death and motivation out there but KatRue just stood out in my mind.

So, yeah… moral of this rant – make sure your main character reacts to the death of an innocent character…


Suffering a Quarter Life Crisis?


Here’s a list of things you may be feeling if you’re suffering a Quarter Life Crisis (QLC):

  • You feel like the world is moving and you’re standing still.
  • All your friends appear to have their stuff together and you’re wondering why you don’t.
  • You’re questioning if what you took in uni/college was what you’re supposed to do.
  • Being a bed burrito sounds more fulfilling than going to work.
  • Refreshing your Facebook every minute in hopes there’s a new post.
  • Wondering what your purpose in life is.
  • The temporary job you got in school has lasted 2+ years.
  • You’re brain is telling you to do better but your body isn’t willing.
  • Apathetic towards everything but your true passions.
  • Wish it could be the 90’s again… the 90’s were great…
  • Jealous of the fuzzy animal in your life.
  • You want to travel the world but are crippled by debt…
  • Contemplated changing your middle name to Debt…
  • You apply to jobs that:

A) You’re over qualified for and don’t get

B) You’re under qualified for and don’t get

C) Are related to the job you hate but have no other choice because you need money.

  • Are suffering from OCD (Over Comparison Disorder).


If you feel all or half of these then you’re likely suffering from a QLC. Welcome to the club! You’re joining the other 20 somethings ripping their hair out and questioning all their life choices up to this point. I feel your pain. It isn’t fun – I know.

We are a generation of comparing. We see people bragging about how great their life is on their social media but in reality they think their life sucks just as much as yours. People rarely post about the terrible things in their life – unless they are looking for that type of attention. We compare ourselves to our married friends, thinking we should be in their shoes. We compare ourselves to our working friends, believing they are happy where they are working. We compare ourselves to our free-spirited friends, dreaming that we could backpack across Asia. We are so busy comparing ourselves that we don’t stop and enjoy our own successes. We don’t take the time to see our good moments in our lives.

So, if you are suffering from a QLC here are some tips to get through this moment in your life:

  • Find a new job that includes something you’re passionate/ interested about.
  • Go on an adventure to somewhere new in your city or town.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Take a class you never thought you’d think of taking.
  • Make a personal change: hairstyle, clothing, tattoo…
  • Move to a new place.
  • Make a list of small attainable goals and try to complete one each week.
  • Complete a goal you made years prior that you still think of.
  • Join a club in your city that fit your interests.
  • Make something for yourself, (DIY something).
  • Talk to friends, or start a conversation with a stranger on a bus/ coffee shop/ store.
  • Take a media break – if you can. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

These of course are only suggestions – I understand if you want to keep being a bed burrito – but just know that if you’re having a Quarter Life Crisis you are not alone.

Problems & Solutions to Creating a Strong Female Character

Oh, Gods – it’s the dreaded cliché of strong female protagonists.

I’m sorry, if this doesn’t interest you there are other posts for you to read. If this does interest you – welcome to my post. 🙂

There are plenty of issues surrounding strong female characters and everyone will have their opinion on this matter. Mine – I decided – would be written in this post to share with the world. The biggest issue I have with the modern ‘strong female character’ is the unrealistic characteristics that are placed on them. They aren’t real women in emotion, intelligence, abilities… and that’s a problem for me. These female characters can easily have been made into better characters with very few changes… unfortunately that will never be the case.


So, here’s the problems and (my) solutions to creating a strong female character:

Note: some of these touch upon issues found in general character creation and not just in creating strong female characters. 


Real Women Don’t Cry:

I understand you wanted to show a tumblr_inline_my9btlWTk91sub342.gifstrong female character but that doesn’t mean void of
all emotion. Women have feelings – despite what some people may believe. We are happy, sad, angry, overly emotional when given a reason, protective, defensive… we cry, we shout, we break down, we laugh. Yet, for whatever the reason strong female characters have problems with this. They don’t cry or force back their tears. If someone dies they get angry not sad. They seek vengeance and don’t grieve…

Crying isn’t a form of weakness. Sadness, depression, grief aren’t signs of being weak. They are signs of being human. Not everyone starts a revolutions when a loved one dies. Not everyone goes on a killing spree to honour their dead family. Most people breakdown, curl up in a ball and cry out their problems until they force themselves to pick up their feet and try to start again.

Real people hold a grudge. Real people cry years later at the mention of a sad event in their life. Real people – women – don’t react emotionally like strong female protagonists appear to do.

tumblr_inline_nkhg86Q84q1t8i7jp.jpgAnd, it isn’t just with sadness or grief that they have issue with. Depending on the character they may have no issue being a pile of depressive mush. Their issues may lay with all emotions and be a walking ball of nothingness held together by a love triangle between two supernatural stud muffins that hate each other.

*cough* Bella Swan. *cough**cough* -.-

That was one reason why I didn’t draw from any of these characters when creating Liora. I instead drew from what I like to call ‘real sources’. Real women in my life that I consider strong female role models. They were teachers, my mother, my mother in-law, my grandmother, my friends, strangers I’ve met in passing, or news stories I’ve read online. Also it helps being a woman and therefore could think of things like, ‘how would I approach this situation?’ or ‘what would I be feeling if this happened to me?’

