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i hate technology

Procrastination & Distractions

I sit on this kitchen chair at my makeshift desk that seconds as my kitchen table in front of the second hand computer that is more powerful than any other piece of technology I’ve ever owned. My feet are falling asleep inclined on another chair as my headset is sitting on my head. Part of me wonders why I have my headset on my head… I’m not listening to anything but I guess it is more out of habit than anything else.

I take a deep breath, stare at this large screen and glance apathetically up on the three tabs open on my internet bar. One is this post. The other two open to files that are being edited by my editor. There is a sinking feeling in my stomach… one I get when I know I should be doing something productive but instead everything inside me is telling me to do the opposite.

Facebook could have an update. Your friends could be talking about Pokemon Go and you could be missing out. Come on, that one major part of your childhood – the first thing that taught you how to be a fan. I contemplate for a moment knowing all too well I have little self restraint and open another tab to my Facebook a moment later.

Hitting refresh three times in a row, doesn’t cause any major changes. I have friends who got the game and are somehow gym leaders now, while others are cursing their cellphones for not having enough space with all their selfies and food pics. I just sigh, close the tab and go back to staring at this blog.

Maybe some music would help? It has been a while since I used YouTube for music and not to watch idiots film themselves setting themselves on fire or complain about how hard life is as they drink their 10 dollar coffee while typing away on their 600 dollar phones. Yes, life is hard but we could be working in the fields fighting to survive like our ancestors. Sometimes I think like would be better that way. It would force responsibility. It would force purpose instead of wasting all hours of a day staring at a screen that we plug in next to us while we sleep and play games while we use the loo.

No, I’m not British. Yes, I use a lot of weird slang and for those who don’t know slang is short for Short Language. Mind blowing isn’t it. It blew my mind at least.

Anyways, while I continue to procrastinate the thought of having to do something productive hasn’t disappeared. The tabs at the top of the pages flicker like boats in the night drawing my eye to them every couple of minutes. They are starting to become annoying like Navi from the Legend of Zelda.

“Hey, listen!”

But I digress… if I continue to ignore them I will continue to be distracted and it will be a never ending circle. I should do some editing. That is the right thing to do but my phone just buzzed telling me a friend replied to a comment I made on one of their pictures and my drive is lost.

Maybe I’ll edit after I reply back…

Technology Is My Frenemy

hatetechIn my day-to-day life I rely on technology for a lot of things. It lets me communicate with you through my blog, my readers through other social media sites, allows me to research anything I want with a click of a mouse, and even permits me to post my book online for free on various sites. I can also write my book through different applications on my desktop, listen to an old British man read it back to me through another app, easily find things I need in book one by simply using ctrl+f. What would have taken me hours to do with pen, paper, and textbooks now takes me minutes.

Technology is amazing but technology is also terrible.

With all the productive time I do spend with my laptop I also spend being unproductive.
When I sit down and I’m set on writing something I think about researching a topic for the scene and Poof I’ve wasted six hours watching cat videos on YouTube. I want to find inspiration for a stairwell on Google Images and poof I’ve wasted four hours looking at DIY projects I will never actually do on Pinterest.

Don’t get me wrong, these applications have their uses. I listen to music on Youtube to set the mood of a scene. I find fun quotes or pictures for me to post on my┬áblog through Pinterest. It is just – maybe – I don’t have any self-control when it comes to using technology…

But – again – using technology is faster than using hatelovethe old methods. It’s convenient to use a computer than a book, to use a keyboard instead of a pen. We have been taught that convenience is always better. The fast way is the best way… and in truth this way does work for me besides the hours I waste on useless activities. I think faster than I can write by hand… but I now can type faster than I can think sometimes. I can easily organize my story, copy/ paste ideas I want to use into other files or keep deleted pieces from my work encase I want to use them again in the future. I can create folders with pictures that inspire me to write or relate to my book.

So, as much as I hate technology I also love it… technology is a frenemy.

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