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Always Edit With Humour

Hello World Out There World!

When I work with my editor he and I always find interesting moments in the book to laugh about. Humour is important when you are tearing apart something you worked so hard on. It also helps the editing process run smoother and helps grow a rapport with your editor. The way we find humour in our editing process is simple. It could be a word I wrote thinking it was another word. It could be some spelling mistake my computer didn’t pick up. Or, more often than not it is something my characters do that is close to life or just plain ridiculous.

One of these funny character moments left him leaving this comment and me in stitches.


Procrastination & Distractions

I sit on this kitchen chair at my makeshift desk that seconds as my kitchen table in front of the second hand computer that is more powerful than any other piece of technology I’ve ever owned. My feet are falling asleep inclined on another chair as my headset is sitting on my head. Part of me wonders why I have my headset on my head… I’m not listening to anything but I guess it is more out of habit than anything else.

I take a deep breath, stare at this large screen and glance apathetically up on the three tabs open on my internet bar. One is this post. The other two open to files that are being edited by my editor. There is a sinking feeling in my stomach… one I get when I know I should be doing something productive but instead everything inside me is telling me to do the opposite.

Facebook could have an update. Your friends could be talking about Pokemon Go and you could be missing out. Come on, that one major part of your childhood – the first thing that taught you how to be a fan. I contemplate for a moment knowing all too well I have little self restraint and open another tab to my Facebook a moment later.

Hitting refresh three times in a row, doesn’t cause any major changes. I have friends who got the game and are somehow gym leaders now, while others are cursing their cellphones for not having enough space with all their selfies and food pics. I just sigh, close the tab and go back to staring at this blog.

Maybe some music would help? It has been a while since I used YouTube for music and not to watch idiots film themselves setting themselves on fire or complain about how hard life is as they drink their 10 dollar coffee while typing away on their 600 dollar phones. Yes, life is hard but we could be working in the fields fighting to survive like our ancestors. Sometimes I think like would be better that way. It would force responsibility. It would force purpose instead of wasting all hours of a day staring at a screen that we plug in next to us while we sleep and play games while we use the loo.

No, I’m not British. Yes, I use a lot of weird slang and for those who don’t know slang is short for Short Language. Mind blowing isn’t it. It blew my mind at least.

Anyways, while I continue to procrastinate the thought of having to do something productive hasn’t disappeared. The tabs at the top of the pages flicker like boats in the night drawing my eye to them every couple of minutes. They are starting to become annoying like Navi from the Legend of Zelda.

“Hey, listen!”

But I digress… if I continue to ignore them I will continue to be distracted and it will be a never ending circle. I should do some editing. That is the right thing to do but my phone just buzzed telling me a friend replied to a comment I made on one of their pictures and my drive is lost.

Maybe I’ll edit after I reply back…

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 28 – Funny Things

Post Five Things That Make You Laugh

I have a playlist on Youtube just for this post. If I need a good laugh these are the videos I pull up that brings a smile to my face every time. These are more laughing because they are cute than they are laughing because they are funny. Enjoy!


|ONE| He Squeaks!!!


|TWO| Save that Hour!!! *Warning strong language used*


|THREE| Loca The Special Pug


|FOUR| Hang Dried Sloth


|FIVE| Puppies verses Stairs


This best describes Caldor…


Caldor has become the type of person best describe as having a stick up his arse. He’s a great character, set in his ways… and has little time for those of little intelligence. He has very few friends, and those friend’s he does have can put up with his belittling.

Caldor everyone! XD

Sumtimes the English Language is Dum

Yes, I know the title is using the wrong some and dum is actually dumb, but after watching this video you will realize how complicated the English language is… and why it is amazing anyone knows it at all. XD


Quotes: Somewhere Between…

Ah yes, writing. If writing was a relationship it would be my Dom and I its Sub.

Writing, as I have written before, is not meant to be easy. Writing is supposed to be a way to express yourself and free yourself. At the same time it can be a way to torture yourself, while causing both pleasure and pain.

You have an idea, you go with that idea, and then boom… writers block.

You are working on your book. You are reviewing said book and then boom… crippling self-doubt and thoughts of how your writing resembles a paper you just marked for an 8th grade writing assignment.

You think you’ve expanded enough on a certain subject, then boom… 3 am your brain is like “Let us think of all the things you didn’t choose to include and question why you didn’t.”

You have finished all your drafts. Now you must edit/ proofread your work. (Do I have to expand on that one…)

Yes, writing is one joy of my existence. I write to free myself from the regular confines of this depressing society. I expand my interests to learn about new things that may become relevant in something I write eventually. I love to write… but at the same time I know that as much as I love to write… I am also writing’s bitch. I come back for more torment after I’ve just gotten over the previous.

I can’t help it. XD



Two¬†thing I’ve learned.

One: When you are around people, don’t leave your laptop open for everyone to see.


Two: When in public don’t look up ways of killing someone…

Yes, you’re a writer. I’m a writer, but some people won’t understand.

I know you lose touch with reality, and while you are in the moment of writing you think to yourself, “How many stab wounds does it take to kill someone with a fork?”

Well… maybe not that exact question, but something equally as strange/awkward/psychopathic…

And there you go, onto the Google, finding articles on how different people were killed by forks or other kinds of cutlery. That leads to pictures, because you need some idea on what the wounds look like, which leads to you making a folder full of reference material on your laptop, which leads to someone asking why there’s a folder named ‘Stabby McStabby’ on your desktop, which leads to you trying to explain to them why you have these pictures/ references in the first place.

This can go three ways:

One: The person who is asking you understands, because they too have a McStabby Folder on their desktop.

Two: The person doesn’t understand but accepts your ‘unique’ interest because they like you for you.

Three: They avoid you like the plague whenever you are around because they don’t want to be the Cutlery Killer’s next victim.

Either way, I’ve begun to leave this warning sign on my laptop both as a display picture and screensaver for the reason I keep forgetting to close my reference material in public. Luckily I hang out in places where nurses and other medical professionals spend their time… so I don’t get too many strange looks. XD

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