Yes, I know you aren’t supposed to put yourself in your writing or in your main character but if you are exploring ways of making your characters reactions be more realist… then I don’t see a problem with it. Emotions are important in characters; they are what drives them and shows the reader a deeper level of the story. A character’s emotions can tell more about a situation than the environment around them. It connects the reader to the character and helps them to relate to the situation.


I Like a Girl With Brains:

Intelligence is important but that doesn’t just mean book smarts. Intelligence can be people smart, street smart, book smart. Just like there are many different people in the world there are many different types of intelligence. You can be street smart but can’t read a book to save your life. You can be book smart but can’t read another persons facial expressions.

There is also a balance of intelligence needed. Most characters have the problem of being experts or instant geniuses; they need to learn and grow. They need to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Unless your character has a doctorate or has trained for years to become a master in what they know they don’t have the right to know everything.

No one knows everything…


Combat (Couldn’t Think of a Witty Title):

Mostly in fantasy/sci-fi fiction strong female characters are portrayed as these combat ready military experts. Within five chapters they go from ‘what’s a weapon’ to ‘I performed a expert ninja technique I just learnt that normally takes years to master’. What annoys me the most is when the author chooses to explain their amazing fighting ability away by saying it was genetic or a magical power.

I see what they are trying to do but maybe add in some problem like they swing and their sword gets stuck or they attempt a back flip and don’t stick the landing. Even expert combatants aren’t perfect in executing their techniques all the time, so realistically neither should your character. Have them miss their target with the first shot. Have them forget to block because they are too busy trying to remember how to counter an attack. Have their foot slip because they didn’t pay attention to the terrain.

If they have magic powers give them trouble with using them.

Tobey_Maguire_SpiderMan_3Remember how many tries it took Peter Parker to figure out how to shoot his webbing? No super hero knows their powers right off the bat and definitely doesn’t know how to masterfully use them right away. They may not work or maybe even miss the target completely because your character couldn’t aim it right… or maybe even have them try to use one power but their other power works instead (if they are set up like that).

Problems, complications, mishaps happen in fighting and way too often they are forgotten in writing. Maybe that’s due to flow but I think if written right even these issues would work into any fight scene well.

Another problem I find with strong female characters is the lack of using wit/intelligence as a weapon. One of my cerseifavourite sayings is ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ which can also be ‘words are mightier than the blade’.  There are a rare few that use their wit or cunning nature to dispatch their opponents. Most writers choose to use the hack-and-slash method because what woman can’t do a double back-flip over flames with twin blades? I don’t know… maybe it’s me but I enjoy a good, well written debate or cunning scheme over brute force.


Girls Don’t Have Issues:

People aren’t perfect. Women aren’t perfect. We have flaws – some more than others. When a character doesn’t have flaws that there is a fault of the author. Yes, we don’t want to give our creation issues. They’re perfect because we want them to be but perfection isn’t real.

So, when I read about a character that doesn’t have flaws I have issue with that character. There are a list of issues that can suit every character you create. Flaws are as diverse as the people you create so there shouldn’t be a reason for your character to not have one.

Are they awkward when talking about themselves? Maybe they are clumsy or don’t have a filter? Are they overly curious or ask inappropriate questions? Do they view themselves as perfect and believe they can do no wrong? They could be childish, overly protective, bossy, rude, have a fear of fluffy things, or don’t like people using slang.

A character can have one or many flaws but please give your character at least one. 🙂


She’s Beautiful (But She Doesn’t See It):

Ugh. -.-

You know how much I hate this one. I really, really hate this one.

It’s a cliché that so many writers rely on that I wish would just die.

A female character in my opinion shouldn’t rely on their looks – unless they need to because that is somehow their power or their way of working towards their end goal… which would be an interesting twist but at this point they know that their looks work for them and therefore excludes them from this section.

A woman is more than their hair, skin, hip size or bust size but if you are creating a falsecharacter don’t have the focus on physical beauty. If you do have focus on physical beauty, please don’t pull a One Direction ‘you don’t know you’re beautiful’ moment. We should be promoting
girls to be confident about their looks and not be afraid to voice that confidence. Have a female character like their flaws and flaunt their imperfections. Have them comfortable in their own skin or catch those around them off-guard with their replies to compliments.

For example:

“You know you look beautiful tonight,” he smiled as he stared into her eyes that shimmered in the moonlight like polished steel.

“Of course I do,” she tilted her head, giving him a coy smirk.

That there would throw off the reader because we are so bloody used to hearing this:

“You know you look beautiful tonight,” he smiled as he stared into her eyes that shimmered in the moonlight like polished steel.

“Really… I don’t think I do,” she blushed, turning her glance in mild embarrassment.

What’s wrong with writing a confident woman? What’s wrong with writing a woman that appreciates her looks or feels comfortable in her skin? There aren’t enough female characters like this… Girls need to read about female characters loving their body no matter what they look like rather than shying away from showing confidence in themselves. A strong female character should be a role model and what better way to be a role model than to portray body positivity, confidence, and self-worth. We may have girls with better self-esteem that way.


In Conclusion: Don’t write your strong female characters to be a Belle Swan – write them to be a Hermione Granger. 🙂


3 Reasons to Make Your First Book Free


Click the picture to find out what those three reasons are. 🙂

Books I Like List

All right. As many of you now know, although I’m a writer I’m not one for reading. I read because I have to most of the time. I read to learn… and it is really hard for me to find a book I actually enjoy reading. So, one of you lovely readers asked me to give you a list of books that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. This is that list.

Feed by MT Anderson

Feed is about a future where everyone is hooked up to the internet by chips in their brains and a group of kids are disconnected for a short time due to a ‘hack’. You want a reason why people shouldn’t be hooked up to the internet by their brain this is a good book to show you the reasons why.

Although the dialogue is hard to get passed with a lot of broken English and slang. This is a great book to give you insight into a different kind of dystopia that may be closer to reality than anyone wants to admit.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Introduced to me by a retired math teacher on one of my family vacations across Ontario, Outlander because a quick favourite of mine. It follows a WWII nurse after the war that gets pulled back to 1743 Scotland. It’s full of romance, adventure, and danger.

As much as I loved the first book… I honestly believe that’s where it should have ended. I didn’t enjoy the rest of the series as it followed similar tropes from the previous book…

Earth Children Series by Jean Auel

This was the first ever series I read. I was thirteen years old and couldn’t escape the prehistoric world of this series. It follows a young girl named Ayla through surviving the post ice age landscape. Also filled with romance, adventure, self-discovery, and history.

I loved Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Mammoth Hunter, and Plains of Passage. These were all great books, and although the ending to Plains of Passage was open ended – that was a great place to stop.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. There were two more books… The Land of Painted Caves and The Shelter of Stone.

Although I read these two books, I found that they followed the same themes as the other books with no real change. Ayla and Jondalar get in a fight. They split for some time. They pine over one another and get jealous when they are with other people. Other people say they are made for each other. They end up back together. Rinse and repeat…

Sure there are other things going on that are different but the main storyline is the same…

So, yeah… read the first four books and forget the last two in my opinion.

Mitch Albom Books

I am going to list the books I’ve read here and to save time – I love them all. They are each a human story. You feel emotionally invested in the characters and can relate on some level to what is going on. Never have I loved an author so much, and never have I been torn to pieces by writing before. I’ve read the books over a dozen times and even though I know the stories word for word I still can’t help myself from becoming a blubbering mess of tears. In order of favourites:

  • The Five People You Meet In Heaven < 9 times read
  • Have a Little Faith < 3 times read
  • For One More Day < 2 times read
  • The Time Keeper < 1 time read
  • Tuesdays With Morrie < 1 time read

Total of times I’ve read a Mitch Albom book: 16 times…

Yeah… I love his writing. 😛



5 Way to Freshen Your House With Lemon


Lemon is an easy, cheap, fresh-smelling natural way to clean anything in your house quickly and with little fuss. Here are 5 ways you can use lemon to give your home that refreshing citrus clean that anyone in your family will love.

I also give all these uses two thumbs up since these have been tested by me and my family for years! J


Roll your lemon against the kitchen counter to get the juices flowing before cutting it in half.

In a separate bowl make a mixture of baking soda and coarse salt (two tablespoons of each). Sprinkle the mixture around your tub, and with one half of the lemon, scrub the mixture around as if the lemon was a cloth. The lemon will react with the baking soda to create a white fizz that will help break down the dirt and soap scum lining your tub.

Rise with warm water, and voila – sparkling clean tub!


Take a half cup of baking soda and put it down the drain. Don’t use water!

The baking soda should be able to go down on its own. Once the soda is down the drain, take half a cup of lemon juice and pour it down the same drain. Just like the bathtub mentioned above the lemon and soda will react causing a white fizz that will clean your stinky drain. You can use the white fizz and a cloth to clean around the bottom, sides, and edges of the sink to leave it shimmering.

For extra effectiveness add a quarter cup of white vinegar and set down the plunger. The pressure from the lemon, vinegar, and baking soda will help push any remaining food particles free. This can also be a natural way of removing clogs!

Leave your sink for 25-30 minutes before running hot water for 2-3 minutes to ensure everything is washed away.


In a small pot add half a lemon sliced into circles and 2-3 inches of water. If you wish to add more to this aroma you can (vanilla extract, apples, and cloves for example).  Bring the water to a boil, and then set to shimmer.

Boiling the lemon will release it into the air making your house smell fresh for visitors.


Does your fridge smell ripe?

Take half a lemon and leave it resting on one of the shelves of your fridge for anywhere between 5-10 hours. I would suggest doing this before bed. By the time you get up your fridge shouldn’t smell like the produce aisle at the grocery store any longer.


Getting self-conscious of your shoes smelling? Don’t have enough to buy a new pair, or maybe you just like your sneakers too much to throw them away?

No, problem!

Placing slices of lemon inside your shoes will fix that problem. Cut the lemon put them in your shoes and go to sleep. Overnight the lemon will work its magic absorbing the smells and killing the bacteria so you can rest easy while you walk around in your favourite kicks.


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